An experience in the tank.

Drifting away in the dark abyss of nothingness and mindfulness, I slowly faded off into the unconscious realm of life. From a never ending thought filled mind into a slow fading of stillness and peacefulness, the reality around me vanished and for an hour I was in oblivion. Floating in the isolation tank. Completely unaware of anything. It was like I didn’t even exist.

Until I ended up wading in waters up to my chest in Thailand. Fishing for Giant Mekong Catfish. There I was, side by side with a 900 pound fish. I grabbed the fish, like I was fishing with a rod and reel and like I was fishing with my bare hands. It was a mix. Unsure of what method I was using the giant catfish quickly pulled me into the fray. My arms felt like they were being pulled out of their sockets. My breath slowly fading away, hard to catch, drowning in a foreign country.

Suddenly, I woke into the real world, excited, scared, nervous, and unaware of my location. Panic set in for a brief moment until I realized, my float would soon be over. What happened? Was I hallucinating like so many people do in the tank? Was I asleep, in a dream, in such a relaxed state of being that my breathing was almost non existent?

With time left in the tank, knowing so by not seeing the lights that come on when finished, I went to work to survey what I had just experienced. It was one of the coolest moments I had inside the isolation tank. It felt like I slept for 8 hours and left this world to visit another place, a different time.

My heart was pounding as a smile spread across my face. Just the experience I was hoping for during my latest float. At an hour and a half the lights came on and I exited the tank, to shower the salts off and head back into reality. Amazed at how my mind and body felt. Completely aware of all my senses, my surroundings, and the calm nature I was in.

The tank is an exciting experience. The only way I can describe it to people who haven’t tried it before is that when I’m inside and floating away there is no body. No stress, no pain, no touch, no sight. Imagine your brain and nervous system were laying on top of water, floating while your limbs, head, eyes, and body did not exist. You were just your brain and the nerves that are attached. Floating in space. That is what it’s like.

3 Things That Improved My Life

After a streak of seven years of bad luck that I created for myself, my life was left empty. I had no choice but to make something of my life and turn around the days of hard times and make massive changes. Problem was, I had no clue on what to do, and still don’t. But, as I continued to work hard and take big action steps, some scary and some stupid, I ended up on greener grass and through fortunate luck I stumbled across a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It was this book that would propel my life into a greater mindset of what is plausible, possible, and out there, waiting for me to claim as mine.

Before I read this book I didn’t realize the things, the good, in the world that are readily available and the true power of what we have inside of our minds and bodies. As I went to work on fixing my mindset and taking big action steps based on the ideas of the book, my life began to improve and out of thin air I created a business with nothing and I’m now ready to start my second.

Here are 3 Things That Improved My Life:

As a kid I would sit in class and wander off into the deep space of my imagination. Lost in thought, miles away from the teacher, in a dream world of my own creation. This imagination would take me far away and into a complete nothingness of reality. Just dream worlds with unbelievable clarity and passion. At one point, I was told I was a “special” kid and sent out into the parking lot trailer. A make shift classroom for people like me. I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to be playing in the fields of my dreams. Escaping reality.

Growing older my vivid imagination would stay with me, and it’s still alive and well. I can paint mountains and cut timber statues with the power of my mind, not even blinking, and in an instant I can be off into the first drafting of a business plan or book. For those seven years of bad luck my mind was not imagining the good in life. Focused on death and despair, darkness and guilt, my imagination was on the darker pictures of life. Far away from the true person inside, possessed by a demon of dis-ease.

After I married my beautiful wife and read Think and Grow Rich, my imagination drew a business plan and created Activate Fitness out of nothing. I began using one of my greatest strengths- my imagination- for the good things that would come. I visualized, and actually drew, the exact layout of the now Activate Fitness when I first starting imagining it. I still have that paper. I kept it for a long time folded in my wallet.

We all have a great imagination. Using it can make huge changes in your life. Trust in the power of your imagination and you can realize some of your biggest dreams and see them come true. I can credit my wild dreaming and crazy imagination to most of the great things I’ve created in my life.

