Why We All Need Relaxation Therapy


On my ideal day off there would be several relaxation based therapeutic moments. First, I’d go workout to get some energy blown off and set the tone for having a positive and uplifting day. Then I’d go to a floatation center and do a ninety minute float, maybe even two hours or more. After my float therapy was complete, I’d get some coffee and write in my book or a blog post. After I came to an end of my writing energy, I’d go visit Bonnie at Healing Energy to clear and open my chakras and fully release my vibrant positive energy. I’d finish my day out with a movie and head home to read.

It seems like a boring day for many people, especially extroverts who love being around other people, but as an introvert this is my ideal day off and alone time. There is a lot of power in the schedule I just mentioned. There is a lot of energy increasing and relaxing moments and this is something we all need more of. How often do we truly kick our feet up and relax? It’s not often that we take a day to be alone and rejuvenate. If you ask many people, they’d say they don’t need it and floating or healing touch may sound stupid to them. However, relaxation Therapy is a must.

We’re often overwhelmed with work and different tasks. We are made up of energy and we give and take energy from everything around us all the time. An overworked father of three who commutes several hours each day is killing himself with stress and unhealthy practices. A stay at home mom of two who doesn’t work out, doesn’t get to shower, doesn’t get to leave to see other people, doesn’t get alone time, and is constantly being sucked of her energy is also slowly killing herself with stress and unhealthy practices.

The body is like a gas tank of energy. You only store so much fuel. I’m not talking about fuel from food and exercise that helps the blood pump and the body operate. I’m talking about energy.

Bonnie the other day told me that my kids have their etherical umbilical cords attached to me and my wife all the time. They are consistently draining us of our vital energy and without replenishing it, we don’t operate at our best self. The same goes for the members of my gym, or anyone’s clients or employees. They are attaching to your outlet of energy and borrowing it. If you’re a manager or a CEO or a daycare employee or a very busy consultant you are being sucked of your energy much more than other people, but we’re all giving and taking. The problem comes when there is nothing left to take or give.

This is where relaxation therapy comes in. As I am a big fan of what many people would call “woo-woo” practices, I understand the importance of floatation, healing touch, meditation, and bioenergetic release. My relaxation therapy is few and far between but when I do set the time aside, I’m much better emotionally, mentally, and feel better physically.

In order to fill your fuel tank with energy that is vital to living your best life you must set time aside for relaxation therapy. Especially introverted people. Most introverted people refuel their body with energy by staying home instead of going to the party. They might sit down and read a book or take a nap or just go for a walk alone without interacting with anybody. This is an excellent way to reclaim your lost energy but, relaxation therapeutic practices can fill you with much more positive and vibrant energy.

Meditation is the easiest relaxation therapy practice you can do. It’s essentially free and you can do it anywhere. If you don’t have time or money to visit a float center, a healing touch location, or other energy increasing practices, then meditation is something you should do. Even if it’s for a minute or two. The more time you have to sit quietly and meditate the better, but if you’re swamped with time, a minute can make a positive change in how you feel.

Relaxation therapy is often seen as behavioral therapy to combat stress and fatigue, but it goes beyond the physical. We are energetic beings and just like a light bulb, we can dim over time and lose our vibrant energy. Many people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, and chronic fatigue would benefit greatly from relaxing and not just by themselves but with a trainer or therapist or other person. Staying home alone to regroup is good but if you have underlying problems, I highly suggest seeing a professional.

I often see posts written about the importance of relaxing. If you want to be successful, they say relax. If you want to achieve greatness, they say relax. If you want to feel better and get stronger or lose weight, they say relax. But how often do we listen to this advice and intentionally DO something about it? Our scope of relaxation is the couch, beer, and the television or a book. That’s good but we must actively seek other ways to relax and refuel our energy.

My personal favorites, as mentioned, are meditation, floatation, and healing touch. QiGong, Tai Chi, Anger Release Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Yoga, Exercise, Walking In Nature, and Direct Writing are other methods of relaxation therapy. For more information on how to relax or other thoughts about helping you live your best life, fill out the form below.

