Put The F**king Cookie Down!


Over the past seven or eight years I have lost hundreds of pounds. They come on and they burn off. It’s a roller coaster ride. I easily put weight on and if I put a slight effort into it, I lose weight easily. I’m addicted to junk food and fight the cravings daily. My favorite being tortilla chips and salsa. I love Italian food, especially parmigiana foods. Trail mix is the one food I eat regularly that’s junk food but I tell myself it’s cool because there are nuts in it and raisins. Right. Junk food, period.

Before I started to get in shape I would eat all kinds of fast food everyday. Burger King, Wendy’s, Subs, and more. It got me to a point where I hated the way I looked and I knew I was unhealthy. I felt it. During the past few years as a strength coach and gym owner I can tell you that I haven’t been in the best shape of my life, yet. At the moment I’m feeling great. I’m leaner than I always used to be, I’m stronger and more endurance and I regularly work out. It wasn’t always that way.

A few years ago in the biggest growing stretch of my newly formed business, I was fat. People came to my gym to lose ten pounds in twenty one days as I said they probably could, and coach was a fat ass. Depression could have been a culprit but the blame goes right to one thing, myself. I chose to grab the fries, the milkshakes, the chips, and the shitty foods. Nobody made me eat it.

One day my buddy told me I should get my ass in gear and look the part. He was right.

Put the f**king cookie down, I said to myself.

I still enjoy crap food. I just finished a bag of Tostitos and had a nice burger last weekend. The difference comes from two things, one I eat better ninety percent of the time and two, I move more. I see many people struggle with their weight at the gym. They come, they train, and still they don’t get results.

It’s their nutrition. Simple as pie, but more involved than simply putting the f**king cookie down.

There is a lot of psychological issues and emotional attachments with food that most likely need to be addressed sitting across from a therapist, not a personal trainer. I know I have attachments with food. Mention Mom and I get excited about mashed potatoes and some of her great home cooked meals. Mention wrestling and I grab chips and salsa like I used to when I was a kid, watching Monday Night Raw and Nitro with my brother from another mother.

These attachments need to be fought and often the disturbance such battle creates in regards to mental and emotional well-being, can be hard and should be done in therapy.

But if you don’t have time for therapy and want to get help right now, just put down that f**king cookie and think about it before you eat it. I’ll often find myself grabbing a rice cake and the peanut butter jar, ready to slop a massive spoonful on the rice cake. I catch myself and remember the calories in the peanut butter and tell myself to stop being a little child. I used to scoop a huge spoonful of peanut butter out of the jar, press down the middle of the spoonful and pour hershey’s chocolate syrup in it. Amazing, but something a baby would do, not an adult.

If you know you have a problem with food, you need to address it and be mindful of it. You need to be ready to fight cravings, just like a drug addict trying to recover. It’s that hard and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But, once you win a few battles, you’ll be stronger mentally and make better decisions.

Next time you whine about not being able to lose weight, ask yourself how well you’re eating. Ask yourself where you are going wrong or what shortcuts you hope you can take. Look and see where you have hard times battling food and develop a plan to attack and win. Next time you go for that cookie, remember to put it f**king down and grab something healthier.

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