Thoughts on Filling The Void in Your Life


The wiser I get through knowledge, action, failure, and success, and experience, the more I begin to see how foolish some people are in their way of life, their vision of reality. I’m included in those people. Life is strange and the way we live is even stranger. Working, waking up at four in the morning, consuming more food than we need, more gas than we need, shelter too big for what’s needed, resources, and materialistic garbage is not for me. I realized very early in my business that I don’t want to be a fancy materialism based facility. I don’t, and you don’t, need towels, water fountains, showers, fancy art work, hardwood floors, and shiny objects when what you are coming for is a workout. The point of coming to the gym is to train and anything beyond the essential tools is pointless. The same goes with my life. I have way too much shit right now and getting rid of it is a big priority. I don’t need it, I don’t want it. It’s useless. What I need in my home is love, companionship, happiness, and fun. Beyond the basic needs of food and water, there is nothing more that I need. Filling it with useless material junk is a waste of energy, money, and space.

A Zen Buddhist quote says “To seek is to suffer. To seek nothing is Bliss.”  The seeking of things beyond essential needs is an ego related matter and often times we fill it because of a lack of knowing who we are within or to fill a void we feel is left by something beyond our own self. Men around the world seek to fill pieces of their self through cars, cigars, homes, boats, electronics, and drugs. Women around the world seek to fill pieces of their self through shoes, make-up, boob jobs, and more. Often times when we seek something, say through a possession, we find that the void in our lives we wish to fill is still empty. That is because things that money buy can’t fill your heart and soul with what you really desire. What you really desire is purpose, truth, and love. Some times people who were never loved as a child, told they are beautiful or enough, have lives in which they obsess about a particular thing, like sex, money, a perfect body, drugs, cars, music shows, and more. They want to fill the whole in their heart. Sadly they don’t realize or understand that the whole in their heart needs to be filled from within first and by giving fully of who they truly are.

Buddha once said “Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace.” Look at that through action instead of word. Better than a thousand hollow actions is one action that brings peace. That brings YOU peace. Often our actions are not aligned with our true self. Our actions can sometimes be cries for help. Drug addicts are crying for help. They have shame and embarrassment and often don’t know how to ask for help. There are times when the help they get isn’t what they need. A drug addict who is in deep emotional and mental pain will not be cured of their addiction through rehab and most talk therapy. They need to confront the pain within and find a way to accept it, own it, and become bigger than it. A hollow action (rehab) won’t end the suffering, but one look within to see the pain may. It is your actions that form your life.

If you don’t feel loved you can act by becoming promiscuous to fill the void of love, but often you’ll find that being promiscuous doesn’t do the trick. Instead of acting through sex, act through giving love to something else. Confront the demon of why you don’t feel loved and work at that point to make change. We can’t put gum in the cracks of our lives. You have to mend the cracks with both pieces and apply acceptance.

Accepting the pain of emptiness one might feel is a stepping stone to improvement and fulfillment. Rather than using things like a big home or alcohol to feel fulfilled, attack the feeling of not being fulfilled and accept it and then thank it and then work on filling it with self love. If we look close enough and wad through the deep mud of pain we will find enough self love to drastically change our lives. Objects can’t make you happy unless you accept that happiness is already a part of who you are. If you feel you need more money, fancy jobs, bigger houses, or longer vacations, the first place to look for those needs is going to be your mind and your heart. It’s hard to battle the feelings and thoughts that cause pain, loneliness, and emptiness but you’ll never live activated and in charge if you don’t sweat a little. You have the courage and the strength to hold your sword out front and defend and attack. Now act.


Reflections From The Woods


For the past ten days I have been tucked away in the woods, vacationing with my family. We spent a few days at the lake and then drifted down to beach country for more days of camping. Both places hidden by tall trees, green leaves, the sounds of nature, and peacefulness. Being in the woods, in nature, for ten days is a rejuvenating experience. The clean air, the removal of self from the hustle and bustle of reality, and the chance to stop and unwind is fulfilling and something we should all do occasionally.

