A Personal Hard Truth


An inside look into the struggle I’ve gone through..

This was in my drafts folder.

It was written on 1/29/2014

I never posted it or finished it.

I laid my guts out in a moment of reflection and the act of writing it changed my life..

This was what I was going through in January of 2014.

A personal inside reflection..


It’s easy to stand behind the stopwatch and yell out coaching cues while helping others get in shape. It’s easy to tell them what to eat and when to eat. It’s easy to side tracked and thrown under the bus when you have a hectic schedule..

And it’s easy to understand the frustration of your clients who aren’t losing weight when you yourself are slacking like Winnie the Pooh.

Here’s something you don’t know and don’t see..

I’m being honest..

And I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. It’s honesty.

I’m slacking big time in the kitchen and I’m addicted to junk food.

Ice cream sundaes and whole bags of tortilla chips and salsa are consumed weekly.

Hamburgers and French Fries when out to eat..

I’ve gained 30 pounds in since Thanksgiving..

And I’m fat.

But right here, and right now..

It’s over. I’m done with the excuses and temptations.

I can’t go on lying to myself and not practicing what I preach.


At that time I was closing in on 200 pounds.

Today I’m 180 and with more muscle which means I lost over 30 pounds of fat.

I go up and down and I battle the food temptations all the time.

I still battle the struggle of wanting to skip workouts and slack off like Winnie the Pooh.

One day at a time though. That’s how I look at it.

Make the right choice at this moment and worry about the next when it arrives. That’s what I try to say to myself.

BUT.. I didn’t workout for 10 days on vacation. I did a few pullups, chopped a little wood, and ate like a pig. Drank like a fish.

Getting back into the swing of things is killing me.

Doing 20 Push Ups feels like 50 burpees.

One day at a time.

One rep at a time.

One meal at a time.

You’re never alone in your struggles and you never know who else is fighting through the tough battles.

Look Up, Get Up, and Don’t Ever Give Up!

Let’s GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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