Thoughts on Filling The Void in Your Life


The wiser I get through knowledge, action, failure, and success, and experience, the more I begin to see how foolish some people are in their way of life, their vision of reality. I’m included in those people. Life is strange and the way we live is even stranger. Working, waking up at four in the morning, consuming more food than we need, more gas than we need, shelter too big for what’s needed, resources, and materialistic garbage is not for me. I realized very early in my business that I don’t want to be a fancy materialism based facility. I don’t, and you don’t, need towels, water fountains, showers, fancy art work, hardwood floors, and shiny objects when what you are coming for is a workout. The point of coming to the gym is to train and anything beyond the essential tools is pointless. The same goes with my life. I have way too much shit right now and getting rid of it is a big priority. I don’t need it, I don’t want it. It’s useless. What I need in my home is love, companionship, happiness, and fun. Beyond the basic needs of food and water, there is nothing more that I need. Filling it with useless material junk is a waste of energy, money, and space.

A Zen Buddhist quote says “To seek is to suffer. To seek nothing is Bliss.”  The seeking of things beyond essential needs is an ego related matter and often times we fill it because of a lack of knowing who we are within or to fill a void we feel is left by something beyond our own self. Men around the world seek to fill pieces of their self through cars, cigars, homes, boats, electronics, and drugs. Women around the world seek to fill pieces of their self through shoes, make-up, boob jobs, and more. Often times when we seek something, say through a possession, we find that the void in our lives we wish to fill is still empty. That is because things that money buy can’t fill your heart and soul with what you really desire. What you really desire is purpose, truth, and love. Some times people who were never loved as a child, told they are beautiful or enough, have lives in which they obsess about a particular thing, like sex, money, a perfect body, drugs, cars, music shows, and more. They want to fill the whole in their heart. Sadly they don’t realize or understand that the whole in their heart needs to be filled from within first and by giving fully of who they truly are.

Buddha once said “Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace.” Look at that through action instead of word. Better than a thousand hollow actions is one action that brings peace. That brings YOU peace. Often our actions are not aligned with our true self. Our actions can sometimes be cries for help. Drug addicts are crying for help. They have shame and embarrassment and often don’t know how to ask for help. There are times when the help they get isn’t what they need. A drug addict who is in deep emotional and mental pain will not be cured of their addiction through rehab and most talk therapy. They need to confront the pain within and find a way to accept it, own it, and become bigger than it. A hollow action (rehab) won’t end the suffering, but one look within to see the pain may. It is your actions that form your life.

If you don’t feel loved you can act by becoming promiscuous to fill the void of love, but often you’ll find that being promiscuous doesn’t do the trick. Instead of acting through sex, act through giving love to something else. Confront the demon of why you don’t feel loved and work at that point to make change. We can’t put gum in the cracks of our lives. You have to mend the cracks with both pieces and apply acceptance.

Accepting the pain of emptiness one might feel is a stepping stone to improvement and fulfillment. Rather than using things like a big home or alcohol to feel fulfilled, attack the feeling of not being fulfilled and accept it and then thank it and then work on filling it with self love. If we look close enough and wad through the deep mud of pain we will find enough self love to drastically change our lives. Objects can’t make you happy unless you accept that happiness is already a part of who you are. If you feel you need more money, fancy jobs, bigger houses, or longer vacations, the first place to look for those needs is going to be your mind and your heart. It’s hard to battle the feelings and thoughts that cause pain, loneliness, and emptiness but you’ll never live activated and in charge if you don’t sweat a little. You have the courage and the strength to hold your sword out front and defend and attack. Now act.


On Living Your Life With Honesty


Ask yourself this question: “Am I an honest person?”

If you’re like most people you answered yes. Now, ask yourself this question: “Am I honest with other people?”

You probably said yes and why wouldn’t you? Most of us are nice, caring, honest people. But there’s something that doesn’t sit right with me about saying we’re all honest people. Look around your life and see if there are some things that you notice that bother you and you fail to mention them. Why are we failing to mention those things?

For example, I know several people who are overweight. They drink hard almost every weekend. Some smoke. Some eat like children. I’m not an honest person. If I was, since I care about these people, I’d be honest with them. The truth is, I believe some of these people are going to die early preventable deaths. Why am I not speaking up for their well being and let them know I am concerned?

Sure, it’s none of my business, but the problem is- I’m afraid of being honest.

I’m not alone here either and it goes beyond what we see in other people.

