The Ocean of the Ordinary Man

The long dark days are behind us now for the next several months. The sweet sounds of spring come forward and plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers will begin to bloom. The sun will shine high and make the days seem happy. Spring creates summer and summer brings the heat. The rivers flow with voices of children playing and echoes of fishermen’s boats going upstream, far away from the swimmers, the dogs, the ducks, and the party animals. It’s almost time for the drunks to get their boogie on. Fun, exciting, a way to release from the boring and stress filled existence they lead during the week. Suffocate your pain man. Drown your sorrows and denials with a little Captain or Mr. Jack. Don’t stop at one or two either man. Go until you just can’t walk or talk and tomorrow morning, do it again.

We hide our feelings from others. We’re afraid of being weak. We are weak. We are vulnerable. We have problems and pain in our lives. We need a friend, an escape, something to remind us it’s not so bad after all. The stress we keep within manifests as disease or pimples or weak knees. Our ideas and dreams hide from the world. Why tell you my dreams young man? You’ll laugh and I’ll cry. We must avoid that pain. No asshole, we have to harness that beautiful power and create. Create for the good of all and in hopes it benefits another empty soul along for the ride.

Stuck in the game without a way out. We submit to this being the way it is, our destiny. Plain, boring, ordinary, and lonely. We come in this world so full of hopes and inspiration and we leave regretting not trying harder. I can’t let that be my destiny. I will not allow the flow of the river to sweep me into the ocean of the ordinary man. I will save myself from drowning in the comfort zone others seem happy to fulfil. That isn’t the way to leave man. Don’t let the outcomes of others lives be the voice of yours which leads you to the ocean of the ordinary man.

For some time I was lost in the ocean of the ordinary man. Treading water slightly, barely able to stay alive, caught in the stream of boredom and self containment. I found an escape. It wasn’t through the beer cans or Jack Daniel bottles either, man. I saw hope floating by. “Is this really happening man?” “This is my chance to give it one more go, to get out of the ocean of the ordinary man.” And I grabbed ahold of hope and hope took me for a wild ride.

Before we reached the shores of the ocean of the ordinary man, hope said to me “This ain’t going to be easy boy. You sure you want on this ride?” The choice was either a certain death, a zombie existence swimming with the other land sheep, or I could try to see where hope brought me. The world is a funny place and it holds no remorse for the sheepish kind. Don’t get stuck in that ocean. It’s blackness, anxious, boring, and redundant nature is enough to suck your life far away to a place you’ll never find when it sweeps you away. Lift your foot and try. Try to swim to shore and don’t look back. The misery and pain is sad to see but when you take control and responsibility, it’s not your problem. You can only extend your hand to others who’ve had enough.

The Ocean of the Ordinary Man

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