Catch me at a time when my spirits are high and my motivation is running full steam ahead and I can scare you with my enthusiasm. I’ve been known to get people “weirded” out when my enthusiasm explodes with joy, passion, and purposeful creativity. When I was growing up my passion was baseball and all things about it. I was, and still am, a die hard Oakland A’s fan. I knew everybody on the team. Where they grew up, played minor league ball at, what their on base percentage was, and just about every statistic known to the baseball world.

My wild enthusiasm would get me in trouble, get me caught daydreaming even more, and lead to me failing and quitting out of college. But without it, I wouldn’t be who I am. My passion that is guided by my enthusiasm for life and helping people has brought me much improvement in my life.

Find something that you absolutely love. Something you could talk to Grandma about for hours and hours without her knowing what the hell you just said, shaking her head like she “gets” you, and go for it. Make it an objective of yours to get paid from that, or even if it’s not about the money, do it for the good of your heart, mind, and body.

Seven years of “bad luck” and I was homeless. The absolute bottom of the failure scope. I let everything that owned me go. No possessions, no attachments, and walked away. Failing to live up to expectations of anyone who knew me. When I had nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep, and nothing to look forward to, I accepted failure and used it to motivate me to change, and improve, my life.

Accepting failure is a something many people do not take easily. Failure is one of the greatest self improvement tools around. When we fail, we learn lessons that can only be taught from the experience of failing and what we do next is where we grow. You could give up and quit trying and never make another attempt again, or you can stand up and move forward. Left homeless under a bridge for a few weeks almost ended the road for me. That shit isn’t easy to deal with, but we, you, are strong enough to overcome even the hardest obstacles in life. Accept the fact that failure is possible and never let fear of failing stop your dreams from coming true.

My imagination helped me see a world nobody else knew existed or believed in. My enthusiasm helped me make my dreams a reality and sat the naysayers down. My acceptance of failure helped me make decisions that involved risk and helped me experience hard times that many people never feel. These 3 things helped improve my life and I want you to try and let them help you move forward.

For You.

I got it now. It makes complete sense. For the past few weeks I’ve filled this blog with forty or so drafts. Half completed, half assed posts about nothing at all. Just complete gibberish in the form of nothing more than practice. Why? Why am I stuck here with nothing purposeful to say? Where am I helping people by sharing my story and creating a positive momentum for them to move forward in life?


Nothing but useless meander. No direction of where I want to take this blog. Worrying about the “niche” I want to help. Like that matters. Not to me. Not to my writing. But trying hard to find people who would benefit has turned my world upside down and around again. Should I write for moms who work? Should I write for men who have a hard time feeling worthy in life? Maybe instead I should write to entrepreneurs in the local area who might need assistance growing their business.

Excuse my language, it’s art by the way, but fuck that. I’m writing for you. The person who finds the time to sit here and read this post. The person who might be doing something totally different from me but still gets inspired by the words on the screen. Lately, no lie, I’ve been in a pretty dark place. Slightly depressed, tired, overwhelmed, and bored. Much of the material I’ve been reading is boring and I realize the only reason I’m reading it is because “they” said I should. Sure the books are teaching me a lot about the human mind, propaganda, writing, and a bunch of other bologna, but it’s not me. It’s drowning my writing.

If you were to look at the drafts on this blog you’d see me writing about the muse being gone. On vacation with an umbrella drink, feet kicked up on a straw ottoman, shades on, waves rolling in. But that is nothing more than a stupid excuse of my boredom and minor depressed state.

It’s time to get back to work and do what I’ve been doing so well, or at least in my opinion. However I enjoy practicing this craft and much of that practice will one day make an incredible comic strip or novella. Right now though, my message, the wisdom and knowledge I’ve learned along the bumpy ride, the stories of the life and events I’ve been through and what they taught me will take center stage. I’m getting back to work. No more excuses or pity parties.

To My Son And Daughter

In a world that is constantly on the run, I want you to stand still. In a world where they rich get richer and the poor get poorer, I want you to just be. In a world where everyone seems to be searching for more, I want you to seek less. In a world that always tries to tell you you’re not good enough, I want you to listen to the music of your mind. In a world where the powerful media creates fear and despair, I want you to smile and walk away. In this world where you can be anything you want to be, I want you to be yourself. In this world where millions are not happy, I want to see that they are and if you want, show them how to see it for themselves. In this world where people are angry, I want you to smile and walk away. In this world where you can make a difference, I want you to try.