In the gym I know how to get people results. I provide quality workouts for our members and give excellent, proven and tested, nutrition advice to them as well. There is absolutely no reason, besides not doing the work, that a member shouldn’t see results. What I hear from some is nothing but a legitimate lie. We’re ashamed of speaking the truth and embarrassed by failure and being vulnerable.

We have to get up and find the courage to admit the truth. When I see people talk about not knowing what to do to lose weight or why they’re not getting results, many times, they’re lying. They’re not being honest with themselves. A few questions can point that out quickly. What did you eat? What did you drink? When did you exercise?

Answering these questions truthfully and being vulnerable is the only way we’ll get results.

Living your life with honesty means that you do the work to ask yourself the hard questions, speak what’s on your mind, and never sugarcoat the situation.

Here are some quick questions to help you look within to see if you’re being honest with yourself. I’d take out a piece of paper and write the questions down and the answers. Nobody has to see this stuff. You can tear it out and burn it to the ground when you’re done, but the introspection of your life will help you with being honest and living your life honestly.

- Are you being true to the person inside?

- How much effort are you truly giving to your goals?

- Where is there room for improvement in my life and am I capable of doing it?

- Where am I lying to myself and others?

- Do the people you surround yourself with make you happy? If not, why are they still around? If so, do you tell them often?

- What self-destructive behaviors and habits do I have? How can I overcome them?

- What am I afraid of?

- Who am I angry at?

- Who made me feel sad, angry, and ashamed?

- Do I take my life seriously?

- What am I most passionate about?

- What would I do if I could do anything in the world? What’s stopping me?

- Am I willing to do the work needed to make that happened?

- Am I afraid of making decisions?

These questions are just a start. There are mountains of self-discovery questions you can ask yourself. The whole point is that to live an honest life, we must be honest with ourselves and have the discipline to stay honest and call ourselves out if needed. We must be ruthless and committed to the values we set, the words we talk, and the walk we walk. When we don’t live an honest life we release our power and the control over our own life. We let people walk over us and we allow things to happen that we’d never allow if we were honest. Remember, being honest takes fucking balls. It takes courage and it’s okay to be afraid and to cry and to feel pain. It’s a growing process and without going through it, we’ll stay right where we are.

6 Small Ways To Enjoying Life More

Everyday I read about, hear about, or see people who are not enjoying life. I should know. I can spot a person not enjoying life faster than anyone I know because I used to be one of those guys or gals. In fact, for the majority of my adult life I have not enjoyed it. There was a long time where I was depressed and angry and an even longer time where I was lost in a distant place, far from reality. My anger and depression made life miserable and I hated the best things life was giving me. Enjoying anything had to involve altered consciousness and carefully selected events.

Once I let go of all that was holding me back from enjoying life, things got better. People tell me all the time I look better than I used to. They tell me I seem happier and my attitude has changed. I’m telling you, I was a nasty motherf**ker for a long time. The road I traveled to get where I am now was not easy and it took a long time of self discovery and hard work to find out what was holding me back and how to move past it. This is a quick post I intended to help you see if anything is holding you back and how to let it go.

Remember the saying we all know “It’s the little things that count.”

Here are six small things you can do to enjoy life more:

1. Workout

Yes I own a gym and it’s my job to help people get in shape but here’s the deal; exercise is one of the best things we can do for a happy and more enjoyable life. When we exercise we feel better through a release of various chemicals and when we feel better, we enjoy life more. Our happiness increases and our body works more efficiently, giving us the energy to enjoy life.

What to do:

Exercise for 30 minutes a day. Some times longer. Lift weights, walk, run, do martial arts, go swimming. Move the body and sweat.

2. Read

I truly believe reading is the gateway to all that you want in your life. If you want a million dollars, where else are you going to learn how to earn a million dollars than a book? Aside from apprenticeship and interning or a mentor, reading helps you learn the important things you don’t know. Reading is also a great way to relax and work the imagination and mind out. Reading should never be looked at as boring or a waste of time. The places books or blogs or other articles will take is more vast than you can imagine.

What to do:

Grab a book and read! Set aside 30 minutes a day to read something. Bounce back and forth from fiction to non fiction to biography and more.

3. Find a Hobby

Starting Jiu Jitsu was one of the best things I did for my life in 2015. When I stepped aside from my desk job to focus on raising my children and building my gym I let go of more than work. I let go of being around other people and getting out of the house. Now my days are spent at the gym or at home with my kids. Getting out of the house into the Jiu Jitsu gym helps me unwind my mind and refresh my body. Having a hobby gets us away from the distractions of work, bills, and routine schedules.