As I camped I had a few thoughts that seemed interested. One is about our reality. Our grind. The rat race we find ourselves in. Many of us wake up with an alarm clock to start days at ridiculously silly hours of the night. Immediately upon arising, we jump into life full steam ahead. Not much for a moment of reflection or a place for Zen. Through the centuries we developed life into a routine so far from who we are as beings, it’s easy to see why we have troubles in mind, body, and spirit.

I brought a notepad to write in on my trip and a jump rope to do some exercise. I did neither. It was perfect. I removed myself as much as I could from the life I’ve created with business and goals and simply spent time being with my family. We didn’t care what was going on, we just lived. The more time I spent alone in the woods, the more I realized it’s exactly where we should be. Settled with giant trees towering above, bugs flying and playing and living, birds signing their favorite tunes, and raccoon’s trying to find a bite on the ground.

When you sit next to a camp fire you lose yourself in the flames and the hot red coals, hot enough to catch any timber on fire in an instant. Glancing into the flames pondering life is a natural past time for millions of years. Men used to hunt or fish and gather during the day and then come back to where family called home and completely remove themselves from anything by sitting near the open flames of relaxation.

Nowadays we do things similar. We work all day hunting and gathering a paycheck to come home and lose ourselves in the latest television shows or iPhone apps. We consume commercials after commercials and television shows that brainwash into believing more is better and they breed jealously within the mind. We want and want.

As I relaxed by the fire one day before we cooked a dinner on a cast iron pan above the open flames of a wood fire I was reading a book by David Hawkins. There was one line that fascinated me. He wrote ” The fewer the ‘wants’, the greater are the ease and satisfaction of life.” This spoke to me on many levels as I’ve been trying to eliminate most wants and instead to appreciate all that already have. The way most of life works in America is chasing the ego’s desire for more, better, and bigger. Instead of simply being grateful for the things we do have, we continue in the race for what we don’t. This causes much unnecessary stress, scheduling, debt, overtime, and more.

Being in the woods in a plain rustic cabin I began to appreciate the simplicity. No fancy gadgets, no television or appliances, no rushing through the day from one thing to the next. Basic at the core, perfect as a whole. Satisfied with so little.

Spending time in the woods should be on everyone’s schedule. If you can’t make it happen, or you dislike camping, then find a beach to go to or a park and take your shoes off and embrace the Earth energy. Listen to the sounds around you. Appreciate the simple life of insects, animals, and lizards. Thoreau once wrote “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” You can find that truth in the woods.

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” ― Henry David Thoreau, Walden

6 Small Ways To Enjoying Life More

Everyday I read about, hear about, or see people who are not enjoying life. I should know. I can spot a person not enjoying life faster than anyone I know because I used to be one of those guys or gals. In fact, for the majority of my adult life I have not enjoyed it. There was a long time where I was depressed and angry and an even longer time where I was lost in a distant place, far from reality. My anger and depression made life miserable and I hated the best things life was giving me. Enjoying anything had to involve altered consciousness and carefully selected events.

Once I let go of all that was holding me back from enjoying life, things got better. People tell me all the time I look better than I used to. They tell me I seem happier and my attitude has changed. I’m telling you, I was a nasty motherf**ker for a long time. The road I traveled to get where I am now was not easy and it took a long time of self discovery and hard work to find out what was holding me back and how to move past it. This is a quick post I intended to help you see if anything is holding you back and how to let it go.

Remember the saying we all know “It’s the little things that count.”

Here are six small things you can do to enjoy life more:

1. Workout

Yes I own a gym and it’s my job to help people get in shape but here’s the deal; exercise is one of the best things we can do for a happy and more enjoyable life. When we exercise we feel better through a release of various chemicals and when we feel better, we enjoy life more. Our happiness increases and our body works more efficiently, giving us the energy to enjoy life.

What to do:

Exercise for 30 minutes a day. Some times longer. Lift weights, walk, run, do martial arts, go swimming. Move the body and sweat.

