My Journey To A Peaceful Warrior Continues

A couple of years ago I read The Way of The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. It’s an excellent book and since that time I have read nearly every book he has put out. Everyday Enlightenment was great and The Journey of Socrates was brilliant. Since I heard the term peaceful warrior, I have been slowly working on increasing my energy and improving my mind through focused action, writing, exercise, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

At times I forget that I am more powerful than my actions of the moment and fall into a trap of negativity or doubtfulness. It hasn’t been an easy ride and there has been resistance towards me improving. They say when we’re at a point of evolutionary growth that life can throw curve balls and make it seem like we’re in trouble or having hard times. It’s here that we must drop our shoulder and lean into the resistance. This is where our growth occurs.

To me, the term peaceful warrior stands for a man or woman who lives in their own terms. Someone who withdrawals themselves from the idle ways of the majority of society. Someone who grows professionally, personally, and spiritually. A peaceful warrior listens to those around them but still makes his own decisions. A peaceful warrior removes themselves from the “tick-tock” of the nine to five working world and above materialism, practicing minimalism and exercise, quality nutrition as well.

My journey continues and it has it’s hiccups but each day I move further and further down the path into the light and power of a peaceful warrior.

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