What to do:

Find a hobby that you spend a few hours a week doing. A hobby where you can drop what you’re doing and let the mind go into a world of something that soothes the soul and relaxes the body, something that gets you out of routine.

4. Recognize the ego and work with it

When I was unhappy and angry I was letting my ego do the talking. There were ways I wanted things to happen my way and my stress levels went full tilt. My mind was exhausted and I became very ego driven for success and materialistic pleasures. Even when I was working on my spiritual side of things, I couldn’t shake the ego. I wanted to meditate because I wanted XYZ.. instead of meditating to just meditate. My ego was seeking things my spirit didn’t want or need. It created internal conflict.

What to do:

Understand that we are all in a battle with our ego and our true divine self. The ego wants everything to be easy and hates the hard stuff like getting up early, adjusting your schedule on the fly, a flat tire, or being stuck in rush hour traffic. The true self sees these occurrences as life, as the path, the way through the ego and into enlightened ways. The obstacles we face in life can either piss us off and make us miserable or they can be used as stepping-stones into a more relaxed and enjoyable life. How you see life is how you experience life.

5. Write!

One of the biggest life changes happened to me when I started writing in a gratitude journal. My mind was wandering, I couldn’t focus, I was angry about life, people, things I had to do, and very likely severely depressed. There was no motivation to get up off my couch. I felt sucked into a black hole and a dark pit of despair. One day, taking the advice I heard on a podcast, I decided to start keeping a gratitude journal. Each day I would write down three things that I was grateful for. Some of those days it was the same thing over and over, but the process helped me see the little things and led me to enjoying more of life.

What to do:

Grab a notebook and start every morning with writing down three things you are grateful for in your life. Date the entry and that’s it. Repeat this process each day and watch closely to see how things begin to change leading you to a more enjoyable life.

6. Scale Down Your Shit

Want to buy a four hundred thousand dollar house? Maybe that house for two hundred grand will help you enjoy life more. Want to buy a new sixty thousand dollar SUV? Maybe the model that’s twenty grand less will help you live a more enjoyable life. Our finances are the most critical thing, besides the use of our mind for our own happiness, when it comes to enjoying life. The more we want that which we can’t afford, the harder we make it for ourselves. The more we spend, the more we buy, the shit that accumulates that we don’t need all has an energy draining effect on our lives. Most of our first world problems are created by the “never enough” society we live in, the keeping up with the Jones’s life. Scale down your shit, control the cash, and you will tackle the biggest elephant in the room of your enjoyable life.

What to do:

Look around and see what you have. Do you need it all? You might want it, and that’s cool, but if it’s crushing the grip of your financial situation- let it go. When buying big things like a house or a car, notice the ego and notice the true self. Slow down and really consider the purchase. Will it negatively affect your happiness and your ability to enjoy life? If so, it’s a no-brainer.

Summing it up..

When it comes down to it, enjoying life more starts inside your head. If you walk with a mindset of failure or one that is consumed of negativity, you’re going to have a tough time navigating the ups and downs of life. Our mindset is our reality. If you’re happy, feel and believe your happy, and believe and feel that life is good and that you enjoy it, then you will. That is what it comes right down to when we remove the fluff. Enjoy life more by using the mind as your greatest tool. Don’t let it hold you back or stop you from living your life activated. You are strong enough and smart enough to live your best life.

Handling The Truth

Just the other day I came across a new podcast, well new to me, called ReWild Yourself by Daniel Vitalis. I’ve only listened to two episodes, For Adults Only and The Well F**ked Woman, but it is already a new favorite. I assume the podcast is about “rewilding” ourselves through our human instinctual nature. The Well F**ked Woman episode with Kim Anami was mind expanding and a trigger to download other episodes.

However, this post has to do about the episode titled For Adults Only which I believe is number sixty six or so. The episode was about the children us adults really are. He discussed topics like diet and how we are childish in our thoughts about nutrition and more specifically defecation. The episodes went over eight of what he calls Taboos.Violence, Drugs, Being Naked, Sex, Money, Death and God.

One thing he didn’t touch on too much, I guess because it’s not really a taboo, is Truth and how we can’t tell it. How much longer are we going to fucking lie to ourselves? How many of you know people who avoid the truth? I do, and I do avoid the truth in certain areas because I am conditioned, like most of us, to avoid telling the truth and being “politically correct”.

