3 Relaxing Ways To Attract More Happiness To Your Life!

Even with some of the greatest desires of my life manifested, a happy wife, a beautiful daughter, and a nice home there was no peace or happiness and as frustrating as it seemed, I was all wrong. Happiness for many, including my old self, is something external that needs to be found and brought to life with a material possession or circumstantial event. For some it comes in the form of a new car or finally getting married and setting up a beautiful life with a house and maybe some children. For others it comes from the hard life of business and for others,  intense exercise. Whether it is work or family, social or personal, happiness seems to shy away from our lives as many never truly feel what happiness is.

But we’re wrong.. happiness is inside of us already. You can’t buy happiness and when people say money CAN, they’re not being honest with their reality. Happiness doesn’t grow on trees and it’s not stocked in the big chain stores of society. Happiness is something you don’t always believe you have, but it’s never lost as it is in our minds and all it takes is concentrated thought to see this is so.

Here are 3 relaxing ways to attract more happiness into your life. As you go through them, remember, you are happy right now.

1. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most important things we can do to live a happy and healthy life and many people never even try to meditate. We have stigmatized it in our Western society but more and more it is becoming a major part of successful and happy people’s lives.

When you first start meditating you will see how difficult it is to clear your mind. You cannot go into a meditative state with expectations of finding yourself and answers until you have practiced for a long time. What meditation will do for you, once you can relax, is help you slow your life down to a point that it releases much of your daily stress.

Being in the tick tock way of life where it’s all work and no play is a very stressful way to live. We buy houses, cars, and material possessions to fill our homes and the result is our way of life is designed around WORK in order to pay for these things. ¬†Many people even are forced to work jobs they hate because of their bills and this overwhelms us to the point we forget how to be happy.

Meditation can be an escape from your reality while letting go of the weight on your shoulders, allowing you to see that happiness is in fact, there. Start with 10 or 15 minutes 2 times a week and add where you see fit.

2. Go for a Walk

Walking is very close to meditation and for that reason, as a trainer, I actually do not consider it exercise unless you’re carrying weight. It’s more of a form of relaxation and recovery. While walking, just as in meditation, it is very beneficial to let go of what the mind is spinning. This also takes practice but once you can clear your mind of the tasks in your day or of events that clutter your thinking, you will find yourself calm and relaxed. Even if the heart rate rises during your walk you can breathe to allow the body to relax, which will help center your focus.

Try going for a walk at least 3 times a week, and if it’s raining.. wear a raincoat.

3. The Isolation Tank/Sensory Deprivation Tank/Floatation Tank

Again, the biggest thing here is the form of relaxation that comes with being in the floatation tank. An Isolation Tank is a tank that looks like a spaceship or a weird coffin. Inside there is water up to 10 inches and Epsom Salt, mostly 800 pounds but sometimes up to 1200. You step inside the tank and slowly lay down as you close the lid and enter complete darkness with very minimal sound. With ear plugs in you lay down and allow your body to float peacefully, free floating in what seems to be space.

Floating in the tank takes practice just as it does with meditation but the benefits are immediate. You will exit the tank feeling completely refreshed but one time is definitely not enough. The first time you go into the tank you will be thinking at 150 miles per second. The mind will be spinning around with thoughts about everything from the water, the smell, the time you’re in there, the fact you’re naked, and the 10 million other thoughts about our day.

This is why you need to go again and when you do, you have to allow the mind to just be and focus on your breathing. It’s very easy to fall asleep while inside and it is not dangerous at all to do so, because of the high levels of salt, you simply float. You will hear nothing but your heart beating and the bliss of relaxation is euphoric and life changing.

Try it out for 30 minutes first and then go longer. 1-2 times a month is perfect.

The key to these 3 ways to attract happiness into your life is living in the moment. Right now and right here is all that matters. This single moment of time is precious and the only thing we have. Living in the now while not allowing yourself to focus too much on the past and present will allow you to see how happiness is inside and it is not materialized by outside circumstances. All we need to do is find it inside, believe we are happy, and we live with total happiness.

You are a happy person right now but much of the lies of propaganda and mass media has raised you to believe you are not. Our ego self is pushing you away from happy because it wants and wants more, it wants to consume, it wants to be the center of attention and be the focus of all. Instead, relax, become aware, and let go.

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