Summer Air

Every summer the grass grows a little too fast for me to keep up with. When the weather gets nice and the rain comes in and the sun shines brightly, the grass explodes with life and joy as it tries to reach the ever so lovely and life giving sun. In the summer, the family has barbecues and fun times at the lake. An amazing place that is untouched by industrial worlds and lays tucked away from the man. Hidden beyond the mountains in a small town of Pennsylvania the lake is a relaxing place. It’s quiet and when you wake up in the morning, you can’t help but feel the peace and joy. The dew on the grass, the mist floating away fro the surface of the river, the echoes of early morning dog barks and the stillness of the trees. The smell of fresh air and the quiet feelings of a warm cup of coffee with a little hazelnut cream. At the lake in the summer, we drink. We fish. We throw parties and ride around in golf carts. It’s only once or twice and then, it’s gone, as quickly as it arrives. At home in the summer the bugs are out. The snakes sliver in and out of the steps and the bears may be seen here or there. The fox runs away, the deer munch on the grass, or trees, or vegetable gardens. The chickens across the way make violently loud noises at the crack of dawn and in New Jersey, the humidity sucks. A simple walk to the car and the sweat begins. The air conditioners are always going in the summer.

In the summer, life is bright, the days are long, and many who once came to the gym have stepped off to go to the beach or the lake or just the local park. The summer is fantastic and joyful. The trees are so green, the sky so blue, and the dogs bark and chase tennis balls.

Summer sometimes sucks too.

But for the most part, it’s great. The sun is hot, bright, and very far away. Baseball games are here for a few months before the fall sets again. The home run derby seems to be a summer classic for those who enjoy the pitching, hitting, and catching game. Baseball, the Yankees, the base hits, the A’s, Tampa Bay, Arizona, and everywhere you look. Games are played. Homers hit. Fun times with hot dogs and popcorn and twelve dollar beers.

A great part of summer are my favorite craft beers and their summer ales. An ice cold beer on a hot day soothes the soul. Nothing says I’m relaxing more than feet kicked up and a craft brew in hand. Don’t disturb me as I drink. With my book, the television on, the shades up, and an IPA that hits every taste bud just the way the brewmaster hoped.

Summer comes too quick and leaves too fast. But it’s the best part of the year. Everything is alive and people smile. although people bitch too much, summer brings out some joy. Fishing, NASCAR, poker games and more. Kids jumping off bridges at the local watering hole. Gathering a crowd, kids as young as five. Jump into the water, splash, swish, and let’s do it again. They can sit out there all day next to the Steel Mill and old homes. Passersby wave or honk and dare someone to do a flip.

Inside of everyone, summer lives every day. Summer breathes life into our blood and allows us to dream. Laying on the freshly cut grass staring at the Mountain Man shaped cloud. Nothing but the present moment, the beauty of nature, and the dreams inside. If that moment can be captured for all of time it would show the total joy of human kind. No stress, fresh air, and relaxation. Summer can be great if you allow the simple joys to float into your world. We often watch it fly by like a honeybee doing it’s natural service and wish for it’s safe return in a couple of months. Our fast paced world doesn’t let us enjoy the moment. But if you want to, and think about it, you can enjoy the simpleness of summer. Just stop. Sit down. Take a deep breath and exhale the dreams of your mind into the awesome nature of the universe and let it be. Imagine the unimaginable and smell the summerness around. Let it be and breath. Touch the soft grass and smile loudly.

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