Your Complete Guide To Your First Time In A Float Tank

Floating is one of those things that when you talk about it or mention it to people who’ve never done it before, you get weird faces or questions like:
“Will I get claustrophobic?” “Do they clean the water?” “Why do you go in there?” “Is it expensive?”

Floating has been around for over 50 years but recently it has gained some attention as more and more float tank centers are opening. Personally, I’ve been floating for about two years now and it has made a tremendous change in my life. I first went into the tank after hearing Joe Rogan talk about it on his podcast. I also got quite into finding out why Rogan thought so highly of it, so I did some research and found it’s good for helping injuries heal and reducing stress. After a knee injury I decided it was time to give it a go. From that first time I have been hooked and I try to get one in whenever my schedule allows it.


I’m not going to tell you why you should try out the float tank in this post. If you want to know why (or more about them in general) you can read these posts I wrote below:

5 Reasons Why Float Therapy Will Change Your Life

My Isolation Tank Experience

3 Relaxing Ways to Attract More Happiness In Your Life

An Experience in The Tank

In this post I will go over the complete guide to your first time in the float tank.

If you’re ready to make an appointment or you already have one set up, here’s the few simple things you need to know.

1. Don’t TRY to get anything out of it.

Trying to get a result from laying in a tank is counterproductive of it’s true benefits. The tank is designed to eliminate any of the sensory input we deal with on a constant basis. We are always using our hearing, our sight, our touch, our sense of smell and nowadays we are bombarded with overloaded sensory input. We have phones, music, co-workers, children, cars, driving, billboards, televisions, and much more always begging for our attention. The most beneficial part of floating in a float tank is all of that is completely eliminated for the duration of time you choose to float. The sensory deprivation you experience is like a renewal of the mind. A resetting of your senses and a cleansing of  your stresses. For this, do not try to get anything out it. Just be.

It’s hard for many of us to stop what we’re doing and listen to our thoughts and be alone in complete serenity with our minds. The float tank will open your mind to many things we don’t recognize in our subconscious mind.

2. Don’t Be Over Hydrated.

If you’re going to float for an hour or more, make sure you’re not loaded with water that will make you want to urinate. This can totally distract you from experiencing the awesome benefits and bliss inside the tank. There are toilets in every float room. Use it right before you go in.

3. Eliminate Use of Electronics Prior

For about an hour before you go to the float center, try to avoid stuffing your face in your phone or computer and begin the relaxation process. The overloaded stress from electronics can make it harder to relax when it comes time to float.

4. Don’t Listen to Music

Many float centers offer the option to listen to meditation music or other forms of relaxing music. For the first time, do not do it. The experience you get in the tank will be like nothing you’ve ever been through. Adding music to it the first time can distract you from allowing the brain waves to settle in the appropriate levels.

 5. Avoid Caffeine Before Hand

Try not to have any coffee within a few hours of your float. “Caffeine may increase heart rate, body temperature, blood flow to the skin & extremities, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, stomach acid secretion and production of urine (diuretic).” (http://www.uhs.umich.edu/caffeine)

We don’t want this. We want our body to be as relaxed as possible.

6. Avoid Eating Anything Before Hand

Having food in your stomach before you begin your float can alter your experience. When the body is busy digesting food, the mind is busy and far from the relaxed state we want to be in. Going in a tank in the fasted state can decrease brain activity and help you get much more out of your first float.

7. Do not Shave Anything Before Going to Float

For at least two days prior to floating, make sure you do not shave any part of your body before going in. The high salt content with sting and will definitely affect your float in a negative way.

8. Be prepared to cover your scrapes and cuts.

If you have any scrapes, cracked fingers, or abrasions, call your float center and ask if they supply q-tips and Vaseline. Again, the high salt content will burn and sting and will keep your mind occupied and away from the benefits of floating.