In a world where people are getting sicker and fatter, I want you to love your body and respect it. In a world where people are afraid of their power, I want you to accept it. In a world where fears stop most, I want you to push forward. In this world where people gossip, I want you to smile and walk away.

In this world, you can be anything you want to be. In this world, you can make a difference. In this world, you have the power to change. In this world, you can be happy.

Believe in yourself and follow your heart. Listen to your instincts and go for your dreams and never give up.

Playing It Safe

This life goes by way too fast. The days blow through with the wind and the morning comes again, this time- much faster. There comes a time when you wake up and realize that there aren’t many left. The thing is, we have to act like we really understand this fact. Because, we just don’t. Many of us talk of tomorrow, probably all of us, and the truth is- we don’t even know if that tomorrow is going to come.

Inside of our time restricted minds and the sand filled hour glass is our little fears of dying, messing up, the unknown, and even people. Each morning goes by, then the afternoon is eaten up with lunch, and then it’s onward to home, to rest, eat, and shower and do it all again the next day. Safely.

Playing it safe is the societal norm. We’re fed by scare tactics and poor negative based news that creates an overwhelming urgency to just hide. Quitting a job is impossible we say. Starting a business without a business plan and zero dollars is a crazy dream that can never happen to me. I don’t have the resources, it’s not my time, I have no idea how, the world is against me, and I can’t even think straight.

Sounds about right. I said the same things many times. I didn’t know how to start a business or write a business plan. There wasn’t any money either. Playing it safe I would have taken my personal trainer certification and walked into Planet Fitness for ten dollars an hour, on the side from my other job. Playing it safely I would have never tried to create a business without clients, experience, or a written plan.

But instead, I did the opposite. I went against the norm and walked through the walls we put up to prevent ourselves from taking action. I knocked on opportunities door and introduced myself, whether it wanted me or not. My fitness business was started with zero dollars and I never wrote a real business plan and I even started it without ever training a single person.

Safe would have gotten me nowhere. Safe would have frustrated me and created a million excuses. Safe is for suckers and we are not suckers. We’re human beings with dreams, goals, passions, purposes, and aspirations. We’re human beings who are good people, who want to do good for others, who want to try their hardest to accomplish worthwhile missions. But we’re afraid of failing, of haters, of lawsuits, of losing money and becoming homeless and these fears crush everything we’re made of.

Don’t play it safe. You have permission and the worst thing that can happen to you is not even measurable in the total scale of your eternity. Risks need to be taken, goals need to acted on, plans done, dreams achieved, and safe crushed. The truth inside of you says from the voice you try to swallow that you can do this and you just need to try. No more suffocating the dreams you have. No more laughing at the silly thoughts that come to your mind that you shrug off as asinine. They’re not asinine. They’re real and powerful and in someway they just might be able to change the world.

Playing it safe is a crime against humanity. You’re better than safe. You’re stronger than safe. You’re as tough as risk and you have the guts to take them. That little voice we all have inside our minds is so loud we can’t hear the other one. The even smaller voice that is there as well. Yelling at the top of it’s tiny lungs to get maybe a thought into sights that can change your life. The loud voice inside our minds fights the smaller one every second you walk this world and it’s your job to stop it.

The voice that says you can’t do something may be a little louder than the one saying you can, but the one saying you can is stronger, more real, powerful, and able to make what you hear a reality. You just have to listen and let it out and not laugh it off. The little voice inside of your mind can bring you all the success you ever wanted, it can bring you all the love you ever wanted, it can bring you all the joy you ever wanted. Instead, it gets buried alive and shrugged off.

If you want to make some serious changes in this life we all have, you have to let that voice out and build it up. You have to take the risks you know you can handle and not allow the fears in your mind stop you from achieveing. There is something powerful inside of you. Find it. Let it out and nurture it. Safe has no room to exist.


