Thoughts On The Unconscious Society

I’m tired of seeing and hearing the negative media on-line and around my life. I’m tired of people blaming other people for their circumstances. I’m tired of people putting their noses in business that just isn’t any of their business. I’m tired of political propaganda influencing media propaganda and feeding in into the ignorance and uneducated masses of society. I’m tired of the government creating petty laws designed to dumb us down, control our finances, and create riffs in society. It’s childish, petty, and unconscious. In fact, most of us are unconscious to the truth of our lives. We sit here with our faces glued to computers and iPhones and become distracted from the real goodness around our lives. We fail to connect with the power of nature. We fail to see the beauty of love and connection with each other. We fight each other because we unconscious of the truth within. We’re afraid to look at our inner self because we’re afraid of changing. Seeing the truth within our hearts and minds is scary and many choose to ignore the power. We create lies about ourselves and the world around us because standing up to and fighting for the truth is hard work. To admit to yourself that you’re lazy and that you have no direction in life is not easy. We don’t want to criticize ourselves because we’re afraid of dealing with the emotions that truth will stir inside.

I’m tired of seeing blame pointed in every direction. We have lost our way. There are not many real leaders in this world showing us the way to our true self and proper life. Many are fed by the corporate egos and money streams to promote propaganda and spread lies. Our politicians are all lost for the right cause of humanity. The majority of society is held down by a lack of consciousness and misery loves company. We accept poverty and welfare like it’s a human right. We’re born to be agile and strong. Motivated and prosperous. We’re born to use our minds and bodies and experience our happiness. We’re not born to be slaves to the unconscious levels of our communities, states, or countries. We’re born to realize our power and find our true worth.

We can’t keep accepting the unacceptable. We can’t keep denying the truth and covering it with muddy lies. We must release our grief and emotions and be comfortable with knowing we are human. No longer can we say it’s weak to cry for help. We all need help. We have to accept the cycle and circle of life and stop allowing fear to mark our complacency.

Our future is created by our thoughts. If you want to be strong, self sufficient, in charge of your destiny, and brave enough to make changes, then just do it. Fox News or CNN won’t tell you it’s okay. Stop allowing distractions to create roadblocks of your realness and walk tall in faith that you are strong enough to lead your life the way you want it led. Don’t buy into forced propaganda and use your mind to find the truth. Think about the facts, question everything, and research the history of whatever captures your attention and stirs emotion.

The only way the world will change is if you change yourself. Awaken your mind and heart by searching for answers from within.

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