I wrote a post a few months ago about not being able to tell the truth to even your best friend. The example I used is seen everywhere. Say you have a friend who is seventy or more pounds overweight. They excessively drink, hardly sleep, and eat like crap. The truth is, they’re purposefully and consciously killing themselves. As their friend, we accept this because we don’t want to cross enemy territory.

We watch our friend or friends slowly kill themselves through alcohol and food and we don’t say anything. We can’t handle the truth. We can’t handle telling others the truth. What’s the difference between an obese person having an excessive eating disorder thereby altering their consciousness and a drug addicted person altering their own consciousness through drugs? Nothing. But don’t say that because you might upset someone. Why? They can’t handle the truth.

Today as a society, we can’t handle learning, hearing, seeing, or believing the truth. Why are so many conspiracy theorists brushed off as whack jobs? They can be so out there but they also might be on to something, but the truth is something we consciously choose not to hear.

Christianity has buried the brutal truth of their history. Gay men and women hide in the closet because people closest to them can’t handle hearing news they don’t want to hear. An overweight person feels judged and put down when they read a diet or exercise advertisement because the truth they try to hide hurts so bad.

You want change in life?

Start by accepting the truth and do those around you a favor… don’t hide it.

How To Talk Yourself Into Happiness

What goes through the minds of those who are the most unhappy people we know? Personally, we’ll never exactly know but one thing they most likely dwell on is how unhappy they are. The inner talk, that mostly originates through the ego, focuses on their perceived lack of happiness. Their mindset is caught in a negative slump and the recurring script is nothing productive or useful for a happy life.

You hear them say “Why can’t I just be happy?” “I’m starting to think I don’t deserve happiness.” “If only I had ____, I’d be happier.”

This inner dialogue, and sometimes it comes out to loved ones, friends, or co-workers, is manifesting all their misery and bringing to them further away from seeing their happiness which sits within. When we say things like “I’d be happy if I had___ or didn’t have to___.” you are pushing yourself into sadness and creating the mindset that believes you NEED something to be happy.

You don’t need anything to be happy except the belief that you already are. I used to have my doubts about my happiness. I was very angry for a long time and never happy or satisfied. I always looked at external circumstances as to the cause of my pain. The truth is, I wasn’t focusing on the truth. Inside, I am happy.

Here’s how you can begin to talk yourself into seeing the happiness we all live with.

- Stop yourself from using weak comments like “I’ll be happy when my boss gives me a raise.”

- Use affirmations that bring you into the realm of seeing your happiness. Such affirmations include phrases like this: “I am a happy person.” “My happiness fills my heart with joy.” “I see my happiness for what it truly is.” This might sound corny, but it beats the hell out of knocking yourself down and swimming in crap like the statements above throughout this post.

- Don’t look for materialistic items to make you happy. I bought a wrangler when I was unhappy. I thought it would bring me great joy and happiness. Now I’m stuck paying for it.

- Spend time alone by yourself and meditate on what a happy life looks to you.

- Be a little selfish with your time. If helping your neighbor is going to cut into your time alone or working the extra overtime takes away time with something you really want to do, say no. It’s not going to kill you to say no.

- Stop believing money will make you happy. Money can definitely bring you to better situations but true happiness can’t be bought.

Understand this one thing- you can be happy. You’re body is filled with unbelievable happiness. See it, accept it, believe it.

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The Monkey on Your Back

I have a blood sucking vampie  turd nugget of a monkey on my back. He’s bringing back past emotions and feelings in a situation I dealt with and he’s crushing everything about me. Some days I can’t think straight. Other days I don’t want to work, workout, eat, be with my family, and I had enough. I wrote about destroying the monkey on your back in my facebook group Your Life Activated  this morning and thought I’d share some of it here.

The monkey on my back is suffocating my happiness and fighting to steal my attention and crush my spirits. It’s been a few months of back and forth battles for attention and the monkey was winning. Today, I woke up and decided to grab that little fucker by the throat and chuck him across the room. He’s taken up too much real estate and too much of my valuable time that I can’t let him fuck with me anymore. This morning, I launched the monkey on back straight into the wall and felt a relief. I decided to not let those emotions and feelings affect me anymore.

It wasn’t long until he came back. He jumped right up and impregnated my mind with past events that I can’t control or change and tried to mess me up again. I can tell it’s going to be a mission to remove the monkey from my life for good, but at least I’m conscious of this and working to move on.