Summer Air

Every summer the grass grows a little too fast for me to keep up with. When the weather gets nice and the rain comes in and the sun shines brightly, the grass explodes with life and joy as it tries to reach the ever so lovely and life giving sun. In the summer, the family has barbecues and fun times at the lake. An amazing place that is untouched by industrial worlds and lays tucked away from the man. Hidden beyond the mountains in a small town of Pennsylvania the lake is a relaxing place. It’s quiet and when you wake up in the morning, you can’t help but feel the peace and joy. The dew on the grass, the mist floating away fro the surface of the river, the echoes of early morning dog barks and the stillness of the trees. The smell of fresh air and the quiet feelings of a warm cup of coffee with a little hazelnut cream. At the lake in the summer, we drink. We fish. We throw parties and ride around in golf carts. It’s only once or twice and then, it’s gone, as quickly as it arrives. At home in the summer the bugs are out. The snakes sliver in and out of the steps and the bears may be seen here or there. The fox runs away, the deer munch on the grass, or trees, or vegetable gardens. The chickens across the way make violently loud noises at the crack of dawn and in New Jersey, the humidity sucks. A simple walk to the car and the sweat begins. The air conditioners are always going in the summer.

In the summer, life is bright, the days are long, and many who once came to the gym have stepped off to go to the beach or the lake or just the local park. The summer is fantastic and joyful. The trees are so green, the sky so blue, and the dogs bark and chase tennis balls.

Summer sometimes sucks too.

But for the most part, it’s great. The sun is hot, bright, and very far away. Baseball games are here for a few months before the fall sets again. The home run derby seems to be a summer classic for those who enjoy the pitching, hitting, and catching game. Baseball, the Yankees, the base hits, the A’s, Tampa Bay, Arizona, and everywhere you look. Games are played. Homers hit. Fun times with hot dogs and popcorn and twelve dollar beers.

A great part of summer are my favorite craft beers and their summer ales. An ice cold beer on a hot day soothes the soul. Nothing says I’m relaxing more than feet kicked up and a craft brew in hand. Don’t disturb me as I drink. With my book, the television on, the shades up, and an IPA that hits every taste bud just the way the brewmaster hoped.

Summer comes too quick and leaves too fast. But it’s the best part of the year. Everything is alive and people smile. although people bitch too much, summer brings out some joy. Fishing, NASCAR, poker games and more. Kids jumping off bridges at the local watering hole. Gathering a crowd, kids as young as five. Jump into the water, splash, swish, and let’s do it again. They can sit out there all day next to the Steel Mill and old homes. Passersby wave or honk and dare someone to do a flip.

Inside of everyone, summer lives every day. Summer breathes life into our blood and allows us to dream. Laying on the freshly cut grass staring at the Mountain Man shaped cloud. Nothing but the present moment, the beauty of nature, and the dreams inside. If that moment can be captured for all of time it would show the total joy of human kind. No stress, fresh air, and relaxation. Summer can be great if you allow the simple joys to float into your world. We often watch it fly by like a honeybee doing it’s natural service and wish for it’s safe return in a couple of months. Our fast paced world doesn’t let us enjoy the moment. But if you want to, and think about it, you can enjoy the simpleness of summer. Just stop. Sit down. Take a deep breath and exhale the dreams of your mind into the awesome nature of the universe and let it be. Imagine the unimaginable and smell the summerness around. Let it be and breath. Touch the soft grass and smile loudly.

What I Am Afraid Of

What am I afraid of? They asked me this question and it opened a world of unknown territory, or in fact, territory I completely avoided because as a man, I’m not afraid of anything. Right? But not true. There are many fears I have and often they tie me down and keep me from making progress.

For one, I’m afraid of dying. Why? I have no idea. I actually believe in life beyond this world and that as energy, we’re infinite and immortal, but beyond this world- what lies ahead? The unknown worlds in the afterlife are the source of my fear of dying. But why?

Another simple thing I’m afraid of is not being good enough. Not being a good enough father, husband, trainer, business owner.. writer. The feeling however pushes me past the roadblocks of which usually halt others steps when they have fear. I accept this fear as silly but indeed real. The only thing that will make me not good enough, is believing I’m not and allowing that belief to concrete my journey in place.