9. Go For 60 Minutes Minimum

90 minutes is a REM cycle in your brain. It can take about 40 minutes in the tank for your brain to stop producing Alpha waves which are what we experience on a constant basis except for sleep, depending on how relaxed you were prior to going in. This means it’s possible that the first 40 minutes of a float you are completely aware of everything and not in the Theta and more relaxing brain wave state. Anything under 60 minutes and I believe you are not getting the majority of benefits a float has on your mind and body. After your first float at 60 minutes, never go less than 90.

10. Enjoy Your Solitude

This is why we go float. To be completely alone and uninterrupted by anything outside of our minds. How often are you able to simply unplug from life and be completely alone? Not often, so enjoy the time you have by yourself and completely relax yourself. Don’t fuss over deadlines or schedules or where you are supposed to be the next hour. Just BE.

“Don’t try to be good, don’t try to be a meditator, don’t try to be spiritual, enlightened, or perfect. Hold nothing. Just be.” – Unknown

Floating has the power to change your life from the very first time you experience what’s inside. You can open a whole new part of your mind that you didn’t know existed and you can rejuvenate your mind and body and enjoy the easiest form of meditation known. Since I started floating two years ago, my entire mentality has changed. My life has dramatically improved and my mind works better than ever. My energy levels have increased with my improved diet and exercise, my knee injury is gone, and my peacefulness which evaded my life for years has come back and made life more enjoyable. If you have any questions, shoot me a message below and I can help you get the most out of your next float. Comment below about your favorite experience in the tank!

5 Reasons Why Float Therapy Will Change Your Life

It’s no secret that I’m a die hard fan of flotation therapy. Being in the isolation tank is like leaving the world and all of life’s stressors for an hour or more. Ever since I started going over a year ago, I fell in love with the benefits of being inside the tank. Each time I come out of a tank, I feel renewed and recharged, quiet, calm, and still, in peace with the world around me. Being in the tank removes ones ego. There is nothing to do except think (or listen), nobody to see, nothing to hear, just you alone with your deep true-ness.

Here are the 5 Reasons Why Float Therapy Will Change Your Life:

1. You’ll relieve STRESS fast

Have a hard workout? Compete in a marathon or Ironman competition? Do you have a very stressful job or life in general? Floating is an extremely effective stress eliminator. Being alone with just your mind allows the bones, muscles, organs, and more forget about stress and become completely relaxed. After a long day at work or with your multiple kids, floating is like heaven. The only way I can describe the feeling after floating is complete bliss and total joy. Usually though, you won’t see this effect right away. The first time you float you can’t stop thinking about the atmosphere you’re in, but you still get most of the benefits. An hour in the tank is the equivalent to 4 hours of sleep.

2. You’ll detox your body, and MIND!

By eliminating outside stress from gravity, noise, sight, and more, you essentially allow the body to completely relax. This allows your nervous system to slow down and the calmness of the central nervous system allows your body to repair other parts of your body as well. As we go about our daily life and consume stress from various areas, some of our body’s systems are not functioning properly. One being our digestion system. Stress can cause poor digestion, but eliminating that stress will allow your body to repair the digestion system and eliminate various toxins. Also, the magnesium in the Epsom Salt has over one hundred health benefits, including a positive effect on our digestion. Other benefits of this detoxing is seen through gravity being eliminated as you float in the epsom solution. This allows your body’s aches and pains from tight muscles or soreness to gradually go away.

3. You’ll Find Your True Self

Being alone with no sight, sound, or other stimuli, you’ll begin to look within your mind and expand your consciousness. While meditating, you begin to look within for answers to your life’s questions. For many people with high stress jobs, kids, and poor health conditions, it’s hard to ever reach a state of mind that allows for inner knowing. Inside the tank, as you’re removed from those circumstances, you’re stillness and peacefulness allows you to breathe properly and quiet the mind faster. This helps you reach a high level of meditation in minutes. From what I’ve read and listened to, most people who believe they have fallen asleep actually don’t. Instead, they’ve reach a theta state of relaxation that can create tremendous self growth.

