5 Reasons Why Float Therapy Will Change Your Life

It’s no secret that I’m a die hard fan of flotation therapy. Being in the isolation tank is like leaving the world and all of life’s stressors for an hour or more. Ever since I started going over a year ago, I fell in love with the benefits of being inside the tank. Each time I come out of a tank, I feel renewed and recharged, quiet, calm, and still, in peace with the world around me. Being in the tank removes ones ego. There is nothing to do except think (or listen), nobody to see, nothing to hear, just you alone with your deep true-ness.

Here are the 5 Reasons Why Float Therapy Will Change Your Life:

1. You’ll relieve STRESS fast

Have a hard workout? Compete in a marathon or Ironman competition? Do you have a very stressful job or life in general? Floating is an extremely effective stress eliminator. Being alone with just your mind allows the bones, muscles, organs, and more forget about stress and become completely relaxed. After a long day at work or with your multiple kids, floating is like heaven. The only way I can describe the feeling after floating is complete bliss and total joy. Usually though, you won’t see this effect right away. The first time you float you can’t stop thinking about the atmosphere you’re in, but you still get most of the benefits. An hour in the tank is the equivalent to 4 hours of sleep.

2. You’ll detox your body, and MIND!

By eliminating outside stress from gravity, noise, sight, and more, you essentially allow the body to completely relax. This allows your nervous system to slow down and the calmness of the central nervous system allows your body to repair other parts of your body as well. As we go about our daily life and consume stress from various areas, some of our body’s systems are not functioning properly. One being our digestion system. Stress can cause poor digestion, but eliminating that stress will allow your body to repair the digestion system and eliminate various toxins. Also, the magnesium in the Epsom Salt has over one hundred health benefits, including a positive effect on our digestion. Other benefits of this detoxing is seen through gravity being eliminated as you float in the epsom solution. This allows your body’s aches and pains from tight muscles or soreness to gradually go away.

3. You’ll Find Your True Self

Being alone with no sight, sound, or other stimuli, you’ll begin to look within your mind and expand your consciousness. While meditating, you begin to look within for answers to your life’s questions. For many people with high stress jobs, kids, and poor health conditions, it’s hard to ever reach a state of mind that allows for inner knowing. Inside the tank, as you’re removed from those circumstances, you’re stillness and peacefulness allows you to breathe properly and quiet the mind faster. This helps you reach a high level of meditation in minutes. From what I’ve read and listened to, most people who believe they have fallen asleep actually don’t. Instead, they’ve reach a theta state of relaxation that can create tremendous self growth.

4. Your creativity will skyrocket

As you’re in these trance like states, when conscious of your self (since it’s easy to drift into the sub-conscious), you can start to question yourself as to what you want to create, should create, or work through areas of difficulty. I remember a time when I was floating and I was stuck with no writing ability. I was caught in self-perceived writer’s block, only to come out of the tank and begin a 55 day span of not missing a blog post update. My creativity felt like it was released through clarity of mind and reduction of stress, which was helped through by the float. Many entrepreneurs and artists that have used the float tank have said they do so for creative purposes.

5. You “Get Away From it All”

So many people when faced with stressful situations or lives claim they wish they can get away from it all. Go on vacation and completely relax and hide from “life”. Well, your life will change once you know that you can visit a tank center and “get away from it all” for an hour or more, WHENEVER you want! This benefit goes along with stress reduction and detoxing your mind, but for some serious introverted people a float session is a major game changer and energy producer. As introverts, we tend to get sapped of our energy when we face stressful situations, people, work, parties, and more. Being alone in complete nothingness is just what the doctor ordered for us! Trust me, as a major introvert, the tank is a rejuvenation miracle for my mind, my energy, and my purposeful momentum in life.

Float therapy will forever be a great part of my life. The power that John C Lilly discovered so many years ago, still to this day, helps many people find their trueself, helps people relax and rejuvenate, and much more. An hour in the tank is all one needs to help recharge their batteries and get the mind rolling again. With all of the surrounding forces of nature and technology, even people, that we deal with every day, it’s amazing when you can simply walk away from it all and float through your inner heavens.

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