Handling The Truth

Just the other day I came across a new podcast, well new to me, called ReWild Yourself by Daniel Vitalis. I’ve only listened to two episodes, For Adults Only and The Well F**ked Woman, but it is already a new favorite. I assume the podcast is about “rewilding” ourselves through our human instinctual nature. The Well F**ked Woman episode with Kim Anami was mind expanding and a trigger to download other episodes.

However, this post has to do about the episode titled For Adults Only which I believe is number sixty six or so. The episode was about the children us adults really are. He discussed topics like diet and how we are childish in our thoughts about nutrition and more specifically defecation. The episodes went over eight of what he calls Taboos.Violence, Drugs, Being Naked, Sex, Money, Death and God.

One thing he didn’t touch on too much, I guess because it’s not really a taboo, is Truth and how we can’t tell it. How much longer are we going to fucking lie to ourselves? How many of you know people who avoid the truth? I do, and I do avoid the truth in certain areas because I am conditioned, like most of us, to avoid telling the truth and being “politically correct”.

I wrote a post a few months ago about not being able to tell the truth to even your best friend. The example I used is seen everywhere. Say you have a friend who is seventy or more pounds overweight. They excessively drink, hardly sleep, and eat like crap. The truth is, they’re purposefully and consciously killing themselves. As their friend, we accept this because we don’t want to cross enemy territory.

We watch our friend or friends slowly kill themselves through alcohol and food and we don’t say anything. We can’t handle the truth. We can’t handle telling others the truth. What’s the difference between an obese person having an excessive eating disorder thereby altering their consciousness and a drug addicted person altering their own consciousness through drugs? Nothing. But don’t say that because you might upset someone. Why? They can’t handle the truth.

Today as a society, we can’t handle learning, hearing, seeing, or believing the truth. Why are so many conspiracy theorists brushed off as whack jobs? They can be so out there but they also might be on to something, but the truth is something we consciously choose not to hear.

Christianity has buried the brutal truth of their history. Gay men and women hide in the closet because people closest to them can’t handle hearing news they don’t want to hear. An overweight person feels judged and put down when they read a diet or exercise advertisement because the truth they try to hide hurts so bad.

You want change in life?

Start by accepting the truth and do those around you a favor… don’t hide it.

When Will The Madness Stop?

Bruce Jenner was named the Woman of the Year from some magazine that got the world and it’s bored little minds and stanky panties in a twist. The filthy media that feeds on the mindlessness of society makes horseshit matters a big deal and the world screams as if they were saying “Stop the madness!’ and they are, but nobody cares. We want the craziness to stop. We protest for this or that and write endless tirades of why GMO is bad or why transgender people can’t be considered women or men or human. We post memes in the name of goodness but that feed on the negative energy of the world.

You want the madness to stop? It’s simple really but it will turn your world around and leave you uncomfortable without shoes. You want the madness to stop? Ask yourself if you’re willing to walk away from the simplicity of the bullshit we’re fed each day. Well, are you? Can you do your part in the game of life?

There is a complicated but straightforward way we can stop the madness.


Speak with your wallet silly mongols.

We cry for the animals slaughtered by the millions and caged and injected with nastiness and tied to posts unable to move, but then we shop at the local grocery and eat their meat. Laughing and singing and sharing stories of life while we’re hypocritical of our beliefs. Why do we act so stupid?

We rail against GMO and Trump and then we vote with our wallets as we buy genetically modified foods and don’t show up on voting day. We’re tired of the corporations controlling America and the media and yet we shop through those corporations like drones, zombies, children unable to logically think.

When will the madness stop?

It’ll stop when we vote with our dollars and stop supporting the human industrial madness we sheepishly bought into. It’ll stop when we go back to the drawing board for a more simplistic lifestyle and let our ego desire for materialism subside into the darkness that pollutes our beautiful country.

The problem is, you won’t do your part. I don’t do my part. Why should we? It’s easy to act in line with the rest of the crowd. It’s easy to fill our bellies with bullshit. It’s easy to put on the mask of the sheep and not the mask of our authentic being.

It’s hard to actually stop the madness once it’s injected straight into the veins of the ego. Like the strongest dose of pure Afghan heroin it fills your blood with convenience and laziness and a lack of critical thinking. The addiction is born and it’s running wild like boxcar hobos. The pure ecstasy of turning a blind eye on the truth is powerful. It’s strong enough to run the machine into the ground and leave nothing behind.

When will the madness stop?

It’ll stop when we realize how insane we really are.

