Stupid Shit That Doesn’t Matter

It’s the thought of the day. The meaningless bullshit many of us are involved in. I call it stupid shit that doesn’t matter. You can see it on social media. Across all platforms. Everyday. Endless scrolls of bullshit that drains the mind, tires the eyes, and fogs the senses. We’re all caught up in it. Even if you don’t do social media, you’re caught up in it somewhere. Maybe you waste time thinking about the perfect front yard and manicured lilies and sunflowers and specks of lavender. Or maybe you insist you know Bigfoot is out there, hiding from the sight of human eyes. For millions of years we’ve been caught up in shit that doesn’t matter.

It’s hard to define what that is and what is actually stuff that matters. In my opinion, stuff that matters are things like the smile on your daughter’s face or the goofy glasses that make her look like a geeky nerd. Or the crazy jumping of your son who flaunts along like a jackrabbit. Things that matter are quiet moments in front of a fire or sitting with a few friends on a summer night talking about life, fishing, and good beer.

Technology is important but much of it is stupid shit that doesn’t matter. iPhones and Androids that distract us all. DVDs and online streams. The best streaming is out in the woods where the water is so perfect you can drink it from your hand and not violently explode with sickness the day after. Streams that start in the middle of the mountains from ice cold glacier springs.

Football and baseball and the NBA Finals are things that don’t matter to your life. They won’t bring true happiness unless you’re on the field enjoying a game with friends or enjoying the exercise of running down the fields or courts or across the diamond.

Brand new fancy cars and all of the super special packages that seem to be standard now don’t matter. A fifty thousand dollar truck or car or special utility vehicle is a waste of time, effort, and money. What does it matter if you travel in style when all that matters is if you arrive alive and at your destination on time.

Stupid shit that doesn’t matter is there to fill a void of inner knowing and inner peacefulness. We have become so involved in what is outside that we fail to realize or embrace that which is within. We race across the clock doing stupid shit that doesn’t matter instead of sitting around the table with family listening, talking, playing, and laughing.

Stop for a moment and take an inventory on all the stupid shit that doesn’t matter in your life and see what you have. See what you can get rid of. See what you waste countless hours involved in and what you neglect or fail to recognize. The mind doesn’t notice much but when you deliberately stop and seek, question, listen, and look you will see what’s been there the whole time.


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