3 Things That Improved My Life

After a streak of seven years of bad luck that I created for myself, my life was left empty. I had no choice but to make something of my life and turn around the days of hard times and make massive changes. Problem was, I had no clue on what to do, and still don’t. But, as I continued to work hard and take big action steps, some scary and some stupid, I ended up on greener grass and through fortunate luck I stumbled across a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It was this book that would propel my life into a greater mindset of what is plausible, possible, and out there, waiting for me to claim as mine.

Before I read this book I didn’t realize the things, the good, in the world that are readily available and the true power of what we have inside of our minds and bodies. As I went to work on fixing my mindset and taking big action steps based on the ideas of the book, my life began to improve and out of thin air I created a business with nothing and I’m now ready to start my second.

Here are 3 Things That Improved My Life:

As a kid I would sit in class and wander off into the deep space of my imagination. Lost in thought, miles away from the teacher, in a dream world of my own creation. This imagination would take me far away and into a complete nothingness of reality. Just dream worlds with unbelievable clarity and passion. At one point, I was told I was a “special” kid and sent out into the parking lot trailer. A make shift classroom for people like me. I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to be playing in the fields of my dreams. Escaping reality.

Growing older my vivid imagination would stay with me, and it’s still alive and well. I can paint mountains and cut timber statues with the power of my mind, not even blinking, and in an instant I can be off into the first drafting of a business plan or book. For those seven years of bad luck my mind was not imagining the good in life. Focused on death and despair, darkness and guilt, my imagination was on the darker pictures of life. Far away from the true person inside, possessed by a demon of dis-ease.

After I married my beautiful wife and read Think and Grow Rich, my imagination drew a business plan and created Activate Fitness out of nothing. I began using one of my greatest strengths- my imagination- for the good things that would come. I visualized, and actually drew, the exact layout of the now Activate Fitness when I first starting imagining it. I still have that paper. I kept it for a long time folded in my wallet.

We all have a great imagination. Using it can make huge changes in your life. Trust in the power of your imagination and you can realize some of your biggest dreams and see them come true. I can credit my wild dreaming and crazy imagination to most of the great things I’ve created in my life.

Catch me at a time when my spirits are high and my motivation is running full steam ahead and I can scare you with my enthusiasm. I’ve been known to get people “weirded” out when my enthusiasm explodes with joy, passion, and purposeful creativity. When I was growing up my passion was baseball and all things about it. I was, and still am, a die hard Oakland A’s fan. I knew everybody on the team. Where they grew up, played minor league ball at, what their on base percentage was, and just about every statistic known to the baseball world.

My wild enthusiasm would get me in trouble, get me caught daydreaming even more, and lead to me failing and quitting out of college. But without it, I wouldn’t be who I am. My passion that is guided by my enthusiasm for life and helping people has brought me much improvement in my life.

Find something that you absolutely love. Something you could talk to Grandma about for hours and hours without her knowing what the hell you just said, shaking her head like she “gets” you, and go for it. Make it an objective of yours to get paid from that, or even if it’s not about the money, do it for the good of your heart, mind, and body.

Seven years of “bad luck” and I was homeless. The absolute bottom of the failure scope. I let everything that owned me go. No possessions, no attachments, and walked away. Failing to live up to expectations of anyone who knew me. When I had nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep, and nothing to look forward to, I accepted failure and used it to motivate me to change, and improve, my life.

Accepting failure is a something many people do not take easily. Failure is one of the greatest self improvement tools around. When we fail, we learn lessons that can only be taught from the experience of failing and what we do next is where we grow. You could give up and quit trying and never make another attempt again, or you can stand up and move forward. Left homeless under a bridge for a few weeks almost ended the road for me. That shit isn’t easy to deal with, but we, you, are strong enough to overcome even the hardest obstacles in life. Accept the fact that failure is possible and never let fear of failing stop your dreams from coming true.

My imagination helped me see a world nobody else knew existed or believed in. My enthusiasm helped me make my dreams a reality and sat the naysayers down. My acceptance of failure helped me make decisions that involved risk and helped me experience hard times that many people never feel. These 3 things helped improve my life and I want you to try and let them help you move forward.

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