Seeing In Others, Seeing Within

When we become inspired by greatness we’re usually motivated to do something more. Whether it’s more workouts, more work, more education, or something else. When we see greatness in other people we are noticing it because of the greatness within ourselves. Th e greatness traits we pick out of other people are the same traits we are all born with. If we see anger in someone else, we’re noticing the anger within as well. It’s said that when ¬†we criticize another person, what we’re criticizing is actually a fault we find in our own lives. The world acts as a mirror of our life. We notice what we want and what we feel we’re lacking. We notice the goodness within ourselves in others. It’s said that like attracts like. In the book Dark Side of The Light Chaser, author Debbie Ford writes about imagining we have outlets on our chest with no plastic covers. They’re open and waiting for something to plug into it. When we problems with anger or sadness or guilt, we plug into others energy who also have problems with anger, sadness, and guilt. To get beyond this, we have to recognize those problems and accept them until they are gone . When the issues are resolved, the people who once plugged into our anger outlets mysteriously leave your life or become less noticeable as they once were.

Next time you judge someone or criticize a person, stop and look within and see if that which you’re pointing out and condemning is actually something that you’re missing from your life. When you notice a positive trait in someone else, look within and see that which you see in others is also within yourself.

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