The monkey on your back is a problem you can’t get over, a burden you carry around with you, or emotions and feelings that occupy your attention. The thought of whatever the issue is can easily control your life if you allow it and I have been falling into that trap. The only way to move beyond this is by recognizing it and destroying the monkey on your back. Forgive yourself for anything related to the issue. If others are involved, forgive them as well. See the thoughts and feelings as a physical monkey on your back and choke that bastard and toss him across the room. Claim your power and let it know it won’t control your life any longer. Easier said than done but each time you experience those thoughts or feelings, repeat the step until you’ve conditioned yourself of not allowing it to capture your attention.

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How to Activate Your Life Everyday in Only 5 Minutes

After reading the books Power vs Force and Letting Go by the late author David Hawkins, I realize that most of society is trapped in their lives because they dwell in fear, anger, desire, and apathy. It’s said that some eighty-five percent of the population is living with these negative emotions, and allowing them to control their destiny. Many people believe they are empty inside and search for things outside of themselves for answers, comfort, happiness, and meaning. When we are filled with fear or desire or apathy, we’re weak. Our muscle strength is compromised, we suppress feelings and anger, turn to drugs, avoidance, reclusive tendencies, manifest diseases, and feel as if the world is too much for us to handle. This is absolutely not the way we should be operating, and there are many things we can do to change these feelings and activate our lives. But for right now, here’s a simple five minute exercise you can do everyday to help activate your life.

I do this every morning. When you do it can be up to you. I find it best to do this each morning as I’m usually the first one up in my household and there is not much noise. It’s also a great way for us to direct our thoughts. Most of the time, for most of us, when we wake up our minds ignite and many thoughts purge our body and senses. We think about work, the gym, our food, our kids, our crazy schedule, if we’ll have free time to do what we want, does the car need gas… and more. Doing this first thing in the morning, before your mind speeds up, is best to help direct all of these thoughts and emotions. At night, right before you go to sleep, is another good time. You can even do this twice a day, morning and night.

Find a quiet place to sit down. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing. Start this exercise by counting four seconds of inhaling, four seconds of holding your breath, four seconds of exhaling, and four seconds of holding again. Do this for a few rounds. Three rounds should be plenty.

Now, begin to direct your thoughts to something you want to achieve in life. Maybe you want to quit your job or buy a new home or get out of debt. Maybe you want a raise or your depression to go away. Focus your attention on the positive outcome that you choose. It’s easy here for people to stop this exercise right when they get to this point because they don’t believe it’s possible. Several years ago I used this technique when I had no idea of the power or the ability behind it. I was unaware of laws of attraction and positive thinking. I began to visualize myself meeting a wonderful woman who would help me become a stronger man and share with me the love I wanted to experience. Within a few weeks, I met my wife.

Spend a few minutes with your eyes closed visualizing what it is you want to achieve or acquire. Things such as happiness or peace or motivation are already within you. Spending time focusing on being a happier person will help you realize this. If you want to improve your attitude towards work, family, fitness, finances, religion, you can focus your attention on visualizing what that improvement will do for you.

As you visualize your moments set the intentions to do the work that needs to be done to make it a reality. If you’re feeling stuck in poverty or debt or feel the government is your enemy and holding you down, look for ways to rise above that. You might believe you don’t have the energy to do so, but when you intend to make it happen, you will amaze yourself.

While meditation is generally looked at as escaping or avoiding thought, it’s very hard for most of us to eliminate thought entirely from our minds. This exercise is a form of meditation, visualization, and you use the quietness of your mind to think productive thoughts. How many of us go through our days without stopping to think for five minutes? This simple five minute exercise holds great power on improving your life and activating it so that you can live the best version of who you are.

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Thoughts On The Unconscious Society

I’m tired of seeing and hearing the negative media on-line and around my life. I’m tired of people blaming other people for their circumstances. I’m tired of people putting their noses in business that just isn’t any of their business. I’m tired of political propaganda influencing media propaganda and feeding in into the ignorance and uneducated masses of society. I’m tired of the government creating petty laws designed to dumb us down, control our finances, and create riffs in society. It’s childish, petty, and unconscious. In fact, most of us are unconscious to the truth of our lives. We sit here with our faces glued to computers and iPhones and become distracted from the real goodness around our lives. We fail to connect with the power of nature. We fail to see the beauty of love and connection with each other. We fight each other because we unconscious of the truth within. We’re afraid to look at our inner self because we’re afraid of changing. Seeing the truth within our hearts and minds is scary and many choose to ignore the power. We create lies about ourselves and the world around us because standing up to and fighting for the truth is hard work. To admit to yourself that you’re lazy and that you have no direction in life is not easy. We don’t want to criticize ourselves because we’re afraid of dealing with the emotions that truth will stir inside.