2. Read

I truly believe reading is the gateway to all that you want in your life. If you want a million dollars, where else are you going to learn how to earn a million dollars than a book? Aside from apprenticeship and interning or a mentor, reading helps you learn the important things you don’t know. Reading is also a great way to relax and work the imagination and mind out. Reading should never be looked at as boring or a waste of time. The places books or blogs or other articles will take is more vast than you can imagine.

What to do:

Grab a book and read! Set aside 30 minutes a day to read something. Bounce back and forth from fiction to non fiction to biography and more.

3. Find a Hobby

Starting Jiu Jitsu was one of the best things I did for my life in 2015. When I stepped aside from my desk job to focus on raising my children and building my gym I let go of more than work. I let go of being around other people and getting out of the house. Now my days are spent at the gym or at home with my kids. Getting out of the house into the Jiu Jitsu gym helps me unwind my mind and refresh my body. Having a hobby gets us away from the distractions of work, bills, and routine schedules.

What to do:

Find a hobby that you spend a few hours a week doing. A hobby where you can drop what you’re doing and let the mind go into a world of something that soothes the soul and relaxes the body, something that gets you out of routine.

4. Recognize the ego and work with it

When I was unhappy and angry I was letting my ego do the talking. There were ways I wanted things to happen my way and my stress levels went full tilt. My mind was exhausted and I became very ego driven for success and materialistic pleasures. Even when I was working on my spiritual side of things, I couldn’t shake the ego. I wanted to meditate because I wanted XYZ.. instead of meditating to just meditate. My ego was seeking things my spirit didn’t want or need. It created internal conflict.

What to do:

Understand that we are all in a battle with our ego and our true divine self. The ego wants everything to be easy and hates the hard stuff like getting up early, adjusting your schedule on the fly, a flat tire, or being stuck in rush hour traffic. The true self sees these occurrences as life, as the path, the way through the ego and into enlightened ways. The obstacles we face in life can either piss us off and make us miserable or they can be used as stepping-stones into a more relaxed and enjoyable life. How you see life is how you experience life.

5. Write!

One of the biggest life changes happened to me when I started writing in a gratitude journal. My mind was wandering, I couldn’t focus, I was angry about life, people, things I had to do, and very likely severely depressed. There was no motivation to get up off my couch. I felt sucked into a black hole and a dark pit of despair. One day, taking the advice I heard on a podcast, I decided to start keeping a gratitude journal. Each day I would write down three things that I was grateful for. Some of those days it was the same thing over and over, but the process helped me see the little things and led me to enjoying more of life.

What to do:

Grab a notebook and start every morning with writing down three things you are grateful for in your life. Date the entry and that’s it. Repeat this process each day and watch closely to see how things begin to change leading you to a more enjoyable life.

6. Scale Down Your Shit

Want to buy a four hundred thousand dollar house? Maybe that house for two hundred grand will help you enjoy life more. Want to buy a new sixty thousand dollar SUV? Maybe the model that’s twenty grand less will help you live a more enjoyable life. Our finances are the most critical thing, besides the use of our mind for our own happiness, when it comes to enjoying life. The more we want that which we can’t afford, the harder we make it for ourselves. The more we spend, the more we buy, the shit that accumulates that we don’t need all has an energy draining effect on our lives. Most of our first world problems are created by the “never enough” society we live in, the keeping up with the Jones’s life. Scale down your shit, control the cash, and you will tackle the biggest elephant in the room of your enjoyable life.

What to do:

Look around and see what you have. Do you need it all? You might want it, and that’s cool, but if it’s crushing the grip of your financial situation- let it go. When buying big things like a house or a car, notice the ego and notice the true self. Slow down and really consider the purchase. Will it negatively affect your happiness and your ability to enjoy life? If so, it’s a no-brainer.

Summing it up..

