Thought of the Day: You’re Important

Nobody sees the world like you see it.

Nobody saw the world like Martin Luther King saw the world. Nobody saw the world like Bill Gates saw the world. Nobody saw the world like Nikola Tesla did either. Imagine, what would this world be like had any of these brave men decided to listen to their fears and not take any action towards their dreams?

Would every house in America have one or more personal computers?

Would every American citizen be judged by their character instead of the color of their skin?

Would North American homes be powered from head to toe with electricity for things like our air conditioners and televisions?

The thing is, we matter. Each of us. Every stupid dream we dream and every idea that we shake off as silly, can change the world. When you listen to your fears and decide to not act on your vision, you can possibly be preventing a major change to all of us and how we live. You never know what the power of your ideas can create. These men didn’t know that their works would change the way we live so many years later, but they did it anyway.

Food for thought right there. It’s simple. You’re important, and never think you’re not. Stop listening to fear and start acting on your dreams. We all might be depending on it.

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