Thought of the Day: Doing the Work

There’s work to be done and the only way for it to get done is to just do it. Sometimes we feel like pushing the important things back for tomorrow. At times, we let the small, less important, tasks go on for days.

I had this rack in my gym that needed to be tightened. It sat there for over 2 weeks. Every time I walked into the gym I saw it and knew it had to be done. Instead, I chose to do something else, likely less meaningful or important.

Finally, after I had the wrenches in my Jeep for a week or so, I did it. Wow. What a relief. I thought about the fact that I waited so long to do such a small task and I realized there are many more important things I need to do, that like the rack, I keep pushing back.

It’s never going to get done that way.

Take a step back from your busy day and look around. Notice the things that need to be done. It could be picking up branches in your yard or tuning up the lawnmower for this coming summer. Maybe you have some information to enter in an important system for your business. How long have those things been sitting there, waiting for you to take action? We often feel like these mundane tasks will take up a lot of our time, when in reality, after 10 or 15 minutes, it’s done.

The same goes for your goals and dreams. If you want to learn how to jam on a guitar, you have to do the work. You won’t learn how to play Stairway to Heaven by practicing for an hour a week. You have to make the time to do the work, every day. Your business won’t build itself. You have to commit to the time it takes to not just work on or in your business, but to also learn about life, how the business world works, and many other topics. Reading is important, and it’s work, unless you’re reading Stephen King or Hunter Thompson for fun.

If you build it, they won’t come, unless YOU do the work to attract them. This goes for your personal development as well. If you attend a nutrition or training seminar, or a lifestyle event, nothing will change unless you do the work that’s taught. Many members of Activate Fitness have seen great results because they do the work I tell them they need to do.

Life is a grind. You can make it a struggle or you can make it an adventure. The choice is yours.

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