Playing It Safe

This life goes by way too fast. The days blow through with the wind and the morning comes again, this time- much faster. There comes a time when you wake up and realize that there aren’t many left. The thing is, we have to act like we really understand this fact. Because, we just don’t. Many of us talk of tomorrow, probably all of us, and the truth is- we don’t even know if that tomorrow is going to come.

Inside of our time restricted minds and the sand filled hour glass is our little fears of dying, messing up, the unknown, and even people. Each morning goes by, then the afternoon is eaten up with lunch, and then it’s onward to home, to rest, eat, and shower and do it all again the next day. Safely.

Playing it safe is the societal norm. We’re fed by scare tactics and poor negative based news that creates an overwhelming urgency to just hide. Quitting a job is impossible we say. Starting a business without a business plan and zero dollars is a crazy dream that can never happen to me. I don’t have the resources, it’s not my time, I have no idea how, the world is against me, and I can’t even think straight.

Sounds about right. I said the same things many times. I didn’t know how to start a business or write a business plan. There wasn’t any money either. Playing it safe I would have taken my personal trainer certification and walked into Planet Fitness for ten dollars an hour, on the side from my other job. Playing it safely I would have never tried to create a business without clients, experience, or a written plan.

But instead, I did the opposite. I went against the norm and walked through the walls we put up to prevent ourselves from taking action. I knocked on opportunities door and introduced myself, whether it wanted me or not. My fitness business was started with zero dollars and I never wrote a real business plan and I even started it without ever training a single person.

Safe would have gotten me nowhere. Safe would have frustrated me and created a million excuses. Safe is for suckers and we are not suckers. We’re human beings with dreams, goals, passions, purposes, and aspirations. We’re human beings who are good people, who want to do good for others, who want to try their hardest to accomplish worthwhile missions. But we’re afraid of failing, of haters, of lawsuits, of losing money and becoming homeless and these fears crush everything we’re made of.

Don’t play it safe. You have permission and the worst thing that can happen to you is not even measurable in the total scale of your eternity. Risks need to be taken, goals need to acted on, plans done, dreams achieved, and safe crushed. The truth inside of you says from the voice you try to swallow that you can do this and you just need to try. No more suffocating the dreams you have. No more laughing at the silly thoughts that come to your mind that you shrug off as asinine. They’re not asinine. They’re real and powerful and in someway they just might be able to change the world.

Playing it safe is a crime against humanity. You’re better than safe. You’re stronger than safe. You’re as tough as risk and you have the guts to take them. That little voice we all have inside our minds is so loud we can’t hear the other one. The even smaller voice that is there as well. Yelling at the top of it’s tiny lungs to get maybe a thought into sights that can change your life. The loud voice inside our minds fights the smaller one every second you walk this world and it’s your job to stop it.

The voice that says you can’t do something may be a little louder than the one saying you can, but the one saying you can is stronger, more real, powerful, and able to make what you hear a reality. You just have to listen and let it out and not laugh it off. The little voice inside of your mind can bring you all the success you ever wanted, it can bring you all the love you ever wanted, it can bring you all the joy you ever wanted. Instead, it gets buried alive and shrugged off.

If you want to make some serious changes in this life we all have, you have to let that voice out and build it up. You have to take the risks you know you can handle and not allow the fears in your mind stop you from achieveing. There is something powerful inside of you. Find it. Let it out and nurture it. Safe has no room to exist.


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