4 Must Use Apps For An Awesome Life


Today we live in a world that is packed with awesome technology. Things we couldn’t even imagine only thirty years ago. We’ve gone so far from the first cars to now having a phone the size of a wallet that has in it the power to show us everything we ever need to know, the power to inform us of everything that has ever happened noteworthy in the history of time. A click of a button and we can read about events from the fifteen hundreds. We can order a cab ride, a pizza, book a hotel room, and have a six pack waiting at the reception desk for us.

There are apps for everything. How many steps we take each day, apps to mix music, apps to stream music, face swap apps, social media apps, beer finder apps, and so much more.

But there’s a problem.

They probably aren’t the best apps for our health.

That’s where these must use apps come in. They’ll help keep you happy and healthy. You’ll enjoy life more. You’ll laugh more.

You’ll have more fun!

Four Must Use Apps for An Awesome Life:

1.  GymLife

GymLife can be found in nearly any town in the country. Unfortunately it can’t be found on your smart phone. GymLife requires you to put the phone down and get into an actual gym. Once there, the gymlife app will boost feel good hormones, build muscle, burn fat, toast calories, and leave you feeling awesome.

With GymLife you can meet new people, engage in conversation, possibly find new friends that last a lifetime, and you’ll enjoy a great workout.

2. FriendsLite

FriendsLite is also something you won’t find on a phone, but this powerful application is a huge factor in your health and happiness and living an awesome life. FriendsLite is your real social network. The people you see in person and hang out. The best part, it’s free. You don’t need to pay for friends and if you do, you’re doing it wrong.

Hanging out with your friends and making time for them is key to an awesome and happy life.

When you use FriendsLite, make sure the phone is tucked away. The fake apps can wait.

3. CampFire pro

Probably the most powerful app in the world. CampFire Pro has the ability to help you lose yourself and allow the mind to settle and clear. CampFire Pro is known to eliminate stress and helps almost anyone relax.

CampFire Pro can be found in backyards and campgrounds around the world.

CampFire Pro goes great with FriendsLite and also ReadMeDude.

4. ReadMeDude

ReadMeDude is the most underused app in the world. More than half of all American adults do not use ReadMeDude after they are done with formal schooling. ReadMeDude can be found in libraries, bookstores, and second hand shops across the world.

What is ReadMeDude? It’s that book you ordered or bought and never picked up. It’s the book you were given by a friend by never read.

Books are one of the greatest tools we can use to live an awesome and activated life.

ReadMeDude goes great with CampFire Pro and reading will you increase your knowledge, help you relax, and help you grow as a person.

Make the time to read every day.

And don’t use your Kindle App either. Grab the paperback and relax.


These four apps will always do more for your life than any technologically advanced smartphone app will ever do. There are powerful tools in life that are not electronic and we must make the time to use them on a frequent basis. Put away the phone and computer and get in the gym, train hard and then go hang with some friends, have a fire, or if you just want to kick back by yourself and unwind, read a book.

You don’t need an App to live an awesome life!

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