4. Your creativity will skyrocket

As you’re in these trance like states, when conscious of your self (since it’s easy to drift into the sub-conscious), you can start to question yourself as to what you want to create, should create, or work through areas of difficulty. I remember a time when I was floating and I was stuck with no writing ability. I was caught in self-perceived writer’s block, only to come out of the tank and begin a 55 day span of not missing a blog post update. My creativity felt like it was released through clarity of mind and reduction of stress, which was helped through by the float. Many entrepreneurs and artists that have used the float tank have said they do so for creative purposes.

5. You “Get Away From it All”

So many people when faced with stressful situations or lives claim they wish they can get away from it all. Go on vacation and completely relax and hide from “life”. Well, your life will change once you know that you can visit a tank center and “get away from it all” for an hour or more, WHENEVER you want! This benefit goes along with stress reduction and detoxing your mind, but for some serious introverted people a float session is a major game changer and energy producer. As introverts, we tend to get sapped of our energy when we face stressful situations, people, work, parties, and more. Being alone in complete nothingness is just what the doctor ordered for us! Trust me, as a major introvert, the tank is a rejuvenation miracle for my mind, my energy, and my purposeful momentum in life.

Float therapy will forever be a great part of my life. The power that John C Lilly discovered so many years ago, still to this day, helps many people find their trueself, helps people relax and rejuvenate, and much more. An hour in the tank is all one needs to help recharge their batteries and get the mind rolling again. With all of the surrounding forces of nature and technology, even people, that we deal with every day, it’s amazing when you can simply walk away from it all and float through your inner heavens.

As always, make sure you sign up for my email newsletter on the side of the screen and ask some questions below in the comments for more info on floating, fitness, or life in general. Stay tuned for some HUGE news!

My Up Close and Personal Conversation With My Inner Self

I wrote this post back in January and for whatever reason I never posted it, or finished it, but here’s the up close and personal conversation I had with my inner self after a float in the isolation tank. 

“There’s something you’re not seeing Mike.” Said my Inner Self as I was looking out into the forest behind my house through a small crack in the blinds that were fully extended and shut. Why was I standing there holding the blinds open with my thumb and index finger instead of just simply opening them?

For most of my life I’ve been a daydreamer. My mind would wander through space and entire conversations unheard because of the distraction of something more meaningful, but what? Now, after a couple months of forced relaxation and self education I can see my inner self was trying to talk to me for over 20 years.

Some people call the inner self their soul or “listening to their heart” and to me, it is the soul or “spirit” and it is a separate entity entirely from our humanoid body just hitching a ride through evolution. We have two self’s, the Ego self and the True (inner) self and for most of our waking lives, they are in constant battle of our attention and control.

My inner self has not been strong enough to fight the ego, it’s a battle I still fight today.

What I was not seeing, as the inner spirit told me through feelings and deep emotions, was there is more to life beyond the status quo and conformity we find ourselves in and much of the anger I hold on to and tension is the result of “doing” more than “being”. Listening to the “way it’s supposed to be” has done nothing for my happiness and evolution of self. When “they” said “Do this or Do That.” they were talking from the ego’s point of view, which in a way may not be a bad thing as it protects us and keeps us alive,  but they didn’t take the inner true self into consideration.

We’re exhausted from overwork and stressed from over-consumption and we lack a true deep happiness and satisfaction for our lives. We have the case of “never enough” and “must have MORE” instead of a state of mind that is content with what we have and that is not talking about material possessions. We have a power inside of us that is infinite and limitless but we refuse to accept it or lose against the ego in the battle for control.

My up close and personal conversation with my inner self went something like this:

“There’s something you’re not seeing Mike.” said a feeling that originated deep within the heart. Most people fail to recognize the heart chakra is the entrance through of etheric field which brings us emotions and feelings. That is why we really feel things below our chest and above the belly button.

“What am I not seeing? I know there’s something more, but what?” I said, but I got no response. Just a clutter of thoughts and an annoying itch behind my leg.

