The Muse is on Vacation.

All morning he sat at his desk, hands to his temples, rubbing away at the pain of writer’s block. Fidgeting in his chair like he was slipped some laxative medicine the night before. Unknown, uncertain, and unfulfilled thoughts seep through the veins of his eyeballs. Fingers scratching and feet tapping.

It’s hard for a writer to write when they don’t have the slightest clue of what they seek. Is it a story about a man who crashes his car into a cactus in the desert with no sign of life for hundreds of miles, or is it a story of a woman desperately seeking escape from her husband who violently lashes down upon her with anger and hatred filled strikes of his closed fist?

Whatever it is, when you don’t know where to go or how to get there, the road seems to stop. The future seems lost in space. The headaches start and the emptiness inside unleashed. It can drive the most dedicated writers to the brink of emotional meltdown. Crying for hours because the passion that follows from brain to finger seems blocked by the resistance, the muse gone, away on vacation again.

Two hours go by and the headline still blank. Facebook studied for inspiration or a mind changing aha moment. Not a single sentence formed on the wordpress blog. The white screen with widgets all around starts to get ugly. The pain of not making progress trumps the pleasure of forming poetic words.

It’s easy to get distracted and not have ideas or the strength to pull the muse back from his or her absence. The resistance fights much harder than we seem to consciously be aware of, but the work still needs to be done and when the cursor blinks and action stalls it’s time to let it go.. like what you just saw.

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