Do Your Part

In search of truth my life has extended far beyond expectations. There’s much to learn and little time to learn it. Over the past year I’ve expanded my consciousness through critical thinking, books of all sorts, podcasts, videos and more. In search of truth I realize how much we’re lied to and how much is hidden. Many of us are distracted. Phones, televisions, social media and more cloud our minds and distract our lives away from real matters that are blanketed by useless and mindless memes, shows, and antics. There is a large number of people who fight on social media over political issues, being offended, police matters, and more. We hide behind the screen and characters on the digital keyboard. Often I see people scream for change and beg for mercy. The change that matters is the change you make of yourself. In order for progress to be seen and changes to be made, action from each individual human being on Earth is needed.

Take action daily on the real matters in your life.

Listen to what’s being said within.

Eat well. Eat for a quality life. Eat mindfully. Eat with the intention of consuming your fair share. Overeating is wasteful and robs other people of their share.

Move your body. Release the animal within and do something that exerts physical energy. Don’t wither away from non-movement.

Take time out of your day to appreciate all you have and forget about what you don’t have.

Share your story. Share your opinion. But make it meaningful.

Give your knowledge to those who are willing to learn or those who might need direction.

Spread the love that flows through you and don’t ignore it. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and without it, you wouldn’t exist.

Scale down your need for things. Be mindful of the resources you’re consuming through food, clothing, fuel, and more.

Do your part.


Why Can’t You Tell Your Best Friends The Truth?

Do your best friends tell you the truth? Would you expect a best friend of yours to tell you the truth of your life that you are not seeing or avoiding? How many people are drinking themselves to an early death while partying it up with their friends? They love their friends. They have great times and enjoy being able to unwind and have happy go lucky lives. But what happens when the bridge crashes down and the unhealthy lifestyle leads to an early entrance to the grave? Where was the best friend? Why did they not tell the truth? We avoid telling the truth because we love them and don’t want to see their pain come out or feel their sadness.

What about your best friend who is overweight by fifty or a hundred pounds and drinks like a fish every weekend and smokes like a chimney? They don’t exercise. They don’t eat healthy. How can you call yourself friends when you don’t give two shits about the thing that matters most? How can you sit there and help your best friends kill themselves day after day after day?

If I had a best friend who couldn’t tell me the truth about my life then I wouldn’t call them a best friend, or friend at all for that matter.

Stop escaping reality and avoiding the hard truth.

Stop talking about it behind their back when they’re not around and be real. Be honest. Be up front and get the dirt out from under the carpet.

You owe it to your friend to tell them that they’re killing their self.

A best friend is a best friend because they’ll smack the shit out of you and expose the reality.

Stop lying to yourself and your friends.

My Journey To A Peaceful Warrior Continues

A couple of years ago I read The Way of The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. It’s an excellent book and since that time I have read nearly every book he has put out. Everyday Enlightenment was great and The Journey of Socrates was brilliant. Since I heard the term peaceful warrior, I have been slowly working on increasing my energy and improving my mind through focused action, writing, exercise, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

At times I forget that I am more powerful than my actions of the moment and fall into a trap of negativity or doubtfulness. It hasn’t been an easy ride and there has been resistance towards me improving. They say when we’re at a point of evolutionary growth that life can throw curve balls and make it seem like we’re in trouble or having hard times. It’s here that we must drop our shoulder and lean into the resistance. This is where our growth occurs.

To me, the term peaceful warrior stands for a man or woman who lives in their own terms. Someone who withdrawals themselves from the idle ways of the majority of society. Someone who grows professionally, personally, and spiritually. A peaceful warrior listens to those around them but still makes his own decisions. A peaceful warrior removes themselves from the “tick-tock” of the nine to five working world and above materialism, practicing minimalism and exercise, quality nutrition as well.

My journey continues and it has it’s hiccups but each day I move further and further down the path into the light and power of a peaceful warrior.

Do We Have To Get Better Everyday?

Do one thing everyday to get better. That’s what all coaches and motivators are saying. If you’re not improving each day, you’re falling behind of your potential. I call bullshit. In my opinion, getting better everyday comes with a little bit of insanity and a side order of stupidity. Some days, I just want to walk around in my underwear, say fuck off to the world, eat ice cream, drink beer, and crash on the couch watching The Wayan Brothers re-runs, doing nothing to “get better”. The real truth is, probably vegging around and letting the body relax is doing more good than some ten question checklist, five minute journal, or twenty minute workout.