Two weeks would go by until my second experience in the flotation tank came around and it was here and then that the inner self would shed light to the reasons behind why I was not content with life, what to do about it, and how to accept the moment.

As I showered, before I sat in the tank, to rid the body of oils and any dirt or dust I may have been carrying around, the feelings of contentment and control became sort of overwhelming and my body began to shake like I was about to go to a new school at the age of 10 in front of people I never met.

Once the tank door closed behind me and I let the body go in a free float the need for a mighty gasp of air took control of my body and everything that was happening in the world around me left my body in an instant.

“What am I going to do with my life? Why am I not happy with all I have?” I asked as a slight sweat appeared from the brow.

At this time in my life I have much of everything I ever could have imagined. Activate Fitness is doing well, I’m married with a beautiful daughter, my son will be here soon, and our life is truly comfortable, but I wasn’t. Why?

As I laid in the tank and drifted into a deep trance, which I mistook for deep sleep at first, all I could feel were thoughts of letting everything go, but letting what go? If you could imagine yourself flying through the inner workings of a fiber optic system or inside the veins of the body as blood cells you can picture what was happening as I floated in the tank and searched for answers. One thought and picture after the other at speeds so fast it would take nearly 3 weeks to figure out what they meant.

Letting go of everything finally came to light when I realized it meant letting go of what I desired through my ego. A nice salary, vacation homes, swimming pools, business programs and much more that really had nothing to do with who I really am. Part of who I am and what I want to bring to the help others was being suppressed and held back against an intense amount of pressure to let free and now I’m releasing it. Helping people through fitness is a blessing I hold true and dearly close to my heart, the passion for it is there and burning bright, but there is more of that help, a different level beyond burpees and push ups, and it was being forced shut by fear, resistance and the ego and my anger was getting the most of my life causing much unneeded pain.




A Lesson in “Doing the Work”.

This has proven to be quite hard recently. I’ve had much trouble trying to get things out of my mind and onto your screen. Most of my attention lately, when it comes to writing, has been shifted to my gym’s page at www.hackettstownfitness.com and on that gym page’s email newsletter. Even still, it has been quite like a form of torture. The words are dragging and the fight to release the tension inside the mind and veins has been nearly crippling. It’s been several weeks since my last post. I’m ready for something more, something new.

The problem is, I haven’t got the slightest clue what I want to write about. I enjoy helping people change their lives through fitness and motivation. At the Activate Fitness page there are over 200 posts on diet, exercise, and mindset. I can go back and tighten them up, switch a few pieces of work here and there, and make a new post- but that’s boring. It doesn’t need the muse and doesn’t fit the fancy of the pleasure I get from writing.

The other day I tried an exercise to get the words flowing. I had no idea what I was writing about, except, in the back of my mind- the exact idea of what to write about. Here is what came out in it’s first draft…

“Stuffed up, stuck, crazy and unknown. Blank, dark, hot or cold. The world is rough. The streets are tough. Life isn’t a game, it’s a challenge. Face your fears or face the consequences. Broke, tired, bored, lonely, poverty stricken. Shame. Unknown thoughts and dreams spun around like a crazy web of gooey substances. Dark lights and Hammered Angels. Rides to the park, not in the dark, cold and wet, sunny and humid. Faced the consequence, fell to my feet. Knees buckled, people laughed, tired.. of being sick and tired. Poor me, poor shoes. Poor me, poor foods. It’s not my fault you see. Blind as a bat. It’s the man. Striking his hand. Fists to the face. Floored with emotions. Longing for more. Will it ever be?”

A work of writer’s block and an exercise to find the muse and get back to work. To help those who need a lift, an inspiration, help they may not find elsewhere. Pure subconscious firing out of the void as you can see the words “The world is rough. The streets are tough.” For it once was in my life like that and life is indeed a challenge. We’re here to learn something, whatever it is, and it’s our job to face the challenge and keep moving ever so slightly forward until we find out.. why?

