Wake Up, Get A Drink, And Kick Ass


The morning comes and you half slide and half roll out of bed. The alarm clock one second away from being crushed with a hammer. Your eyes shut, weak in the bathroom light, mind trying to catch up with your legs. It’s time to gear up for a great day, for an action packed day full of effort and positive momentum. No ill thoughts, no negative doubts, no beliefs that will bring you down.

It’s time to get up and get to work. You have goals. You want to be successful. So then, get to work.

Many times we roll out of bed dreading the occurrence. Just another second, just another snooze. I’m just like this. My 4am alarm usually follows with alarms every 2 minutes until I can get my wits and step out of bed. Then I think about WHY the hell I’m getting up at 4am in the first place. It’s not just for me, it’s for the people I care about the most.

As soon as I get up and get dressed, I grab a huge glass of water. The water acts not just as a mineral for my body but as a way of knowing my day is starting anew. A clean slate of time to get important work done. Whether it’s hanging with my kids or doing consultations or being a husband.

In those moments of first rising in the morning we set the tone of the day. Do you want it to be a great day? Speak to yourself about how it will be a great day, show gratitude for the goodness in your life, and believe the day will be awesome. Thoughts of a bad day, a bad mood, a bad headache, and a bad job are going to steer your day exactly where you are thinking it’s going to go, more accurately, where you subconsciously hope it’s going.

If you want to live life activated you need to take charge and control of each morning and the thoughts that come with it. It takes one second to slap the hell out of a negative thought. It takes one second to bring up a positive thought. Don’t waste your morning on negative crap. Believe in yourself and believe the day is going to be awesome. Your first 15 minutes of the day set the flow of the minutes and hours to come. Make the most of it and kick ass.




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