Being high edge all the time, go getter style, rocking and rolling, and being stuffed in the face of techie junk is draining and in fact, it crushes your true energy. Our electronics which control our lives vibrate at energy and consciousness levels of poverty and fear. How could that be good for us? We’re crushed by ten hour days at the office, two hour round trip commutes, practices for our kids, lessons for our kids, dates with friends, and we never stop until it’s vacation time. And, when we go on vacation, we pack our schedules with events, trips, sightseeing adventures, and schedules. To get better everyday by doing this routine based living is silly and a complete fabrication of bullshit. Created by writers looking for something to write, coaches looking for something to sell, motivators looking to motivate.. it’s non-sense.

Know this, there is nothing wrong with stopping what you’re doing and cutting yourself away from the world. Another reason we don’t do it is because we’re afraid of what might happen by withdrawing from our routines. If you truly want to get better everyday, a part of your plan must consist of days where you do nothing but hold your hand down your pants and kick your feet up.

My Sunshine

The truth is, for the majority of my young relationship, I haven’t been the greatest man I could be. It’s a growing process and as like most of the things we experience in life, there are ups and downs and learning curves. Never before have I met a person like the woman I married. When we first met, I was fresh out of my climb from rock bottom and completely unaware of the nature of women and relationships, but I moved forward out of a deep belly love that radiated through my being. My wife, the woman who would turn my world around and make me into a better person. A woman who would bring me two beautiful children, call out my bullshit, and share a wonderful love with me. I owe her much and forever am I grateful for her love of who I am.

My dear Jamie. She’s a great woman, really. Her heart is pure gold and her selflessness paints the portrait of her beauty. She’s my rock. Without her, I’d be lost and reckless. As a mother, she’s wonderful. Her love for our children is pure and  full of care. I married her. She stole my heart and changed my life. When I look in her eyes, I see happiness and when I caress her skin, I’m filled with ecstasy. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I love her.

Her caring, the caring that can stay awake for days to nurture our children, goes beyond that of my children and I. She is an occupational therapist and never have I known a woman stronger than her. The people she takes care of, helps out of the goodness of her heart, the situations she experiences at work, the devastatingly broken souls she comforts, makes her an angel. There’s not many people who are willing, or capable, to care for the people she does and has in the past. I first saw how much it impacted her one day when we were at the lake, relaxing on the deck, enjoying some cold beer. I could hear it, feel it, and see it inside of her that something was bothering her. The emotional and mental toll that the quality of life of her clients had on her was powerful, and for her to continue to be strong is beautiful.

All day I wait to see her again when her or I arrive home from work. There’s nothing like it. I look forward to nothing more than embracing her spirit as I hug her strongly. I give her a kiss to show my appreciation for her effort, for the love I embrace within, for the caring she exudes, the abundance she’s brought to my life, the moments we’ve shared together, and the unknown the future holds for us. The energy she provides for my soul fills me with gratitude, peacefulness, happiness, and excitement. Before her, my happiness was hard to find. My gratitude, non-existent.

Everything I do, all of my effort in work, home, and life is out of appreciation for the love I share with her. The joy of being in the presence of such a wonderful person is awesome. It’s not often I write about my wife and the love she brings into my life, but the thoughts of her come through in all that escapes my mind. Thank you Jamie for being an icon of love, a provider of happiness, a gentle giant in our home, and a caretaker to many who look to you for help. I love you.


Expressing Emotions to Avoid Negative Build Up

Expressing our emotions isn’t seen as something we should freely do. Often we’re told “don’t talk like that” or “stay positive and never say that”. If a man or woman cuts us off in traffic and we ignite in a rage and release hateful words, our passengers think we’re weak and don’t have control of our lives. In the face of tragedy we keep most of our emotions in, men especially. Men crying is not something you see every day. This is wrong and it’s bad for our health and it’s slowly killing us.

These emotions in which we fail to release can manifest as disease inside of our body. We can begin to experience mental illness, fatigue, lack of attention, depression, cancer, heart disease, kidney stones, and more. I admit I am bad at releasing my emotions. As an introvert and a leader, a strength coach and business owner, it’s hard for me to accept that I can break down and cry, get angry, say violent or hateful things and then move on while my emotions have been released. I believe much of the tension in my neck, back, and hips is the result of built up emotions.

When I go to float, I spasm uncontrollably on occasions and feel much of my tension being released. My body doesn’t naturally want to store the negative energy that’s built up, but when we don’t consciously act on releasing it, build up occurs. Many people who have experienced healing “miracles” are said to have changed their thoughts and released emotions that have been inside for long amounts of time.

