The Gym Path Closed, The Journey is the Reward


A few months ago I closed my gym. For me it was time to walk away and onto the next chapter of my life. The decision to close took over a year., the announcement took five minutes. Doing so was a big deal for me. For the past seven years I have been helping people improve their lives through fitness and motivation.

I helped people lose 80 pounds, 50 pounds, and gain 30 pounds of solid muscle. I wrote five books that are published and for sale on Amazon at the moment. On my blog I published over 500 posts written to motivate readers to live their best life. Living “awake and alive” was a tagline I used often. Awake and Alive stuck with me after hearing the Skillet song with the same title. Before I became a trainer I was a drug addict. I was homeless and broke and lost. Meeting my wife and making fitness a priority changed my life. It helped me feel “awake and alive”.

But something happened along the way. I stopped caring. I disconnected. I became lost again. Going to the gym for my daily routine of training classes, helping people burn stress and calories, made me angry. I lost the drive to count reps and scream “Woooo”, to help people realize they’re stronger than they think. It was a burden on my soul. I was consumed with resentment towards the people who were coming because I didn’t want to be there. That was the final straw in the decision to close.

My self education in sales, marketing, training, writing, and more could’ve brought me to success beyond belief but instead, it drove me to burn out and disgust. But I can’t be mad or regretful because things happen for a reason and the time I spent at Activate Fitness was some of the best years of my life.

Now, my focus has shifted towards healing. Healing from years of sleep neglect from waking up before the chickens cackle and pushing too hard through the stresses of that life. Today I’m still lost and disconnected from part of the life that helped me grow my business. Writing is a passion as well as reading and both are held captive with a ransom. A few years ago it was common for me to read a book a week and to write at least ten thousand words a week through various means. Today, I don’t write (yet I am trying as you can see), and I read a book a month. Building on this is important.

Progress not perfection. What remains to be found is where this road will lead me. Training was fun. The people amazing. The hours sucked balls and the commute was dreadful. But the experience was lasting. One day at a time. Life has a mysterious force to it. The tug I felt to close the gym was another path letting me know it needed me. What the path holds is the next adventure in a life full surprises. The journey continues.


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