When it comes down to it, enjoying life more starts inside your head. If you walk with a mindset of failure or one that is consumed of negativity, you’re going to have a tough time navigating the ups and downs of life. Our mindset is our reality. If you’re happy, feel and believe your happy, and believe and feel that life is good and that you enjoy it, then you will. That is what it comes right down to when we remove the fluff. Enjoy life more by using the mind as your greatest tool. Don’t let it hold you back or stop you from living your life activated. You are strong enough and smart enough to live your best life.

When Will The Madness Stop?

Bruce Jenner was named the Woman of the Year from some magazine that got the world and it’s bored little minds and stanky panties in a twist. The filthy media that feeds on the mindlessness of society makes horseshit matters a big deal and the world screams as if they were saying “Stop the madness!’ and they are, but nobody cares. We want the craziness to stop. We protest for this or that and write endless tirades of why GMO is bad or why transgender people can’t be considered women or men or human. We post memes in the name of goodness but that feed on the negative energy of the world.

You want the madness to stop? It’s simple really but it will turn your world around and leave you uncomfortable without shoes. You want the madness to stop? Ask yourself if you’re willing to walk away from the simplicity of the bullshit we’re fed each day. Well, are you? Can you do your part in the game of life?

There is a complicated but straightforward way we can stop the madness.


Speak with your wallet silly mongols.

We cry for the animals slaughtered by the millions and caged and injected with nastiness and tied to posts unable to move, but then we shop at the local grocery and eat their meat. Laughing and singing and sharing stories of life while we’re hypocritical of our beliefs. Why do we act so stupid?

We rail against GMO and Trump and then we vote with our wallets as we buy genetically modified foods and don’t show up on voting day. We’re tired of the corporations controlling America and the media and yet we shop through those corporations like drones, zombies, children unable to logically think.

When will the madness stop?

It’ll stop when we vote with our dollars and stop supporting the human industrial madness we sheepishly bought into. It’ll stop when we go back to the drawing board for a more simplistic lifestyle and let our ego desire for materialism subside into the darkness that pollutes our beautiful country.

The problem is, you won’t do your part. I don’t do my part. Why should we? It’s easy to act in line with the rest of the crowd. It’s easy to fill our bellies with bullshit. It’s easy to put on the mask of the sheep and not the mask of our authentic being.

It’s hard to actually stop the madness once it’s injected straight into the veins of the ego. Like the strongest dose of pure Afghan heroin it fills your blood with convenience and laziness and a lack of critical thinking. The addiction is born and it’s running wild like boxcar hobos. The pure ecstasy of turning a blind eye on the truth is powerful. It’s strong enough to run the machine into the ground and leave nothing behind.

When will the madness stop?

It’ll stop when we realize how insane we really are.

The New World Disorder

Society today is far from our intended nature. Through the vast array of goods and services in the sea of materialism you can notice the drones of life. For many, this type of conversation does not sit well with them. Those who are unaware and not yet awake will read this and blow it off as “woo-woo” talk. But the fact remains that we are not operating at our truest form. Today, in our society, we’re distracted from the realness that connects us all together in one universal mind.

Our focus is not on the quality of our life but on the quantity of what we possess. Many people sacrifice health for things they do not need. Millions, me as well, are tied to silly mortgages that rob us and force us to be in debt for thirty to fifty years. Having to afford this home or the cars or the insurance to protect our assets, we must stay tied to jobs in one place, often jobs we hate. Our natural instincts are suppressed and judged. Our words are offensive to others and our governments are keeping us in the rat race.

The food supply in the world is far from what the natural order of life once gave us. The animals we eat are sick and diseased while they’re fatten to create more. The plants we consume are drowned in pesticides and our water supply is poisoned. But still, we go on marching forward as if it’s all hunky-dory.

We’re drones. Robots. Zombies.

Mindless and distracted pawns to the game of the corporate world. The sad thing is, we know this but we still stay stuck in the unaware zone of consciousness. Instead of creating peace, a society that can provide abundance to all, harmony everywhere, and sustain us organically- we kill and kill some more.

