Supplements I Started Taking and Why


In the last couple of months I have been pretty distant from everyone and everything. I’ve been trying to figure out this game called life and trying to figure out what was going on with me. I spent a lot of time researching different aspects of psychology, physiology, and much more. All of that work has led me to using a few new supplements I never tried before.

Before I get into them, here’s the problem. I am extremely tired.. all the time. You’d think that 3:30am or 4am wake ups are the cause of that, and it’s quite possibly the case, but even if I slept in or slept long and well, I am still tired.

I have trouble concentrating. 7 or 8 hours of sleep and a pot of coffee and I’d still have trouble concentrating on anything.

Reading is one of my favorite things to do.. two years ago I read over one hundred books in a single year. One fucking hundred. That’s like almost two books a week. That doesn’t include the books I listened to on iTunes or YouTube. But now, I can’t even read three sentences before I yell “Look a squirrel”

It’s quite depressing actually because reading is enjoyable and I learn a shit ton from it.. and learning is cooler than ice cold beer. Serious. Sorry.

Getting my ass moving in the gym was becoming an issue as well. I found myself skipping workouts or just riding the AirFan like a bum more than I did actually lifting weights and getting stronger..more fit. As a coach, a trainer, and a gym owner a man in my position can not afford to be made to look RIDICULOUS! #FredoYouBrokeMyHeart #JohnnyGetsThatPart

My joints also ached a ton and I had some big time back problems. I hurt my hip twice, my back twice, and my shoulder in the span of a few months. It all stemmed from moving like a slug and not being focused.

So, I had trouble concentrating, I couldn’t get my ass working out, and I was in pain.

I was also extremely irritable and angry. I think that’s just genetic but still, gotta try.

Recently I started taking five new supplements.

1. Tribulus Terrestris


3. Pregnenolone

4. Krill Oil

5. Lion’s Mane Mushrooms


1. Tribulus has effects of virility and vitality in the human body. Not to mention it helps the sir stand straighter. But the reason I take it is because it has an effect on the androgen receptor density in the brain. That’s kind of important for our hormones. Much of the research I did made me believe I was has dysfunction in my hormones somewhere.. and without taking a full on blood test, I’m not sure I’ll ever know. One thing for certain is that I feel more energetic.. it could be a placebo effect.

2 and 3. Researching what was going on in my life led me to the possibility of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. Symptoms of AFS? Mild depression, check. Low energy, check. Food allergies or sensitivities, check. Decreased ability to handle stress, HAHA check. Dry skin, check. Plus much more. So naturally doctor Google made the case of it being possible and I listened. I began looking into ways to overcome it and fell upon DHEA and Pregnenolone. Not to mention DHEA also came up in research for joint pain and aches. It helps lower inflammation in the body, aka joint pain and aches. DHEA helps mood swings, cognitive ability, and helps protect the brain. Pregnenolone boosts cognitive function. It improves learning ability and memory while also aiding in mood boosting and depression relief.

4. For the longest time, since I can remember, ever since I started working out I was supplementing with Fish Oil. After listening to quite a few podcasts and hearing recommendations from many trusted people, I began using Krill Oil instead. Krill Oil is a great source of healthy fats that help many functions of the body. It also is believed to be a great help in reducing joint pain and aches. It’s been said to help treat depression, protect against heart disease, and help prevent certain types of cancer.

Krill Oil has been said to be better than fish oil with less (like zero) side effects. You absorb the fatty acids better when taking Krill Oil versus Fish Oil and it’s said to be mercury free which is a problem in today’s world with all forms of fish.

I started using it to see if it helped with my joint pain. So far I can say that the little pain I did have has not been as much of a factor and some days I go through the whole day without noticing any pain. That’s a huge fucking win.. because pain sucks.

5. Reading.. or as I call it.. Nap time.. became a distant memory to me. I’d hardly get through a book. I’d be working on my emails and forget what I was doing or drift off to another place. Distracted and unable to concentrate. Then, I heard about Lion’s Mane Mushrooms and how it can help brain function, improve concentration, and memory. I immediately decided to give it a go. The first few days I was buzzing and literally felt the effects instantly. I was at a meeting and didn’t yawn once. Normally I’d be fighting to stay alert. My notes were always chicken scratch.. but those two days my notes where written in alien. Seriously, looking at the notes now I think “Did I actually write that way?” It was most definitely because of the Lion’s Mane. I literally felt the buzzing going through my whole.

I had a similar effect like that from Ciltep by Natural Stacks the first two days I took it. Ciltep is similar to Lion’s Mane.

Anyway, Lion’s Mane is also a powerful antioxidant and helps aid digestion. I took it because I wanted to see how it helped my concentration and focus and right away I knew and felt it was helping.

Much of the effects and results of these supplements can be related to the placebo effect and I’m currently only on week 3 of using them. There is a lot more trial and error to be done and a lot of research to continue. I will continue to update about the progress and results from said supplements. Do not take any of these supplements because of what I wrote, and always check with your doctor first. Due your own research and if what I said here is a crock of shit.. I’m sorry.. I just relate back what I learn from other people and experience.

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