3 Ways to Build Self Confidence

Spending time in the gym after many years away from the iron was definitely a step out of my comfort zone. For seven years I forgot what it was like to lift weights. I forgot the smell of the gym, the people you see when training, and the feel of going, kicking ass and then knowing you did your best. This was around eight maybe nine years ago. I was fat. My health was horrible and I knew it was time to grab hold of the weights again. When I walked into the gym I had no confidence about my strength, my ability, and my chances of seeing great results. This lack of self confidence played a factor in my results as it took over a year and a half to lose ten pounds.

It took me longer than most to understand that the belief we have of ourselves is the most powerful force we can use to reach our goals and live our best life. Self-confidence hides from the view of our actions and thoughts and for many, the lack of self-confidence we operate with is enough to keep us exactly where we are. With no room or desire to grow.

In today’s society we see many advertisements, television shows, and social media material that can negatively affect our self confidence. We see friends or family at different stages of success or development and it hits our jealously which in turn dwindles the self-confidence we have for ourselves. Rejection from a group, work, family, a job opportunity and more hit us below the belt and we feel the emotions it creates, most of the time hiding them and storing those emotions deep within. All of this impacts our self confidence.

Confidence is a crucial tool for living our best life. We must practice the growth of our confidence. It won’t magically appear one morning. You need to believe it’s possible to improve your confidence. You must want to boost your confidence. Here are three ways to build your self confidence:

1. Meditate and Get to Know The Real YOU

Far too often we find ourselves thinking about what others think about us or looking for input from people like our husbands and wives. We yearn for something positive to come from our loved ones mouth and when we don’t get, we allow it to affect our confidence. We focus on mass media news and highlights and instead of doing some inner work, we wish and dream of something that comes from outside of us. Meditating is a great tool to help you build confidence by focusing on the real you within. Meditate on confidence and you will find answers to your problems. Pathways will open for you to take that will add a layer to your confidence. Instead of “needing” input from outward, you get all the “needed” input from your true self, your heart, your mind.. you.

2. Set Small Goals and Make Notches on Your Timeline

I remember trying to lose the sixty pounds I lost when I got my ass in gear. I tried to get abs overnight. I tried every program in the books for a week hoping to get those results. I tried to “sprint a marathon” and fell flat on my face. This crushed my confidence and hurt my feeling. Then, I decided I would set small goals, like lose 5 pounds in a month, and let them add up. Notches on the timeline of success. When we try to leap from point A to point B, we fail to enjoy the process and we rush through the days unconsciously. How can you ever expect to get results or build confidence that way? It’s hard. Instead, set a big goal that can be the bread and butter of your journey and then work backwards with smaller goals along the way. When you achieve a goal at the first small step, you build your confidence and as you continue to “win” you continue to build your confidence.

3. Practice Gratitude and Be Happy

How important to do you think gratitude is to building confidence? For me, it’s probably one of THE most important things you can do for happiness and confidence. Being grateful for the things in your life is critical to build your confidence. How can you possibly build confidence if you are not appreciative of everything you have in life, or of life itself? Your happiness will be in direct proportion of how grateful you are for what you experience each day. Take five minutes everyday to find something you are grateful for and write it down. Keep a journal. Write down all the things you find that day, that moment, to be grateful for and don’t neglect the power of this practice. Within no time at all you will see your confidence, and happiness, rise.


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