Why We All Need Relaxation Therapy


On my ideal day off there would be several relaxation based therapeutic moments. First, I’d go workout to get some energy blown off and set the tone for having a positive and uplifting day. Then I’d go to a floatation center and do a ninety minute float, maybe even two hours or more. After my float therapy was complete, I’d get some coffee and¬†write in my book or a blog post. After I came to an end of my writing energy, I’d go visit Bonnie at Healing Energy to clear and open my chakras and fully release my vibrant positive energy. I’d finish my day out with a movie and head home to read.

It seems like a boring day for many people, especially extroverts who love being around other people, but as an introvert this is my ideal day off and alone time. There is a lot of power in the schedule I just mentioned. There is a lot of energy increasing and relaxing moments and this is something we all need more of. How often do we truly kick our feet up and relax? It’s not often that we take a day to be alone and rejuvenate. If you ask many people, they’d say they don’t need it and floating or healing touch may sound stupid to them. However, relaxation Therapy is a must.

We’re often overwhelmed with work and different tasks. We are made up of energy and we give and take energy from everything around us all the time. An overworked father of three who commutes several hours each day is killing himself with stress and unhealthy practices. A stay at home mom of two who doesn’t work out, doesn’t get to shower, doesn’t get to leave to see other people, doesn’t get alone time, and is constantly being sucked of her energy is also slowly killing herself with stress and unhealthy practices.

The body is like a gas tank of energy. You only store so much fuel. I’m not talking about fuel from food and exercise that helps the blood pump and the body operate. I’m talking about energy.

Bonnie the other day told me that my kids have their etherical umbilical cords attached to me and my wife all the time. They are consistently draining us of our vital energy and without replenishing it, we don’t operate at our best self. The same goes for the members of my gym, or anyone’s clients or employees. They are attaching to your outlet of energy and borrowing it. If you’re a manager or a CEO or a daycare employee or a very busy consultant you are being sucked of your energy much more than other people, but we’re all giving and taking. The problem comes when there is nothing left to take or give.

This is where relaxation therapy comes in. As I am a big fan of what many people would call “woo-woo” practices, I understand the importance of floatation, healing touch, meditation, and bioenergetic release. My relaxation therapy is few and far between but when I do set the time aside, I’m much better emotionally, mentally, and feel better physically.

In order to fill your fuel tank with energy that is vital to living your best life you must set time aside for relaxation therapy. Especially introverted people. Most introverted people refuel their body with energy by staying home instead of going to the party. They might sit down and read a book or take a nap or just go for a walk alone without interacting with anybody. This is an excellent way to reclaim your lost energy but, relaxation therapeutic practices can fill you with much more positive and vibrant energy.

Meditation is the easiest relaxation therapy practice you can do. It’s essentially free and you can do it anywhere. If you don’t have time or money to visit a float center, a healing touch location, or other energy increasing practices, then meditation is something you should do. Even if it’s for a minute or two. The more time you have to sit quietly and meditate the better, but if you’re swamped with time, a minute can make a positive change in how you feel.

Relaxation therapy is often seen as behavioral therapy to combat stress and fatigue, but it goes beyond the physical. We are energetic beings and just like a light bulb, we can dim over time and lose our vibrant energy. Many people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, and chronic fatigue would benefit greatly from relaxing and not just by themselves but with a trainer or therapist or other person. Staying home alone to regroup is good but if you have underlying problems, I highly suggest seeing a professional.

I often see posts written about the importance of relaxing. If you want to be successful, they say relax. If you want to achieve greatness, they say relax. If you want to feel better and get stronger or lose weight, they say relax. But how often do we listen to this advice and intentionally DO something about it? Our scope of relaxation is the couch, beer, and the television or a book. That’s good but we must actively seek other ways to relax and refuel our energy.

My personal favorites, as mentioned, are meditation, floatation, and healing touch. QiGong, Tai Chi, Anger Release Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Yoga, Exercise, Walking In Nature, and Direct Writing are other methods of relaxation therapy. For more information on how to relax or other thoughts about helping you live your best life, fill out the form below.