Facing your fears is a must if you hope to evolve. Without facing them, you will surely find that the world is rough and the streets are tough. I once fell a victim to my fears. Who am I kidding? Once? Ha. Try once a day, maybe even once an hour. But when those particular fears were victorious over my true self and became friends with Mr. Ego, it was easy to lay down defeated. I hid my passions, I hid my knowledge, and I hid in the darkest of all pits, smack dab on Rock Bottom.

Unknown thoughts spun around like a crazy web. Writer’s block. Mental exhaustion. The muse is on vacation. Or is it the writer, the hand in charge, finding an excuse to just not sit down and do the work? Steven Pressfield says to put your ass where your heart is and right now, it is, but it’s a lot more difficult than many can imagine. Steven King demands one to two thousand words a day, on paper, regardless of what is going on in life. Resistance, as Pressfield calls it, seems to win much more often than the Muse. A war of wits, passion, patience, commitment and doing the work.

How can the Muse defeat Resistance when all he or she wants to do is kick back on the island, smoking a fat Cuban, with a Corona in hand?

“Poor me, poor shoes. Poor me, poor foods.” Another glimpse of the deep subconscious. When I let resistance win and let fear over take my life I allowed the consequences of my actions to destroy me. What came out of the deep mind in those eight words was recollection of when I had no job or money and my sneakers were basically falling apart. The same time when my meals were 99 cent bags of Doritos or a frozen meal for about the same cost. But why would it come out so many years later? What is the subconscious, or maybe even the muse, trying to tell me?

Sounds insane and like a bunch of flubber bullshit but the fact remains that I keep making excuses for NOT sitting down and writing. Every time I do, I keep making excuses as to “Not knowing what to write about.” But this time was different. I had no idea what I wanted to blog about, but I just let it flow. It seems that when resistance has a strong hold of your work, it suffers a lot.. until you actually fight back and just act like a fool.

This doesn’t mean much, but I do believe there is a lesson in this 15 minutes I have sat down in front of the computer. The lesson seems to be that deep inside the subconscious mind there is a whole world of content, of art, of powerful words and memories that want to come out. I feel an isolation tank visit is in order to try and file all of the thoughts into some neat drawers. I think I know where I go forward from here with the writing I find so hard to let go of. My past, the story of who I was, where and how deep I went, and why I decided to crawl out has a powerful message for others. It’s time to let go of the fear of ridicule or looking like an ass. It’s time for me to let you know who I truly am and what I was, but hated and despised.

15 minutes and a whole new vision was released. I said my prayer to the muse before I started and they didn’t let me down. I see you’re back from your vacation. It was a long trip, I hope you stay for awhile.

Here is a post I wrote the other day I never really published: The Muse is on Vacation

My Isolation Tank Experience

With the stresses of life on my shoulders and the rapid pace of existence, I walked into the Yoga facility where I would experience my first “float” as they call it, and I felt entirely out of place. The pressures of daily life, the thoughts speeding through my head, and the loud music I play at the gym, I’m not accustomed to a relaxed environment and the yoga facility was eery in a way. Not being used to the quiet and a serene feelings it gave, I felt as if I did not belong here. The smells of relaxing fragrances and a peaceful calm of the gentlemen at the front desk set the tone for what would be an amazing experience inside the tank.

The owner of the Yoga facility gave me a tour of the facility, a breakdown of the floating experience, and would show me exactly what I had to do. A faint light of amber color with a very minimalist style decor, much like a room for meditation, the float room is beautiful and the effects of the beauty are felt right away as you begin to relax before you even get into the tank.

When you go to float in the tank, the first thing you need to do is take a shower to remove as much of the body’s natural oil as possible. Once the shower is over you head over to the tank and step inside. The tank looks like a coffin. White on the outside with a greater height in the front where the door is as it narrows down towards the feet, still roughly 2 or 3 feet tall at the back end. Smooth, no decor, with a door that you enter as you step in with one foot followed by the next. As you stand in the tank you can feel what seems like warmth but is actually skin temperature. The water feels almost slimy and thick as it’s filled with over 800 pounds of Epsom Salt. When both of the feet are in the tank you squat down and gently sit in the water. The high salt content makes you float instantly when you let the pressure go so you need to be slightly careful as you close the door behind you.

