Thought of the Day: April 15, 2014

Passion. Many people seem to lack or rather hide their true passion. As kids I am sure most of us didn’t dream of doing the job we’re doing right now. We had hobbies and interests that we dove into with all of our hearts, until it was time to get to work. Often, we listened to those around us who told us what to do, because “they’ve been there and done that.”

The dreamer inside of us becomes twisted in a knot and thrown in the junk drawer the minute it’s time to either, get to work, or get a higher education. Our days are filled with tasks that don’t go inline with our values, dreams, and plans. But, we continue to do it anyway. We’re told to or, with financial obligations, we don’t have a choice.

Inside each of us is a pure passion that fights to get out every day. Our minds know it but rather than face the situation and being prepared for battle, we listen to our other side. The ego that speaks of the pain and discomfort involved with chasing your passion. We see the big picture sitting way on top of this massive cliff and, standing there on the yellow brick road what seems like miles away, fear wins.

Instead of taking the few steps on the journey to the big picture, we just admire and wish it were easier.

Living with passion is hard work but it’s very rewarding. We need to accept that we have a passion and stop hiding it. Work with it. Do whatever it takes to spend even 20 minutes consumed by it. Without acting towards our passion, we bottle up emotions that create unnecessary distress in our lives. Let it go. Do the work. One step at a time.

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