My Life Changed Overnight and Here’s What I Learned

There’s nothing that can put life into perspective faster than an emergency situation. As we walk around our daily lives we consciously forget how fragile our lives are and how things can drastically change in the blink of an eye. One moment you’re enjoying smiles and fun and the next you’re in the ER scared to death. For all I have taken for granted, I am sorry. Stop time and feel your heart sink to the bottom of your stressed ocean and you will see the reality of this one life we get. Often we forget how delicate we are and how important it is to enjoy each moment. We bitch on Facebook about a white woman pretending she’s black while our kids are playing in the other room just waiting for Mommy or Daddy. We fight with our spouses or loved ones over miniscule matters when the big picture is pure love and beauty. We get caught up in fashion, NBA Finals, Instagram, Crossfit, and we forget about our dreams and the deeper reasons of why we matter and what we do daily life for.

There’s nothing that can change your life faster than thinking it’s about to be turned over, or having it turned over. Recently, I haven’t been the best husband or father and I regret every instance that I acted out of character or forgot the reality of what I’ve been given. Stop for a moment and look around at the very things you’ve attracted into your life and realize that those things can drift away faster then tomorrow comes.

Forget about the job or the asshole next door or the clothes left on the floor, the dishes in the sink, the careless accident that could have been prevented and focus on the truth of what really matters. You and I are all people who matter and what we’ve been given is beyond precious. Enjoy it and embrace it. Be grateful.

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