Our forests are destroyed for profit and replanted for more profit. Our water poisoned because of carelessness and turning our attention elsewhere. Our bodies are toxic wastelands of fast food and other junk. I heard an analogy today that shows how fucked up we are. In the medical world and in medical school, doctors look at a person as a tree. When the tree has leaves that are brown and wilting the doctor gives it a pill. If the leaves turn green and look healthy, great. If the leaves stay brown and the pill does nothing, they cut off the branch. Instead of looking through the tree, the trunk, the soil for a cause to what is happening, they cut off the problem and move along.

We take this. We accept this. We go about our lives like this is the right thing.

When someone stands up and speaks against the system and says they have a better way, we’re told to ignore them because their ideas are not supported by the “medical community”.

Change needs to happen and there is only one way it ever will. We all do our part.

It’s time to do your part.

Do Your Part

In search of truth my life has extended far beyond expectations. There’s much to learn and little time to learn it. Over the past year I’ve expanded my consciousness through critical thinking, books of all sorts, podcasts, videos and more. In search of truth I realize how much we’re lied to and how much is hidden. Many of us are distracted. Phones, televisions, social media and more cloud our minds and distract our lives away from real matters that are blanketed by useless and mindless memes, shows, and antics. There is a large number of people who fight on social media over political issues, being offended, police matters, and more. We hide behind the screen and characters on the digital keyboard. Often I see people scream for change and beg for mercy. The change that matters is the change you make of yourself. In order for progress to be seen and changes to be made, action from each individual human being on Earth is needed.

Take action daily on the real matters in your life.

Listen to what’s being said within.

Eat well. Eat for a quality life. Eat mindfully. Eat with the intention of consuming your fair share. Overeating is wasteful and robs other people of their share.

Move your body. Release the animal within and do something that exerts physical energy. Don’t wither away from non-movement.

Take time out of your day to appreciate all you have and forget about what you don’t have.

Share your story. Share your opinion. But make it meaningful.

Give your knowledge to those who are willing to learn or those who might need direction.

Spread the love that flows through you and don’t ignore it. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and without it, you wouldn’t exist.

Scale down your need for things. Be mindful of the resources you’re consuming through food, clothing, fuel, and more.

Do your part.


How To Overcome Barriers and Get Where You Want To Go

Starting a business is no easy task. In fact, it’s often viewed as so difficult and risky that millions and millions of people never attempt to create their own. They view the risk as not worth it or the barriers and roadblocks to be too much for them to handle. The idea of roadblocks and barriers preventing you from achieving a goal or getting a new job or becoming a parent is often strong enough to never allow for you to get where you want to go. Many people in my experience as a personal trainer and coach fail to achieve their goals of losing weight because they view the barriers are unconquerable. This is not true. Each of us has the power and ability to overcome obstacles and any self-created barriers.

When I first became a personal trainer I did so without any help from a mentor, a coach, a family member, and relied only on my mind and vision. I studied by myself and never attended lectures, seminars, events, or any schooling whatsoever. When I decided to start my own business I did so with no help from a coach, a mentor, a family member, and relied only on my mind and vision. There was a lot of hard work involved and it was extremely stressful and frustrating trying to teach myself something I knew nothing about. The only thing I knew how to do was a push-up. The obstacles and roadblocks fell out of the sky every day and around every corner I turned. I’m not sure where the strength or ability came from to launch myself forward, but it showed up.

Here are a few simple tips I can share with you on how to overcome barriers and get where you want to go. Whether it’s losing weight, writing a book, building a business, getting a new job, or finding the love of your life, these tips will help you see that you are capable and strong enough to achieve your greatness.

1. Set A Plan

Without having a plan, you’re planning to fail. That statement has been used over and over and for great reason, it’s true. Having a plan is like having instructions to put together furniture you buy that comes in a box. Without the instructions, you’d probably shoot the cat. When you start a journey (getting a new job, losing weight, etc.) make sure the first step is sitting down to write a plan of action. It’s easy to say something like this is silly or a waste of time, but it’s your most valuable resource. A contractor doesn’t begin construction of a new house with plans from an architect. You must follow suit.

