The Battle We Fight Daily

The great battle we all face is the battle of discipline. The battle of ego versus self.

Some mornings we start the day off feeling bad, shitty, like the day will be rough.

Some mornings we’re up before the alarm clock. We kick off the covers right away. We’re stoked.

The bed gets made, we get moving faster than the day before, and we’re ready to crush the day.

For the past two years I’ve been fighting this same daily battle. Here and there I get on a roll and here and there
I find myself in a slump.¬†Over the past few weeks I’ve been reading a few books on discipline and the subconscious mind to
help work through the ups and downs of life.

There are moments my ego wins. It caves to chocolate, to pizza, to sub sandwiches. The ego begs me to skip workouts and to
hit the snooze button for a few more minutes. The ego says “watch Shameless” instead of opening the book or doing the work.

Battling the ego is very exhausting but one thing that helps is working hard to be disciplined in areas of neglect or discomfort.

When you don’t feel like working out, just do something. 1 push up, 1 squat, 1 burpee. Repeat. Maybe doing that two or three times
you’ll probably be in a different mind frame and you’ll be primed to finish a few more.

Don’t have time to workout? Yes, you do. There is always twenty minutes before the alarm clock goes off.. you have an hour. You can
scratch together minutes to put some exercise together. You have to just move your body and do it. The ego says “No… no.. stay in bed” But the other voice says “Get up.. Just put the feet on the floor.”

Waking up early, like four in the morning, is hard. I hate it. Recently I moved and my commute went from thirteen minutes to over half an hour. Now, I need to get up at three-thirty in the morning. Millions of people hit the sheets at midnight, and waking up before four seems insane to them. The truth is, if you want to get up, you can. Get to bed earlier. Skip the mindless television shows and late night snacks and get to bed early.

How do you know it sucks if you’ve never been awake before five? Try it. Go to bed around nine or ten and wake up at four and train. Go and do it. Just try it.

Fighting the ego and sticking to the true desire of what you want to achieve is a daily task you need to attack each morning. Sure some days we’ll lose and losing is fine. But not today. Today we win and we do the work necessary to achieve our desire.

Build discipline in your daily life to do the great things that create a great life. The more we try to have discipline, the more we do the work that gets first downs. And the more first downs we get, the more we win.

Get to work.



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