How To Make It Easier To Accept Change In Your Life

Must of us fear change. We have routines set up to juggle our schedules, our hobbies, responsibilities, and obligations. We work, enjoy play, free time, and time with family. During the days that pass we set up our routines so that they’re nearly identical every week. Placed in the comfort zone of familiarity, this routine becomes hard to break and often creates stress when something new comes along. How many people have felt uneasy about joining a gym and starting a new fitness journey? The whole process is a dramatic change to our daily routine and often the stress of just thinking about creates fear which keeps us motionless in action. Accepting change is harder said than done, but one way to avoid failure and positive transformation is by allowing the change to happen naturally. When a new diet and workout begins, the change is a sudden jolt to our daily routine. Before we weren’t buying organic eggs at the farm that requires a detour on the way home from work. We weren’t taking that one hour of relaxing free time for gym time, it was spent reading, fishing, writing, or watching a favorite television show. The people who become successful in their fitness (or any new journey) are the people who accept the change and understand the reasons behind the new tasks and routine.

Accept change into your life by being present with each new task of your routine. Try writing out your current routine. To the minute or every 5 minutes or whatever allows you to realize exactly how your time is spent. Then once the old routine is written down, write what your new routine will look like. What changes are being made? What areas will cause stress? What can you remove from your current routine to make the new one easier to roll into? Answer these simple questions and do this simple exercise and you’ll find it much easier to accept change.

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