2. Start Slow

As I became a certified trainer and decided to start a business for myself without any experience I knew I had to start slow. The first thing I did was offered my services for free. It was the only way an unexperienced trainer would ever get his feet wet without going through an employer. I went over six weeks with training people for free. After that, I was charging $5 for classes I held only two days a week at 7pm, out on my driveway. This went on for several months before I subleased space in a gym where I would stay for over ten months before having my own facility. Starting slow helped me fail and fail without much risk and helped me learn so much about training and business. Don’t jump to Z when you have the whole alphabet to go through. Take it one letter at a time.

3. Focus On One Thing

As I was growing my business my ADHD mind was wandering off in a million directions. I wanted to be a writer, open a float center, be a life coach, a business mentor, a public speaker, and I had too many irons in the fire. I was distracted from the one thing that could help me the most and the people who I could help the most. I failed because of this and had to climb my way out of the hole again, but it taught me a very important lesson. One thing at a time with complete focus and the success will come. If you’re trying to lose weight, focus on one nutrition plan and one workout program. Follow those two key ingredients with laser focus and the barriers and roadblocks will shrink.

4. Have A Strong Belief In Yourself

This goes without saying but for far too many people it’s one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. There a hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people on Earth who do not believe in themselves. When I began my journey to become a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, a journey I recently started that may take me twenty years, I didn’t have a strong belief in myself. What went through my mind did not align to my goal. I believed I would be awkward at the martial art and fail to live up to my goal. I thought I would quit when it got tougher. I knew this was a false belief coming from the ego trying to keep me from growing as a person and spiritually. Now, I am in love with the martial art and find great joy out of going to class, getting beat up, and I leave each class feeling alive and in control. Believing in yourself is a backbone to success in any journey you embrace. The positive attitude and thinking that comes from believing in your ability can cut through any roadblock or obstacle. Even if you sincerely feel like you can’t do something, find a small way to spark a belief that it is possible. You will ignite a massive fire within and cruise through your barriers.

These four tips are sure to help you begin the journey to overcoming whatever obstacles and barriers you are facing right here and right now. They will help you take the action you know you must take to take you where you want to go. If you’re struggling to lose weight but find yourself eating foods you know you must avoid to see results, look over the four tips for something that can help you overcome that barrier. If you’re struggling at home with family, look over the four tips and see if there is something there can can guide you through the barrier and into a newer activated world. In the coming weeks I will share more tips for overcoming barriers and how to use them to get where you want to go.

In the meantime, check out my new book on Amazon: Your Life Activated: The Journey to Living Your Best Life

Stay At Home Dad (Or Mom) Workouts

The past several months have been the hardest days of my life. Even harder than when I was homeless, jobless, and broke. I’ve been staying home with my kids between classes at the gym and they have pushed me further through self-improvement than any book or program could ever do. I’ve learned how be patient, how to get shit done FAST, how to manage time, how to hustle harder, and how to be a good parent. They also taught me love, kindness, fun, and they bring me great happiness.

One challenge during the time home with them is exhaustion. It sucks, but you grow from it.

Another challenge is being exhausted and getting a workout done. This has been tough and there have been days where I said no way and skipped my workouts, but I’ve found a way to get a great session in, in about 15 or 20 minutes, feel good, and feel accomplished- without skipping the workout.

I found that during their naps is a great time to get it done, or when getting to my mid-morning training session a few minutes early. A couple fruit snacks, a cup of milk, and a pack and play later and the workout gets done.

Here are a few workouts I’ve done in the past few months that have helped me feel better, lose some weight, get stronger, and more.

With Two Kettlebells:

8 swings
8 clean/squat/press combo
8 double bent rows

15 minutes.

With A Pull-Up Bar and A Kettlebell:

5 pull ups
10 swings
10 squats
10 push ups

15-20 minutes

Substitute pull ups with body rows, renegade rows, 1 arm rows, or band assisted pull ups.