Being afraid of many things is normal. Some people fear the thoughts others have of them. Some, like me, are afraid of making videos. Just this week I’ve accepted the fear, stepped over it, and made one everyday for the past 6 days. Maybe I’m the kind of person who is afraid of horror movies. Not because they’re scary and I don’t know what’s coming, but again as a man, I’m afraid of being laughed at if I jump as I’m startled. Why do we care about what others think of us so much?

Is it acceptable to you that I tell you I’m vulnerable just like all of us? So what if I jump. Should you laugh or just simply jump with me? I’m afraid of walking into a zombie apocalypse. Should one exist and become a reality, what would I do? Would I be able to survive and protect my family? Who knows. The fact is.. these fears all steam from one place..

The unknown.

We can turn a corner in downtown Manhattan and run into a roaring lion who’s ready for blood. Drooling for dinner with his mighty eyes glued to you. Run. But am I fast enough? We can order a salad from the local diner and find a lizard’s head. What would I do? Scream like a girl or throw up?

Fear sticks with us everywhere we go. It’s not knowing the unknown that suffocates our actions and paralyzes us. I’m afraid of meeting new people. Will I stumble my words? Will they hate me because I’m partially Italian? Will I not seem to them, competent enough for conversation?

It’s silly for us to think about it but important enough that we have to. We have to walk away from the fear that locks us in our self designed and guarded cages and accept that it’s real and okay. Nobody walking the world has ever done so without fear. Even the toughest of the tough are crippled with fear. Lying about it is dumb. Accepting it is purposeful.

Don’t allow those quirks of fear to keep you from imagining the unexplored worlds in the deepest caverns of your mind. Stand proud that you’re alive, for fear is the surest way to realize this isn’t a dream.

One Thing That Changed My Life

“You can have whatever you want if you just help enough people get what they want.”  That Zig Ziglar quote twisted my black world around and opened my eyes to this thing people called “success”. I never knew you could actually think about being a success. From where I came from, wondering when I’d eat again, where I’d sleep, and how long I could go wearing the same clothes everyday, success was not in my thin vocabulary.

Dave Meier

I was an orphan of the successful world. Left behind without a road map or a clue of where to go. For years I hid my pain and from the world. A recluse. The only purpose I had was to not die. For if I did, my family would surely grieve. I didn’t care about nice big houses and fancy cars. I never knew you could think and believe yourself into a success. Those rich people were frowned upon from my point of view. Money was the devil and I’d never be a part of it.

Success mindset. Two powerful words that have filled page after page of New York Times bestsellers. Two powerful words that didn’t exist in my little world. A mindset? What is that? You mean sanity? Back in the days of my homelessness I didn’t even know what mindset meant. I really had no way of becoming a success.

One thing that changed my life was hearing of this majestic thing called a success mindset. I don’t believe I first heard of it as a success mindset, but instead something more along the lines of thoughts become things and we control our own destiny by believing we can achieve whatever it was we wanted.

How fascinating and odd. Why was I kept in the dark about this? My schooling failed me and left me to die. A part of the great ole big cog machine that keeps on rolling. The power I hold within my mind is unimaginable, just like a wild imagination has no limits. Here we are, sitting in our stuffy schools listening to shortened stories of our founding fathers, forced to do mathematics that even our parents do not understand.

Where was the teaching of success? Where was the teaching of our hidden powers?

Tucked away from the mass of society only to be found at your local Barnes and Noble. Propaganda at it’s finest. The day I first heard about the success mindset and how we can achieve whatever with believe with the right thoughts, plans, and actions- the day I first heard that if I had a dream that it was my divine right to live it and nothing could stop me from believing it’s truth- my life was changed forever and I haven’t looked back. Only looking back to tell the stories of what I went through in hopes that someone can realize their potential and find their success mindset.

Believing that I would become a success in life, however you want to define “success”, changed my life. I’ve gone from a poor man with no future, passion, purpose, and potential, to a business and home owner, married with soon to be two kids, and it’s all because I listened to my dreams when I heard you can have a success mindset. I stood up and told the world’s negativity to fuck off while I made something of myself.

