Why Fred is an Important Part of the Creative Process

I hate being in the position where it’s hard to find the words to write to make people understand, maybe teach them something important, or just to clear the clutter of the abundant thought filled mind. Sometimes the words decide to hide behind fears of being laughed at or afraid of the hard work it takes to actually write well. Practice though and you will get around it.

So here’s a quick practice that I have all intentions of publishing, posting, and promoting. Why? Why not? Do people really care whether it’s practice or a legit blog post? Will they ever know? Hey man, maybe it can help someone down the line. Who knows what the 452nd word is going to be or where I’m even going with this.

When I want to practice, I write about Fred. One day Fred is going to make me a lot of money. Our adventures together are crazy insane, or maybe insane crazy. Fred and I are kind of sidekick partners like Batman and Robin. Except I don’t use myself in the stories I write while practicing. Fred’s friend, supposedly me, is named Tim.

Fred is also a fat cat.

Most of the time, when Fred and I are wandering about in adventure land, he’s high off of catnip. A lot of those practice posts are wild, odd, and completely pointless, but they get the creative juices flowing. Also, sometimes those practices do not get my writing creativity flowing, but instead, they get business or home creativity to new levels.

Using being stuck as an excuse to not get work done does no good for your future, career, or happiness. Stuck is nothing but a mindset of laziness, fear, or something else that doesn’t show you the truth. When I get stuck, I don’t stay stuck. I accept that I can’t get to where I want because of something, probably lack of planning or knowing my desired end result, and get to work. Drafts are awesome because they allow you to explore your mind beyond a “stuck mindset”.

See, while writing this I started writing about Fred and our adventures on paper, in cartoon-ish fashion, and then I went into being stuck. But it shows me that Fred is something I can’t just allow to be practice or that maybe Fred acts as a muse. Whenever you’re feeling like your message is “stuck” or you’re mind is empty of creative thoughts, just sit down and find your Fred. Write about a time when you and your Fred went to the local mall and slept on every bench with a hat and sign that read “Wasted and Pretty” and tallied up a couple hundred bucks in “poor me” money. Maybe Fred can climb inside to your deep subconscious and pull some weird, hidden, or suppressed thoughts out of your mind that bring you fortune, good luck, and abundant creativity. Simply let go and allow the path to unwind in real time. And the 452nd word was “me”.

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