Handling The Truth

Just the other day I came across a new podcast, well new to me, called ReWild Yourself by Daniel Vitalis. I’ve only listened to two episodes, For Adults Only and The Well F**ked Woman, but it is already a new favorite. I assume the podcast is about “rewilding” ourselves through our human instinctual nature. The Well F**ked Woman episode with Kim Anami was mind expanding and a trigger to download other episodes.

However, this post has to do about the episode titled For Adults Only which I believe is number sixty six or so. The episode was about the children us adults really are. He discussed topics like diet and how we are childish in our thoughts about nutrition and more specifically defecation. The episodes went over eight of what he calls Taboos.Violence, Drugs, Being Naked, Sex, Money, Death and God.

One thing he didn’t touch on too much, I guess because it’s not really a taboo,¬†is Truth and how we can’t tell it. How much longer are we going to fucking lie to ourselves? How many of you know people who avoid the truth? I do, and I do avoid the truth in certain areas because I am conditioned, like most of us, to avoid telling the truth and being “politically correct”.

I wrote a post a few months ago about not being able to tell the truth to even your best friend. The example I used is seen everywhere. Say you have a friend who is seventy or more pounds overweight. They excessively drink, hardly sleep, and eat like crap. The truth is, they’re purposefully and consciously killing themselves. As their friend, we accept this because we don’t want to cross enemy territory.

We watch our friend or friends slowly kill themselves through alcohol and food and we don’t say anything. We can’t handle the truth. We can’t handle telling others the truth. What’s the difference between an obese person having an excessive eating disorder thereby altering their consciousness and a drug addicted person altering their own consciousness through drugs? Nothing. But don’t say that because you might upset someone. Why? They can’t handle the truth.

Today as a society, we can’t handle learning, hearing, seeing, or believing the truth. Why are so many conspiracy theorists brushed off as whack jobs? They can be so out there but they also might be on to something, but the truth is something we consciously choose not to hear.

Christianity has buried the brutal truth of their history. Gay men and women hide in the closet because people closest to them can’t handle hearing news they don’t want to hear. An overweight person feels judged and put down when they read a diet or exercise advertisement because the truth they try to hide hurts so bad.

You want change in life?

Start by accepting the truth and do those around you a favor… don’t hide it.

Thoughts on our Consciousness

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein¬†



The days I spent living on the streets or bouncing around from couch to couch were days that I believe my consciousness was at an all-time low. I mean, if I really spent the time to think about my problems and the life I was living, it would have been easy to recognize I was being a fool. The problem was, I was at a level of thinking and understanding that kept me at rock bottom, ignoring the signs of why I was walking the wrong path.

As I continue to study the human mind, society, and the way we act on various social media networks and media outlets, I can see that the biggest problem we face today is our level of consciousness. Most of us are stuck where I was during the homeless era of my life. We might have a car, a house, and a job with a decent outlook on life, but inside- in reality- we’re lying to ourselves about the world around us.

Every morning it’s not surprising for me when I scroll through the social news feeds and see people posted updates when they should have been sleeping. It’s also not surprising to see those posts and updates to be about something meaningless, out of their control, out of their level of understanding, and completely negative.

The reason it’s not surprising is because at one point of my life, I was there. I was that guy. That was my level of consciousness and understanding. Yesterday I wrote a post about how people feel money is the root of all evil and why it’s not. Years ago, I believed that was the truth. I hated and resented rich people and really believed money was the root of all evil in this world. The problem with that is, it’s not. Money is an object and not a root system of evil. Our perception and level of conscious understanding of money causes us to feel like it’s an evil thing. As I’ve been teaching myself about abundance, wealth, and many other areas of study, I come to see that my awareness and perception grows stronger and why that belief of money being evil is not good for our happiness and is completely related to a negative mindset.

It’s important for us to do the work it takes to expand our consciousness. We have to look deep within our hearts and minds and ask the hard questions. To ask if we really believe in the God our religion taught us about. To ask if we really believe we’re meant to be doctors or nurses. To ask if we really believe money is the root of all evil. We have to get uncomfortable and spend time alone to truly see what we believe and we have to take the time out of our busy schedules to read books about higher levels of consciousness. We also have to question everything we read, hear, and see. Will you just accept it as truth or does your gut tell you something different? One of the most important things you can do for yourself, your family, and for the good of society is to work on your evolution of consciousness.