A bunch of blah, with a little bit of where the hell I’ve been.


I’m not going to lie… I thought I’d never write another blog for the hell of it again. It’s been way too long. This type of shit always seems to happen, where I go days or weeks without writing.. But this time was different. I went months without blogging on this site. Disappeared without a note, nor any sign of return.

Looking back through the archives I can see there have been some excellent posts I made. I wrote a lot about being a positive person and chasing success and effort.

The break in the chain came in the real world beyond the keyboard where everything I wrote about was a crock of shit. Mr. Happy and Positive was slowly dying on the inside and nobody would ever know. You couldn’t tell and I wouldn’t let you that close anyway.

Going through the archives I know I’ve had this problem. It’s almost like a bipolar roller coaster of do and do not. Times I’m on fire throwing up multiple posts a week and there were times I fell off the flat earth. It is flat, right?

Lately I can feel the energy starting to come back. The energy that took me from nothing to something. Go back five or six years ago and my social media pages and blog pages were full of new content, new insights, new ideas and thoughts.. now.. I’m lucky if I can hear myself think. Life was thrown into the dryer for multiple cycles (Like 6 months) on high heat.

I melted.

Could it be laziness or was it, is it, depression? Fear? Lack of living?

Whatever it is, I want to be back.

This is my first attempt at climbing back up the mountain of content creation.. for you. To help in anyway I can.

Before I go, since this was only meant as a practice run to get the Muse running again, I want to share a few things I’ve learned over the year.

1. Nothing else matters except the love you have, give, and receive. Without love, we’re dead.

Love isn’t a brand new pair of Uggs or a brand new car or a raise at work. Love is kindness, gratitude, and happiness.

I realize now more than ever that I lack nothing in my life. Any lack I feel is because I’m not giving enough of what it is I feel I lack, or enough of what is inside of me. #ThankYouPaul

2. Stop wasting time trying to impress people.

We don’t care.


3. Life should be lived well under the means you have to live by.

Sure you can live in a fancy 4 bedroom house with rooms you never walk into, but do you really NEED it?

No. Stop wasting money on stupid shit to impress people.. see #2.


4. Adults need time outs.

Send me to my room and lock the door. Please. I need it.. for my health, my well-being, and my happiness.

The more we unplug and get away, the stronger we will feel, the happier we will be.

#AllWorkAndNoPlay #HiJack

5. Stop taking life so serious.

We’re way too serious. We walk around seriously. We talk to each other seriously. We work too seriously.

Stop it for the love of fucking goodness.

Send dick and fart jokes to your friends.

Grab some beers and dance like a dork.

Be a prankster like you were when you were 10.

Find humor in everything.

What do I know though.. I’m just a wannabe blogger who pretends to know what he’s thinking… and hasn’t been around this ye site in 6 months..

Have a super awesome day.. and remember…

Send dick and fart jokes to your friends.

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