Why Can’t You Tell Your Best Friends The Truth?

Do your best friends tell you the truth? Would you expect a best friend of yours to tell you the truth of your life that you are not seeing or avoiding? How many people are drinking themselves to an early death while partying it up with their friends? They love their friends. They have great times and enjoy being able to unwind and have happy go lucky lives. But what happens when the bridge crashes down and the unhealthy lifestyle leads to an early entrance to the grave? Where was the best friend? Why did they not tell the truth? We avoid telling the truth because we love them and don’t want to see their pain come out or feel their sadness.

What about your best friend who is overweight by fifty or a hundred pounds and drinks like a fish every weekend and smokes like a chimney? They don’t exercise. They don’t eat healthy. How can you call yourself friends when you don’t give two shits about the thing that matters most? How can you sit there and help your best friends kill themselves day after day after day?

If I had a best friend who couldn’t tell me the truth about my life then I wouldn’t call them a best friend, or friend at all for that matter.

Stop escaping reality and avoiding the hard truth.

Stop talking about it behind their back when they’re not around and be real. Be honest. Be up front and get the dirt out from under the carpet.

You owe it to your friend to tell them that they’re killing their self.

A best friend is a best friend because they’ll smack the shit out of you and expose the reality.

Stop lying to yourself and your friends.

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