My Sunshine

The truth is, for the majority of my young relationship, I haven’t been the greatest man I could be. It’s a growing process and as like most of the things we experience in life, there are ups and downs and learning curves. Never before have I met a person like the woman I married. When we first met, I was fresh out of my climb from rock bottom and completely unaware of the nature of women and relationships, but I moved forward out of a deep belly love that radiated through my being. My wife, the woman who would turn my world around and make me into a better person. A woman who would bring me two beautiful children, call out my bullshit, and share a wonderful love with me. I owe her much and forever am I grateful for her love of who I am.

My dear Jamie. She’s a great woman, really. Her heart is pure gold and her selflessness paints the portrait of her beauty. She’s my rock. Without her, I’d be lost and reckless. As a mother, she’s wonderful. Her love for our children is pure and  full of care. I married her. She stole my heart and changed my life. When I look in her eyes, I see happiness and when I caress her skin, I’m filled with ecstasy. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I love her.

Her caring, the caring that can stay awake for days to nurture our children, goes beyond that of my children and I. She is an occupational therapist and never have I known a woman stronger than her. The people she takes care of, helps out of the goodness of her heart, the situations she experiences at work, the devastatingly broken souls she comforts, makes her an angel. There’s not many people who are willing, or capable, to care for the people she does and has in the past. I first saw how much it impacted her one day when we were at the lake, relaxing on the deck, enjoying some cold beer. I could hear it, feel it, and see it inside of her that something was bothering her. The emotional and mental toll that the quality of life of her clients had on her was powerful, and for her to continue to be strong is beautiful.

All day I wait to see her again when her or I arrive home from work. There’s nothing like it. I look forward to nothing more than embracing her spirit as I hug her strongly. I give her a kiss to show my appreciation for her effort, for the love I embrace within, for the caring she exudes, the abundance she’s brought to my life, the moments we’ve shared together, and the unknown the future holds for us. The energy she provides for my soul fills me with gratitude, peacefulness, happiness, and excitement. Before her, my happiness was hard to find. My gratitude, non-existent.

Everything I do, all of my effort in work, home, and life is out of appreciation for the love I share with her. The joy of being in the presence of such a wonderful person is awesome. It’s not often I write about my wife and the love she brings into my life, but the thoughts of her come through in all that escapes my mind. Thank you Jamie for being an icon of love, a provider of happiness, a gentle giant in our home, and a caretaker to many who look to you for help. I love you.


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