So, for you, whenever you feel like it’s over, or you can’t do something, or all hope is lost.. remember.. it’s NOT. Hope is always there. Your dreams are real and you have every right to go get them and make them a reality. Nobody will tell you it’s not okay. The game isn’t over, ever. Thinking you can’t make a change or do something special, purposeful, in life, is a negative mindset that will keep you stuck until you change it.

Realize the power inside of you and go live the life you really want. You can and will do it.

The Truth Behind Laziness

The other morning I was reading a post on why laziness doesn’t exist. Behind the reality of procrastination and being lazy there are underlying truths to why you might feel like you’re lazy or why you just don’t do the things you know you should be doing. It all makes perfect sense.

Being lazy is not just something we do. It doesn’t exist like that, much like boredom. Being bored just means you need direction, motivation, and passion. Someone who feels bored is not chasing their purpose in life. It’s like they’re stuck on a deserted island with nowhere to go, except across the island to the other side where, in fact you’re not alone, but in a resort country.

The truth behind laziness is this-

You’re Exhausted.

In an on the go, get shit done society, sitting back and resting doesn’t come easy. Our jobs keep us going 8 hours or more a day and when we’re on the clock it’s all go, go, and go some more. For most of us, this slowly kills us. Half of the population would be better served if they had longer breaks and more time to reflect, inward. Unfortunately today, that is not ideal and the only way to stay on the job is to be constantly productive.

You’re not lazy. You just need a break.

You Listen To Fear.

Fear is the most powerful emotion we have. Often when we feel lazy or uninspired, it’s because we’re afraid that we’re not good enough, afraid we’re not smart enough, or afraid of making mistakes. When we allow fear to control our actions we end up complacent and our motivation to try something new, or work harder, goes out the window. Listening to whatever fear that plays repeatedly in your mind will disguise itself as laziness in your life.

Accept your fear, embrace it, give it love, and walk all over it.

You’re Stuck in A Rut.

Being exhausted, afraid, with no inspiration and a lack of motivation can make you feel lazy. Not knowing what to do for your personal or professional growth can also keep you stuck. I like to say that our schooling never ended, we just graduated to the next grade or level, which is life- the real world. When you don’t do anything for your mental and physical growth you end up right where you are, stuck. But it’s probably not your fault. We weren’t taught about this in school. Most of us graduated our higher level of education and jumped into the cog machine, ready to do as told and work for the rest of our lives. The problem is, we don’t continually educated ourselves, and we don’t know how.

This is why coaches, mentors, and even therapists are becoming increasingly valued by those who want to achieve more and learn more. A coach or therapist can take an outside view of what is going on and provide help into developing action steps to take to climb out of a rut.

Whatever is blocking you from your next move and keeping you stuck needs to be discovered and worked on to overcome. It isn’t because you’re lazy, you just need help. (You can contact me here: if you need help getting out of a rut.)

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes” C.G. Jung

Next time some calls you lazy or you feel tied down by laziness, ask yourself if you’re really just exhausted, afraid, or stuck. We often overlook crucial feelings and thoughts in the name of being “normal” or conforming to the status quo. It’s better to accept the truth of laziness and take a day off or run away for a few days than to lie to yourself and others. The dishes pile up? So what. The car goes a little longer without a wash? So what. You don’t have to keep up with the Joneses and you can act lazy all you want, it’s probably exactly what the doctor ordered.


28 Things You Might Not Know About Me.

This is a post I had saved in my drafts for quite awhile. I finally decided to publish it to let you in on a little of who I am, what I’ve done, where I’ve been and some other useless ramble. Once you’re finished reading this, I’d love to hear something about you. So comment below when you’re done.

This is me. The me you might not know:

1. My wife and I pretty much pinned the tail on the donkey (a map) as to where we were going to move when we got married. We decided on the Hackettstown area with no real reason other than I thought it was a nice place. I knew only two people who lived in the area.

2. I once wrote a short novel on an alien abduction and an inter galactic battle that ensued as a result. It was lost in a flood.

3.  I’m afraid of meeting new people. When people come to gym, usually scared to start and come in, I’m more afraid than they are.

