The Truth Behind Laziness

The other morning I was reading a post on why laziness doesn’t exist. Behind the reality of procrastination and being lazy there are underlying truths to why you might feel like you’re lazy or why you just don’t do the things you know you should be doing. It all makes perfect sense.

Being lazy is not just something we do. It doesn’t exist like that, much like boredom. Being bored just means you need direction, motivation, and passion. Someone who feels bored is not chasing their purpose in life. It’s like they’re stuck on a deserted island with nowhere to go, except across the island to the other side where, in fact you’re not alone, but in a resort country.

The truth behind laziness is this-

You’re Exhausted.

In an on the go, get shit done society, sitting back and resting doesn’t come easy. Our jobs keep us going 8 hours or more a day and when we’re on the clock it’s all go, go, and go some more. For most of us, this slowly kills us. Half of the population would be better served if they had longer breaks and more time to reflect, inward. Unfortunately today, that is not ideal and the only way to stay on the job is to be constantly productive.

You’re not lazy. You just need a break.

You Listen To Fear.

Fear is the most powerful emotion we have. Often when we feel lazy or uninspired, it’s because we’re afraid that we’re not good enough, afraid we’re not smart enough, or afraid of making mistakes. When we allow fear to control our actions we end up complacent and our motivation to try something new, or work harder, goes out the window. Listening to whatever fear that plays repeatedly in your mind will disguise itself as laziness in your life.

Accept your fear, embrace it, give it love, and walk all over it.

You’re Stuck in A Rut.

Being exhausted, afraid, with no inspiration and a lack of motivation can make you feel lazy. Not knowing what to do for your personal or professional growth can also keep you stuck. I like to say that our schooling never ended, we just graduated to the next grade or level, which is life- the real world. When you don’t do anything for your mental and physical growth you end up right where you are, stuck. But it’s probably not your fault. We weren’t taught about this in school. Most of us graduated our higher level of education and jumped into the cog machine, ready to do as told and work for the rest of our lives. The problem is, we don’t continually educated ourselves, and we don’t know how.

This is why coaches, mentors, and even therapists are becoming increasingly valued by those who want to achieve more and learn more. A coach or therapist can take an outside view of what is going on and provide help into developing action steps to take to climb out of a rut.

Whatever is blocking you from your next move and keeping you stuck needs to be discovered and worked on to overcome. It isn’t because you’re lazy, you just need help. (You can contact me here: if you need help getting out of a rut.)

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes” C.G. Jung

Next time some calls you lazy or you feel tied down by laziness, ask yourself if you’re really just exhausted, afraid, or stuck. We often overlook crucial feelings and thoughts in the name of being “normal” or conforming to the status quo. It’s better to accept the truth of laziness and take a day off or run away for a few days than to lie to yourself and others. The dishes pile up? So what. The car goes a little longer without a wash? So what. You don’t have to keep up with the Joneses and you can act lazy all you want, it’s probably exactly what the doctor ordered.


2 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Laziness

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  2. Jung once said that the strongest passion in humans is not hunger, sex or power, although these are quite strong; the very strongest passion is laziness. The longer I study human beings, including myself, the more I am inclined to agree.Laziness is the strongest passion.~v Franz
    I read this tweet from SophiaCycles@SophiaCycles1 and found you on google. Thanks I’ll think of your ideas often.

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