I think it’s important for everyone to find away to let go of those emotions. Sometimes it’s as simple as feeling that emotion, accepting it, and then letting it go out the mind. Other times we need therapy. Anger-Release Therapy, Float Therapy, Acupuncture, Exercise, and more. One thing I’ve done several times before is to scream at the top of my lungs for a few minutes, like the animal we are, with a loud and deep roar. It’s amazing how well you feel after spending time on focusing to release these emotions. Lately, this topic of discussion has fascinated me and you will see more as I continue to do the work on my self.

Thoughts On The Unconscious Society

I’m tired of seeing and hearing the negative media on-line and around my life. I’m tired of people blaming other people for their circumstances. I’m tired of people putting their noses in business that just isn’t any of their business. I’m tired of political propaganda influencing media propaganda and feeding in into the ignorance and uneducated masses of society. I’m tired of the government creating petty laws designed to dumb us down, control our finances, and create riffs in society. It’s childish, petty, and unconscious. In fact, most of us are unconscious to the truth of our lives. We sit here with our faces glued to computers and iPhones and become distracted from the real goodness around our lives. We fail to connect with the power of nature. We fail to see the beauty of love and connection with each other. We fight each other because we unconscious of the truth within. We’re afraid to look at our inner self because we’re afraid of changing. Seeing the truth within our hearts and minds is scary and many choose to ignore the power. We create lies about ourselves and the world around us because standing up to and fighting for the truth is hard work. To admit to yourself that you’re lazy and that you have no direction in life is not easy. We don’t want to criticize ourselves because we’re afraid of dealing with the emotions that truth will stir inside.

I’m tired of seeing blame pointed in every direction. We have lost our way. There are not many real leaders in this world showing us the way to our true self and proper life. Many are fed by the corporate egos and money streams to promote propaganda and spread lies. Our politicians are all lost for the right cause of humanity. The majority of society is held down by a lack of consciousness and misery loves company. We accept poverty and welfare like it’s a human right. We’re born to be agile and strong. Motivated and prosperous. We’re born to use our minds and bodies and experience our happiness. We’re not born to be slaves to the unconscious levels of our communities, states, or countries. We’re born to realize our power and find our true worth.

We can’t keep accepting the unacceptable. We can’t keep denying the truth and covering it with muddy lies. We must release our grief and emotions and be comfortable with knowing we are human. No longer can we say it’s weak to cry for help. We all need help. We have to accept the cycle and circle of life and stop allowing fear to mark our complacency.

Our future is created by our thoughts. If you want to be strong, self sufficient, in charge of your destiny, and brave enough to make changes, then just do it. Fox News or CNN won’t tell you it’s okay. Stop allowing distractions to create roadblocks of your realness and walk tall in faith that you are strong enough to lead your life the way you want it led. Don’t buy into forced propaganda and use your mind to find the truth. Think about the facts, question everything, and research the history of whatever captures your attention and stirs emotion.

The only way the world will change is if you change yourself. Awaken your mind and heart by searching for answers from within.

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The Realization of Happiness

I was searching for answers from every corner of the globe, every corner of the library, the furthest depths of the internet, and through hundreds of books. I wanted to know how to live my best life. How can I be happy for once in my life? I’ve never really experienced a lasting and deep happiness until a few months ago. Most recently I’ve found a greater peacefulness and happiness and my life has dramatically changed.

While I was searching for answers from the outstretches of the universe, the truth was in front of my face the entire time. It circulated through my blood, my body, my mind, and was there the whole time. The happiness I was looking for was never going to find me if I kept looking outside of myself. The truth is, my happiness is within. Our happiness is within.

Every book I bought, every seminar I attended, every youtube video I watched, and every podcast I listened to couldn’t bring me happiness. Not until the day I woke up and found it stirring inside. I rolled over in bed and saw my beautiful wife’s face. My daughter still sleeping in her pink and green room and my son cuddled with my wife in a cozy dream state. As I laid there watching my wife breathe peacefully and knowing my children were safe, I had an awakening. This simple little thing, my family here by my side, was enough to show me that I was happy. The whole time I spent wasting energy trying to become happy, I was already there.

For too long my mindset was perched in the abyss of destruction. My attitude was not always positive and my desires for external circumstances controlled my inner self. My ego inflated and demanded more and more. My sense of lack created cravings for money, beer, junk food, and fights with my family. I was preaching to help but not practicing the truth of my words. The tides have changed and I’m back to where my goodness comes from. Where my love and kindness for all things emits vibrations of joy and happiness. The journey is never a straight path and the obstacles are there, they will always be there, and they will test you. The best thing to do is remain strong and keep trying. The answers always come in the strangest ways.