Once inside it is as black as the room appears when you go to sleep at night and close your eyes. In fact, when inside, you can open your eyes and close your eyes and tell no difference. Open eyes is like they are not even open. The first of many tricks the mind plays. As you close the door and lay down you float and in the beginning, or my first time, you move back and forth a lot before settling into a peaceful stillness.

The first time I was in the tank my muscles reacted in violent spasms that were uncontrollable, signaling my tense muscles letting go of the stress held within. Since you wear earplugs to prevent the salt water from getting into them you really can’t hear much of anything, but there were a few sounds I heard. Every joint in my body was cracking as I moved to find out what position I’d like my arms to rest at. You can either put them straight down to the side, on your chest with fingers locked or unlocked, or you can extend them over your head. My first time inside the tank I couldn’t decide. As I moved constantly the joints cracked more and more and the spasms became quick and frequent.

Many people float to release stress, some go to heal injuries, others go to detoxify, and a few go for the meditation like state you are in when you let go inside the tank. For me, I chose to go to release stress, heal my knee, and visit my spiritual self. Again, during the first time, I could not let go of my mind and thoughts as I tried to just be one with myself and meditate. I kept thinking about the spasms, the cracking, did I or didn’t I hear something, was someone going through my wallet and phone as I was inside, was there a camera watching me float naked, was my time up? Time goes right out the window when inside the tank. The man told me I had 70 minutes and once the time was up the water would begin to move. I should have clarified what he meant because as I floated and moved, the water moved, and every few minutes I thought my time was up because it was moving. When the time is through it’s like a hot tub stream of pressure that is unmistakable for the end of the float session.

Even though my mind was going 100 miles an hour inside the tank and I felt like I couldn’t relax, my body told me different as I exited the tank. After my first session I felt like I had slept for 8 hours and I had this calm peacefulness to my mind and body. Outside I noticed the cars driving here and there and how I knew exactly what the driver was thinking. He or she was rushing to get to where they had to go with a mind full of the future, but in that moment I was different. The only thing I cared to think about was how awesome right here and right now felt.

The second time I went floating I was very anxious to get inside with my plan of letting go completely with nothing running through my mind. How silly. When you’re all alone in a dark chamber with nothing to do besides stay still it is extremely hard NOT to think. My mind continued to fly through the thoughts of the past, present, and what I perceived the future would be. And then something weird happened. The water started moving notifying me my time was up, but.. Did I fall asleep? I had to have, I thought at the moment, but only until a couple days ago did I realize I wasn’t asleep but I was in the deepest meditative trance of my life. Once I got out and took a shower I felt angry, like someone waking up from a 10 minute nap who truly needed 40 minutes. But if I wasn’t sleeping, why was I angry?

This last time in the tank a week or so ago was definitely the best time I’ve had inside. My body was ready for the float, no spasms, no joints cracking, no nervousness or planned expectations. Just me, my deprived senses, and the now. A couple of moments from the past were replayed in my head as I drifted through space and several “aha” moments about my career, my purpose, the gym, and my family were shown to me through what I believe has to be my subconscious mind. Glimpses of things not to do and what really lies beneath the surface of who I am. Lost in time, floating through space, stress free and ultimately limitless in thought. Again it felt like a brief moment inside I may have fallen asleep but it was the trance you to seek when meditating or floating. An escape from everything in reality with visions of the true nature of self. No lies, no conformity, no laws or regulations. Just you and your spirit self floating into the fray, growing, bonding, enjoying our destiny as it should be enjoyed.

Floating is no longer about relaxation or stress relief. It’s more, it’s about finding my true inner self and bringing it out to live the existence it’s been fighting 31 years to live. There is something much more than our ego inspired lives and it’s hiding right under our noses. We feel it. We fight for it and become emotional over it without even truly knowing what it is. Inside the tank, you feel the truth behind all of it.