A Simple Do Anywhere Bodyweight Workout:

Push ups

No equipment needed.

Start at 1 rep each and add 1 rep each set until you do 10 reps of each last set.

If you’re nuts, work back down to 1.

About 10-15 minutes to go up from 1 to 10.

The Pat Flynn 15-5-2-2-1 Workout:

15 two hand swings
5 goblet squats
2 presses right & left side
1 push up 15 seconds down 15 seconds up.

15 minutes!

Ab Wheel/Pull-Up Bar/Kettlebell Workout:

5 Ab Wheel Rollouts
5 pull ups
5 dips
10 swings
10 squats
10 push ups

20 minutes

If you don’t have an ab wheel, do sit-ups for 10 reps or Plank for 30-60 seconds.
No Pull-Up Bar, just do 5 burpees.
For the dips, if not dip bar, get a chair.
No Kettlebell? Substitute it for Lunges 10 each leg.


So there you go. Quick workouts that get the job done.

Being a stay at home parent doesn’t mean you can’t get in a good workout. A simple circuit like these done at home or at a gym are a great way to get in shape and feel good…. And release steam from the craziness that is raising children!!

My Journey To A Peaceful Warrior Continues

A couple of years ago I read The Way of The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. It’s an excellent book and since that time I have read nearly every book he has put out. Everyday Enlightenment was great and The Journey of Socrates was brilliant. Since I heard the term peaceful warrior, I have been slowly working on increasing my energy and improving my mind through focused action, writing, exercise, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

At times I forget that I am more powerful than my actions of the moment and fall into a trap of negativity or doubtfulness. It hasn’t been an easy ride and there has been resistance towards me improving. They say when we’re at a point of evolutionary growth that life can throw curve balls and make it seem like we’re in trouble or having hard times. It’s here that we must drop our shoulder and lean into the resistance. This is where our growth occurs.

To me, the term peaceful warrior stands for a man or woman who lives in their own terms. Someone who withdrawals themselves from the idle ways of the majority of society. Someone who grows professionally, personally, and spiritually. A peaceful warrior listens to those around them but still makes his own decisions. A peaceful warrior removes themselves from the “tick-tock” of the nine to five working world and above materialism, practicing minimalism and exercise, quality nutrition as well.

My journey continues and it has it’s hiccups but each day I move further and further down the path into the light and power of a peaceful warrior.

How Little Wins Bring Big Results

Savoring the little wins in life and enjoying the little things can add up to a happy and successful life. So often we’re consumed with the big goal at the end of the tunnel we fail to see the small steps we’re making that are bringing us closer. When we don’t enjoy those small steps and little wins, what is the point? Why waste your life and time going through the motions if those little wins are passed by and not appreciated?

The small victories we have every day help make us into the stronger person we try so hard to become. The other day I successfully managed to give my son his medication when he needed it and kept his fever down while my wife was not home. Pretty easy of a thing to do, but for me, it’s a little win in being a good father. It eased my wife’s stress and comforted my son. Simple and small accomplishments like this add up. If you were to jump 15 years into the future and look back at the small things you’ve done, you’d see how they all played a major role in getting you where you wanted to go.

Nine or so years ago I was homeless and a loser. I didn’t quit though and I managed to work very hard at all of the small steps to get to a position where I’m finally comfortable with my life. It hasn’t been easy and the mental and emotional toll it’s taken far outweighs that of the physical effort needed to build a new life. Every day though I set a goal to have one win. That one win, repeated daily, would be the foundation I built to accomplish the things I have.

I haven’t spent much time writing lately. My mind was occupied elsewhere and my limiting beliefs made me believe it was too hard to write while juggling everything I have been. I decided to set a goal for one little win everyday regarding writing. One hundred and fifty words.

Set yourself up for massive success and great results by setting a goal to have one little win a day. Before you know each day will be filled with little wins. But by trying for one, you reduce stress and anxiety and break down giant tasks into simple steps.