I’m tired of seeing blame pointed in every direction. We have lost our way. There are not many real leaders in this world showing us the way to our true self and proper life. Many are fed by the corporate egos and money streams to promote propaganda and spread lies. Our politicians are all lost for the right cause of humanity. The majority of society is held down by a lack of consciousness and misery loves company. We accept poverty and welfare like it’s a human right. We’re born to be agile and strong. Motivated and prosperous. We’re born to use our minds and bodies and experience our happiness. We’re not born to be slaves to the unconscious levels of our communities, states, or countries. We’re born to realize our power and find our true worth.

We can’t keep accepting the unacceptable. We can’t keep denying the truth and covering it with muddy lies. We must release our grief and emotions and be comfortable with knowing we are human. No longer can we say it’s weak to cry for help. We all need help. We have to accept the cycle and circle of life and stop allowing fear to mark our complacency.

Our future is created by our thoughts. If you want to be strong, self sufficient, in charge of your destiny, and brave enough to make changes, then just do it. Fox News or CNN won’t tell you it’s okay. Stop allowing distractions to create roadblocks of your realness and walk tall in faith that you are strong enough to lead your life the way you want it led. Don’t buy into forced propaganda and use your mind to find the truth. Think about the facts, question everything, and research the history of whatever captures your attention and stirs emotion.

The only way the world will change is if you change yourself. Awaken your mind and heart by searching for answers from within.

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The Realization of Happiness

I was searching for answers from every corner of the globe, every corner of the library, the furthest depths of the internet, and through hundreds of books. I wanted to know how to live my best life. How can I be happy for once in my life? I’ve never really experienced a lasting and deep happiness until a few months ago. Most recently I’ve found a greater peacefulness and happiness and my life has dramatically changed.

While I was searching for answers from the outstretches of the universe, the truth was in front of my face the entire time. It circulated through my blood, my body, my mind, and was there the whole time. The happiness I was looking for was never going to find me if I kept looking outside of myself. The truth is, my happiness is within. Our happiness is within.

Every book I bought, every seminar I attended, every youtube video I watched, and every podcast I listened to couldn’t bring me happiness. Not until the day I woke up and found it stirring inside. I rolled over in bed and saw my beautiful wife’s face. My daughter still sleeping in her pink and green room and my son cuddled with my wife in a cozy dream state. As I laid there watching my wife breathe peacefully and knowing my children were safe, I had an awakening. This simple little thing, my family here by my side, was enough to show me that I was happy. The whole time I spent wasting energy trying to become happy, I was already there.

For too long my mindset was perched in the abyss of destruction. My attitude was not always positive and my desires for external circumstances controlled my inner self. My ego inflated and demanded more and more. My sense of lack created cravings for money, beer, junk food, and fights with my family. I was preaching to help but not practicing the truth of my words. The tides have changed and I’m back to where my goodness comes from. Where my love and kindness for all things emits vibrations of joy and happiness. The journey is never a straight path and the obstacles are there, they will always be there, and they will test you. The best thing to do is remain strong and keep trying. The answers always come in the strangest ways.

My Life Changed Overnight and Here’s What I Learned

There’s nothing that can put life into perspective faster than an emergency situation. As we walk around our daily lives we consciously forget how fragile our lives are and how things can drastically change in the blink of an eye. One moment you’re enjoying smiles and fun and the next you’re in the ER scared to death. For all I have taken for granted, I am sorry. Stop time and feel your heart sink to the bottom of your stressed ocean and you will see the reality of this one life we get. Often we forget how delicate we are and how important it is to enjoy each moment. We bitch on Facebook about a white woman pretending she’s black while our kids are playing in the other room just waiting for Mommy or Daddy. We fight with our spouses or loved ones over miniscule matters when the big picture is pure love and beauty. We get caught up in fashion, NBA Finals, Instagram, Crossfit, and we forget about our dreams and the deeper reasons of why we matter and what we do daily life for.

There’s nothing that can change your life faster than thinking it’s about to be turned over, or having it turned over. Recently, I haven’t been the best husband or father and I regret every instance that I acted out of character or forgot the reality of what I’ve been given. Stop for a moment and look around at the very things you’ve attracted into your life and realize that those things can drift away faster then tomorrow comes.

Forget about the job or the asshole next door or the clothes left on the floor, the dishes in the sink, the careless accident that could have been prevented and focus on the truth of what really matters. You and I are all people who matter and what we’ve been given is beyond precious. Enjoy it and embrace it. Be grateful.