4. I can out read most people any day of the week. I finished roughly 200 books in the past year and a half. Reading. On audio, another 200 or more. I have a bookshelf packed with books and have stacks all over my house.

5. I’m writing two new books.

6. I trained my dog in less than 2 weeks to understand everything I wanted of him. However, I can’t cut his nails. He won’t let me.

7. I made 14 episodes of a podcast (The Awake and Alive Podcast), each about 20 minutes long, and then deleted them.

8. A couple of weekends ago I wrote 30 new drafts of short blogs and deleted most of them. I feel people won’t understand me.

9. I used to eat Met-Rx bars in the back room at the A&P grocery store when I worked there and drank most of their chocolate milk. Never paid for it.

10. I never answer the phone unless it’s family. If I do I feel like jumping off a bridge.

11. I own 45 web domains. I have no idea why.

12. I believe there is a reason I cross paths with everyone I meet. If they stay longer than 5 minutes, in some way, I’ll change their life without even trying. Shaman Jedi Warrior Ninja Style.

13. Inside my heart I cried like a 2 year old baby girl when I got married and nearly shit my pants hiding it.

14. I was once fired by two different landscapers because of severe seasonal allergies. I couldn’t work because I sneezed every 3 seconds. Usually my allergies leave me feeling like a zombie for much of the late spring and early summer.

15. I worked as a Homemade Ice Cream maker. When I was 15 I worked at Here’s The Scoop and immediately took over the job of making all of their homemade ice cream. Several other ice cream stores around New Jersey started buying it because I kicked ass doing it. I also have worked as a Lowe’s Landscape Sales Associate, got hired at a Kohl’s and never went, worked as a Macy’s Customer Pick Up and Overall peon. Most of the time I would take the radio and go to the movies. Three a night sometimes. I also worked as a lighting store sales rep, driver, receiver, and decorator.

16. A psychic medium once told me out of the blue not to close my eyes when “they came”. She told me I’m stronger than “them” and they just want my help. No, I’ll never help them and I will close my eyes. Thank you.

17. I’m a huge daydreamer and I’m often a million miles away in outer space. I snap “out of it” hundreds of times a day.

18. I saved a cow’s life one day when I was peach picking with my wife at a local farm. This infant cow was choking on a peach that someone threw towards it and I stuck my hand in his mouth and saved him. Also saved a goat stuck in a fence that same day. It most likely would have broke it’s neck fighting it if I hadn’t got him out. Maybe. #Hero

19. When I started college I went for criminal justice. My friend’s dad called me a narc and I quit the next day. Never went back to college again.

20. At the time I crashed under the bridge for a few weeks I caught fish with just line, a hook, and left over “powerbait” that I’d find lying around the ground.

21. I helped deliver my daughter Hannah. The midwife actually assisted me in the final stages of the delivery. I was shocked that I acted so quickly and said yes to doing it. Coolest thing I’ve ever done.

22. When I was about 20 years old, my lifelong friend, neighbor, former co-worker, and best bud Mike was murdered in a hospital. This among other events around the time ultimately led me to living a reclusive life and “checking out” of this world.

23. I’m a huge introvert. I’m shy, awkward, and nervous in many situations. I need alone time to de-stress and can hide away forever, like a hermit. Think Thoreau in the woods.

24. I’m an avid fisherman. I love to fish every chance I get. Yet, I only go two or three times a year. I would go everyday if I could. (See #23)

25. I have published over 300 blog posts across the internet. Most have been viewed 10 times or less.

26. Back in the day I wanted to own a campground. I grew up camping all the time. It was a big dream of mine to have a family, live on a huge piece of land, and have a family campground.

27. I was once able to write over 120 words a minute. With my two index fingers. Now I’m around 100.

28. I love Spam. Haven’t had it in awhile.. but Nom Nom Nom!!

Bonus Thingy You Might Not Know About Me:

Something I’m hugely passionate about and what makes me “tick” is the desire to help people improve their lives. No matter what I can do to help someone, I’ll do it. My purpose, my passion, my motivation is in helping people become the best person they can be.

Now… tell me something I don’t know about YOU!