Thought of the Day: Doing vs. Watching

As I sat in the living room reading a book on building a business, just after I became a certified trainer, my wife said to me “You’re not a trainer until you have a client.” She was right! I was sitting on my couch “watching” other people do it, dreaming and wishing of what it was like to be a trainer and not, doing. I began the process of acquiring my first clients immediately after that statement. I stepped on my fears and walked forward on the path of doing. Offering my services for free jump started the entire Activate Fitness family. If it wasn’t for my wife’s “encouragement”, I don’t know how long I would’ve watched.

There is a big difference between doing and watching. Watchers sit around and gossip about the actions doers are taking. Of course, it’s often negative remarks but they know deep inside that doers are going somewhere. When a new member walks through the door at my gym, I know they’re doers. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be there.

Doers have dreams, a vision, and goals they are after. Watchers sit and complain or just sit and “do” nothing. If you want to be successful at anything, whether it’s weight loss, building an addition, or becoming rich and famous, you need to take actions that align with your dreams, vision, and goals.

One small step towards your goal makes you a doer, but being a doer isn’t something that lasts. You can become a watcher again, especially if you feel the fear and run to hide. To become a doer and stay a doer, you need self-control, a deep understanding of why you’re doing whatever it is, courage, and a plan.

Get started now with your reason and your plan and tomorrow, do it. Don’t sit by and watch life pass you by.

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