Do We Have To Get Better Everyday?

Do one thing everyday to get better. That’s what all coaches and motivators are saying. If you’re not improving each day, you’re falling behind of your potential. I call bullshit. In my opinion, getting better everyday comes with a little bit of insanity and a side order of stupidity. Some days, I just want to walk around in my underwear, say fuck off to the world, eat ice cream, drink beer, and crash on the couch watching The Wayan Brothers re-runs, doing nothing to “get better”. The real truth is, probably vegging around and letting the body relax is doing more good than some ten question checklist, five minute journal, or twenty minute workout.

Being high edge all the time, go getter style, rocking and rolling, and being stuffed in the face of techie junk is draining and in fact, it crushes your true energy. Our electronics which control our lives vibrate at energy and consciousness levels of poverty and fear. How could that be good for us? We’re crushed by ten hour days at the office, two hour round trip commutes, practices for our kids, lessons for our kids, dates with friends, and we never stop until it’s vacation time. And, when we go on vacation, we pack our schedules with events, trips, sightseeing adventures, and schedules. To get better everyday by doing this routine based living is silly and a complete fabrication of bullshit. Created by writers looking for something to write, coaches looking for something to sell, motivators looking to motivate.. it’s non-sense.

Know this, there is nothing wrong with stopping what you’re doing and cutting yourself away from the world. Another reason we don’t do it is because we’re afraid of what might happen by withdrawing from our routines. If you truly want to get better everyday, a part of your plan must consist of days where you do nothing but hold your hand down your pants and kick your feet up.