I Went Camping and Realized We Got It All Wrong

Going camping and sitting by the fire really puts
a lot of life into perspective.

I realize how silly much of living actually is and
the addictions of society that suffocate our lives
show this is true.

We do a lot of dumb ass shit.

We run this rat race to nowhere and in doing so we
neglect the truly important things in life. We miss
out on growth experiences and once in a lifetime events
while we rush out the door at hours that are insanely
idiotic while forgetting to kiss our wives or husbands
and we tell our kids there is no time for “that”.

We waste so much on stupid stuff that doesn’t matter
only to sell it at a yard sale a few years later or
if you’re an asshole, you dump it on the side of the road.

We have houses and cars and expenses that don’t mean shit to
having a fun, good, happy life just so we can keep up with
the Joneses.

We have rooms in our homes that do nothing for happiness and
probably suck more good out of our lives than necessary, just
so we can show people, who mean nothing to our own happiness,
what we have.

We drive fancy high end cars that function no better than a quality
mid size sedan for half the price and deal with payments that contribute
to our unhappiness.

Many people rush through the week to get to the weekend so they can
drown their pity in drink or smoke and many people need some kind of
“punishment” to feel alive.

We’re the walking dead slithering through life with weight on our shoulders
that doesn’t need to be there.

We make our kids put so much information and experiences in their heads
that they can’t handle the pressure. We push our lack into them and try
to live vicariously through them.

All of this is truly meaningless, and counterproductive for a good happy life.

When camping there are only a few things. A tent, a chair, a cooler, and fire.

And it’s enough. It’s everything you need to have a good time.

Sure we need to work so we can earn money and support our lives but
it doesn’t have to be the majority controller of our time.

The best thing I ever did was eliminate all of the useless crap in my life.

I’m a simple man. I don’t need anything. I don’t need fancy gadgets or high end
crap that doesn’t add value to my life. I don’t need a new car every five years or
a big house with a manicured lawn and a swimming pool..

There are plenty of things out there that function as needed and nothing more.

I don’t have to acquire anything to make people like me or to show people I can keep up with their race.

Eliminate the useless, reduce your waste, cut your spending, and stop trying to measure yourself up to the people around you. Just be the real you.

Enjoy the people in your life who matter. You don’t need to get on your knees to impress someone. Get up.

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